Heart's Prisoner

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Logan's Truth

I took a seat next to Logan ready to hear what he had to say. You could tell he was struggling to get his words out. “You regret last night?” I said trying to help him talk. He shot his face at me. Then he took a deep breath.

“I don’t regret it, but I know it was a mistake.” His words hurt, but at the same time, I understood. It wasn’t like I didn’t know that sleeping with my kidnapper was never going to go well. I mean what kind of victim was I? I didn’t really give him a response. I hung my head and kept to myself. I then felt his hand touch my shoulder. I looked up at him. “I’m sorry Mia, I should have been the bigger person here and not of taken advantage of you.” I shook my head at him.

“I’m not a child Logan, I’m actually very smart and what happened between us was a mutual choice. I’m just as much to blame.” Logan closed his eyes and sat back in his chair. “Logan, I’m not sorry for what happened last night. In fact, I’m very happy about it. No one has ever touched me the way you did. I won’t allow you to push me away.” His eyes just stayed on mine. I meant what I had said. It happened and now we both must deal with it.

“Listen to me Mia, this whatever this is has got to stop. I can’t do this with you. I have to let you go. Please don’t make this harder on us both.” I just sighed and shook my head.

“No Logan, If you want to stop this between us then that’s your choice, but it’s not my choice.”

“Mia, I’m shit! Why would you want anything like this with a criminal? I’m no good for you and in the end, I will leave you. We could never be together. We come from two different worlds. It would never work even if I did stay.” I felt the tears sting my eyes.

“So you don’t like me?” He sighed.

“That’s the problem, Mia, I do like you.” I stood up and went to my knees in front of him on the ground.

“Then I don’t see the problem,” I said to him. I ran my fingers down his thighs. All he could do was look at me as I climbed into his lap and straddled him. His hands went around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. Our foreheads rested against each other. I closed my eyes. I knew in the back of my brain, that when this was all over. I would probably never see Logan Heart again. It hurt my heart to know this fact. Maybe I was falling in love with him? All I knew at this point was that as long as I was together with him. I would make the most of it. I would soak up every moment I could. Even if that meant that one day I would do nothing but cry myself to sleep. Even if that meant breaking my own heart. I pressed my lips to his and ran my fingers through his hair. He didn’t push me away. He kissed me back like he meant it.

He stood up with me in his arms and walked us back to the bedroom. Once again Logan Heart took my body and mind to ecstasy. This was going to be very tough to get over. We sat together in the large bathtub in the bathroom. Logan was washing my back as I sat there in between his legs. Both of us were quiet, but I knew what was on both of our minds. I reached up and ran kisses down his neck as he held on to me. For being this big bad criminal, he sure had a lot of love in his heart. At least he made me feel that way. We heard the doorbell go off and my heart started to race. Logan got out of the tub fast, naked, and all. “Get out and get some clothes on. Do not leave this room until I come for you. Do you understand?” I nodded at him and watched him leave the bathroom. In a panic, I slipped out of the tub, dried off, and grabbed one of Logan’s shirts before I slipped my panties on and waited.

Logan’s POV,

I grabbed my gun and slowly made my way to the front door. The only person that ever comes here is Collin, and he always lets me know first. “Logan it’s me, Collin.” I heard him say. I placed my gun to my side and cracked open the door. Sure enough, it was Collin and I let him in.

“What the fuck Collin?” I said as I could tell something was wrong.

“They know you’re here, and they know I have been helping you. We have got to go.” Fuck, I said to myself.

“Okay stay here and start to pack some essentials,” I said while I tossed a duffel bag at him. “I have to get Mia, have you gotten any information on her family?”

“No nothing, wherever he and his family have gone has everyone stumped. Mc Greggor can’t find them and all he cares about is getting ahold of Mia. Logan, he has lost his mind trying to find you. If he gets her she is as good as dead, and so are you and I.” I took a deep breath and knew all of this was only going to end one way. I was going to have to take McGreggor out. It was the only way to save us all at this point.

“Where are we going to go?” I asked him.

“I have a place, but we need to go like now.” I nodded at him and took off down the hallway. I found Mia still sitting inside the bathroom. She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“It’s Collin, we have to go.” I knew she knew what that meant and I watched her go into action. She stood up and went to packing us up. I found some shorts and tossed them at her. She looked amazing running around in nothing more than my shirt. Damn it, she was way too beautiful for her own good. I helped her to get our things together and the next thing I knew we were driving down the road, following Collin. We maintained our speed as to not bring any attention to ourselves. I had no idea where we were going and I put all my trust into Collin. Mia had moved herself close to me and had fallen asleep on my shoulder. Reece was also sleeping. I kept my eyes straight. Could I really let her go? I knew in my heart that I was falling for this angel resting next to me. I knew I had done nothing in this world to ever deserve her. Why did this job take such a drastic turn? I still felt like the best thing I could do was try and make her hate me, but things weren’t going that way. If I had a weakness, Mia was it. I knew now that I would die for her, and the thing that scared me the most was it just might work out that way. McGreggor had an army behind him. All I had was me.

We finally pulled into a crummy looking motel. I parked next to Collin and got out of the truck. “We still have a long drive and I’m tired. Were going to have to dump your truck here Logan.”

“No problem, go get us a room,” I said to Collin, He nodded at me and I turned to see those beautiful eyes looking back at me. “Come on princess, were going to rest here for the night.” I opened the door and my dog sat up and stayed in the truck while Mia got out and stretched her legs. What the hell was taking Collin so long? Mia wrapped her arms around me. I held her close to me. Collin came walking around the corner. He gave me a look, like what the hell was I doing with Mia in my arms. I looked away from him. “Let’s grab our bags,” I said to her and she looked up at me. I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but I just turned my head. I already had enough things I was going to have to answer to without adding more to it. We got settled into our room and Mia was already fast asleep with Reece in her arms. Collin and I both stepped outside for a smoke.

“So, what the fuck is wrong with you Logan? Have you slept with her? Do you even understand what’s going on?” I took a drag of my cigarette.

“I know what I’m doing Collin so back off.”

“You have got to be out of your fucking mind.”

“Look, shit happened okay. It’s not like I can take it back.”

“Logan, are you in love with her?”

“I don’t know what I am,” I said, blowing out my smoke.

“Well, you had better figure it out. Is she worth your life?” I just looked over at him and then looked away.

“I can’t fucking believe this Logan. You kidnapped her and took her from her family. How the hell did she even let you near her?”

“It just happened Collin, I’ve got it under control.”

“It doesn’t look that way to me.”

“Listen to me Collin, when the time comes I will walk away from her. Stop worrying so much and let this go.” He shook his head and headed back inside the room. I stood out there and just watched the rainfall. It didn’t seem like it was going to let up any time soon.

I woke up around four in the morning. I heard a funny noise and Reece was sitting up looking at the door. Collin and Mia were both sound asleep. I reached out for my gun and that’s when the door was kicked in. I heard gunshots and felt the one that hit me in the hip. I heard Mia scream as I rang out shots. Then it was quiet. I looked around the room and saw Nate dead on the floor in front of the door. I tried to stand up and Collin was on the ground on the side of the bed bleeding from the head. My dog was gone and so was Mia.

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