Heart's Prisoner

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Hurtful Truths

I sat on the edge of the bed with my hands in my lap as Steven sat down in the chair by the door shaking his head. I knew in my heart that after I heard whatever he told me my life would be changed forever. This was the moment of truth.

“Are you sure you want to know,” Steven asked me.

I shook my head, “look where I am Steven. Yes, I want to know everything.”

Steven leaned back, “your dad and McGreggor go back, and I mean go back to when they were still kids. Apparently your grandpa on your dad’s side lived down the road from McGreggor when he was growing up. From what I’m told they always had a real competitive nature with each other. Who could swim the fastest, who could run the furthest, who could get a certain girl first.”

I frowned, “they were friends?”

“Were, is the keyword there Mia,” Steven said. Both your dad and McGreggor went to college and apparently your mom was one of the trophies.”

I shook my head, “no your wrong! My mom had no idea who McGreggor was.”

“Did you Mia?” Steven shook his head, “your dad never brought y’all into his business. How would you or your mother know who he was dealing with.”

I sat stunned. This new information just wouldn’t process in my head. Steven continued on, “well from what I know, McGreggor took your mom’s rejection pretty bad. He honestly liked her and he thought your dad was just playing games with her. He ended up moving colleges the next year just to get away.”

He sighed, “long story short your mom and dad ended up getting married and he started up his company with the money he got when your grandfather passed away. McGreggor got into trading art and never got out of it. You know everything isn’t as legal as he makes it out to be. The stakes are high but the money is more than with it.”

“So is this about my mother?”

Steven raises his hand, “the story ain’t done. Your dad ran into a hard time about ten years ago. He called up McGreggor and asked for help. McGreggor isn’t a fool and knew with the company your dad ran that he could move more goods on and out. On good faith McGreggor bailed your dad out of the financial mess he was in and as you can see he’s been doing good ever since.”

“But why would dad betray him?”

Steven laughed, “her name would be Dahlia.”

I looked down feeling my heart sink, “so my dad really is having an affair?”

Steven nodded, “I hate to say it but yes. I don’t know exactly who was the one to initiate their little affair but it wasn’t long after that that things went sideways. McGreggor trusted Dahlia, she has been taking care of his shipments and watching his books for years. I don’t even really know how he caught on but he did. At first, he just thought she was moving shipments around and keeping the money for herself, you know as a getaway fund, but when he started watching her he connected your dad with her.” All those nights your dad worked late, he was working all right. Working Dahlia over.”

I held my stomach feeling sick, “why did McGreggor never confront Dahlia?”

“Whose to say he hasn’t?” Steven leaned forward, “all the missing shipments have been traced to your dad and he is the one benefiting from the moves. We think your dad was planning on leaving your mom and that Dahlia was setting up her escape.”

“He wouldn’t leave my mom,” I said sure of myself. “I mean they had problems but he would never leave her.”

“You also thought he’d never cheat on your mom.”

I looked up at Steven, “but he loves her. He wouldn’t do that to her or to us.”

Steven shrugged,” I’m just saying Mia, he can’t love her too much if he is fucking the bosses wife.”

“You said he was bad,” I said looking down. “Is there more?” I looked up as Steven paused, “just tell me. I mean how much worse can it be.”

Steven looked up at me before nodding, “when you make enemies like McGreggor you have to have some pretty high up friends. Your dad has aligned himself with the Sicilian mafia. He’s done things that would surprise you, Mia. He hasn’t actually gotten his hands dirty that we know of but he has ordered several hits and is always present when it happens. He has tortured several of our men trying to get more information out them.”

I frowned, “why does he need information from them if he has Dahlia. I mean she’s the one giving him all of his information.”

“McGreggor has been giving her misleading information. Your dad caught on and began going after some of our men.” He sighed, “we think they were planning on running away together this summer. That’s why we moved when we did.”

“Where is Dahlia now,” I asked.

“She’s being taken care of,” Steven said.

“What does that mean?”

Steven shook his head, “trust me, Mia, the less you know the better. You know more than you should. If your father steps forward with that list do you really think that will be the end of it?”

“Logan said that’s all he wanted,” I said jerking my head up.

“He was told only what he needed to know. He was sent to get into the house and to get that list. Nate and James were sent to kill your dad after they had the list in their hands.”

“And you,” I asked.

“I was sent to make sure Logan didn’t try to stop them.” He sighed, “it was a shock to us all when your dad refused to give us the list. I mean we knew he was a sorry piece of shit but we didn’t think that he would put you all at risk. We mistakenly thought that he would have some decency left in him.”

I looked down, “I thought I knew him. He was my hero.”

Steven looked down, “there is a detail I haven’t told you.”

I looked up, “I don’t think I want to know anymore.”

“Mia, we knew things were amping up fast we just didn’t know why.” Steven paused, “Dahlia is pregnant.”

My mouth hit the floor. “What? She can’t be. It’s not my dad’s. Why would you even assume that?”

“McGreggor can’t have kids, he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and went through chemo,” Steven said.

I felt like I could puke. Who was my dad? How could he do my mother like this? I kept shaking my head, they were lying. They had to be lying. The man he was describing wasn’t my dad. I was a daddy’s girl but now I didn’t know what to believe.

“Logan didn’t know?” I don’t know why it mattered to me but I needed to be sure that he hadn’t known. I trusted Logan.

Steven shook his head, “Logan’s a good man Mia. If he makes it out of this alive he needs to get the hell away from here.

“Will, I ever see him again?”

Steven shrugged, “I don’t know Mia. McGreggor is furious at him for running away with you. Although I can tell you that he did want you hurt until he saw you. Now he doesn’t want you touched.”


“Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe he still wants to use you as leverage. Maybe he wants to use you to get Logan here. I honestly can’t answer that. This is all new to me too.” Steven stood up, “I’m going to go find you some clothes. You need to try and get some sleep.”

I shook my head watching as he shut the door behind him. How could I sleep now? I didn’t know who to believe, I didn’t know who I could trust. I wondered how my mother and siblings were holding up. Did mom know this was all dad’s fault? What was he telling them?

I missed Logan. I needed him, I needed him to put his arms around me and let me know everything would be ok. How pathetic was I. I needed my kidnapper? I needed him more than I had ever needed anything in my entire life. I would run with him. I knew it then, as crazy as it sounded, I would follow him.

Steven knocked on the door handing me a handful of ladies’ clothes before turning and shutting the door behind him. Hearing the click of the door lock I sat the clothes at the foot of the bed and went to look out the window.

Even though it was dark, I could see a courtyard below. The roses seemed to glow in the moonlight. If not for my current situation it would be beautiful. I didn’t’ think people still had courtyards like that. I had always assumed it was just something in movies.

Sighing I looked up at the moon, “I need you, Logan,” I whispered.

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