Heart's Prisoner

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Mia's POV

I had been asleep with Reece curled in beside me when everything went crazy. Everything happened so fast, the gunshots had been so loud I had covered my ears closing my eyes and that's when I had been grabbed. Reece growled and I could hear him barking chasing us as I was thrown over some guys shoulder and rushed out of the room.

I remembered screaming at the top of my lungs. Reece lunged grabbing the guy who was carrying me's leg and biting him. The guy who I recognized now as James turned around pointing his gun at Reece, before he could shoot I began kicking and hitting him managing to make his miss his shot. Reece growled but backed off. James cussed jumping in the back of a van.

James dropped me in the floor cussing as he slammed the door. The guy driving turned around, "where's Nate."

James shook his head, "he's not coming, go."

I looked over at the guy behind the wheel trying to remember his name. I knew Logan said one of them had helped him before but I couldn't remember his name. James on the other hand, I'd never forgotten him. As the van spun out taking off I cried out. James had moved and had begun tying my hands behind my back.

"Why are you doing this?"I yelled struggling to get away from James but he only laughed at me running a hand down my cheek. "You are more trouble than you are worth," he said as he moved to sit beside me.

The driver hit a fast turn sending us flying to the other side of the van. "Damnit Steven slow the fuck down, you trying to kill us."

Steven gripped the wheel, "man what happened to Nate."

"What the fuck you think, he's dead. Logan killed him over this stupid bitch. I told you he was fucking her."

"Nate's dead?" The driver said turning around gripping the wheel, "and Logan?"

"Fuck if I know, I grabbed her and got the hell out of there," James said reaching down pulling his jeans up. I saw the blood from where Reece had bitten him. "Stupid ass dog," James said as he looked up at me.

I looked down not wanting to make eye contact with him. James scared me. I knew without a doubt in my mind that he would hurt me. He would hurt me without a second thought. The guy driving kept looking back in the mirror at me and I could only hope that he had some decency left in him.

Tears escaped my eyes as I realized I had no idea if Logan was alive or not. The fact that he didn't come running out of the hotel after us scared me. Was he hurt? Or worse was he dead? A sob escaped my lips bringing James's attention back to me.

Looking down at me he smirked, "nah don't cry now. There will plenty of time for tears later."

The glint in his eyes scared me. Shutting my eyes I tried to block everything out. I missed Logan. Would I ever see him again? Would he even try to find me? I was nothing to him. Nothing but a job that was now out of his hands. I shook my head not believing that. Logan would come for me. He just had to.

James phone rang bringing me back into reality. As I glanced over at him he answered his phone. "We have her but Nate is dead."

He sighed, "I know I hit him but I don't know if he is dead we got the hell out of there."

"Yes, yes Collin was with him."

"No, it will take us at least two days to make to there."

"Yeah, I mean we can send a few pics of her. Let us get further away in case Logan is on our trail."

As he brought his phone down he smiled at me, "hope you're ready to have some fun tonight Mia."

My eyes grew large but I didn't give him the satisfaction of crying and I didn't try and beg him to let me go. I didn't know what he had in store for me but if he was talking about sending pictures I could only imagine.

I flinched as James ran his hand up my leg. "A pity we're going to have to ruin your perfect little body."

Scooting away from him as much as I could I ignored him laughing at me. I only had on a pair of shorts and one of Logan's white tshirts. Closing my eyes again I inhaled Logan's cologne that still clung to the shirt as if he had just taken it off.

I did cry then. I was scared. I was scared of what James would do to me. I was scared that Logan was dead. I was scared that I would die alone. Reality had hit home. I would never see my parents or my siblings again, I'd never be able to attend my first year of college, I'd never do any of the things I'd set out to do in life.

Logan's POV

My hip was killing me as I tried once again to stand. Screaming out in pain I pressed my hand to the wound feeling the blood oozing out. I knew I needed to stop the bleeding but I had to get to Mia. Through the pain I managed to stand up and make it to the bed but I was too late. I could see a white van racing toward the highway. "FUCK!"
People had begun to come out of their rooms to see what all the commotion was about and I knew I had to get out of here before the cops came. Turning to go find something to shove in my jeans I jumped out of my skin as Collin sat up holding his head. I frowned at him watching him touch the back of his head and I realized he must have knocked his head on the nightstand as he rolled out of the bed to escape the bullets.
"She's gone," I said simply.
Collin blinked, "we have to go Logan. If the cops get here we won't be able to find her."
I nodded letting him help me down the steps. I was thankful it was dark but I was sure my picture would be plastered across the newspapers tomorrow as people stared at us in horror as we passed bye. Collin helped me in his car and before he could shut the door Reece came out of nowhere jumping in my lap making me cry out.
"Damnit Reece," I said shoving him in the backseat. I was thankful he was ok but he had just clawed the shit out of my already sore hip.
As Collin got in his car he held out his hand, "give me your phone."
I frowned, "what why, I have a burner.
"Cause I need to make a call and my phone is being tracked."
Handing over my phone I had to hold on as he slammed his foot down on the gas sending us spinning out onto the highway. I leaned back closing my eyes at the pain in my hip. Reece put his head between the seats and licked my face. I pet him, "you tried to help didn't ya boy." As if he could hear me he whinned.
Collin was on the phone with somebody telling him that we needed medical attention. I wondered who he was calling. Could he really trust anyone anymore? Wasn't all of his contacts through McGreggor. Whoever he was talking to was arranging medical, a new car, and supplies.
As he hung up I looked over at him, "are you sure we can trust him?"
He laughed, "her, and yes we can trust her."
I frowned at him but I leaned back, "I have to find her Collin."
He nodded, "we will but first we have to both get checked out. My head is killing me Logan and your fucking bleeding out. We get ourselves right first then we find her."
I nodded but I couldn't help but worry. What would James do to her in the meantime? I knew he would hurt her if McGreggor demanded it and I didn't put anything past him. I knew Mia would be scared and it killed me that I had let her down.
Picking up my phone I sent Steven a text. Just a simple question mark. Enough to know if he would help me or not. There was no way for me to know. He hadn't warned me about tonight but I could only hope that he would reach out with anything. Anything would help.
Hitting every backroad we could we drove for over an hour before Collin turned down a long dirt road. The further we drove the more my paranoia set in. Was Collin leading me out here to kill me? Had he set all of this up? He had been acting strangely after he came back from checking us in. How else would they have known how to find us."
As he came to a stop in front of a small cottage type house I opened the door ready to run but the pain in my hip made it impossible for me to move as fast as I needed. Collin was already walking around the car. Stopping in front of me he shook his head, "do you really think I'd kill you Logan?"
I looked up at him, I didn't know anything anymore.

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