Heart's Prisoner

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Steven's POV

After I handed her the clothes and closed her door. I locked it and felt a hand on my shoulder. “You did good son.” I turned and my father McGreggor stood there with a smile on his face. “I think she will start to trust you.”

“I don’t see how this is all going to work.” My father started to laugh.

“Having Kincaid’s daughter in love with my son, that’s going to get under his skin real good.” I shook my head. I knew where her heart was. I knew making her fall for me was going to be hard. Sam McGreggor dated my mother back before his cancer. Okay, let me rephrase that. He fucked my mother. He didn’t give two shits about her, but he got her pregnant. The only woman he had ever gotten pregnant. My mother died during birth. McGreggor raised me out of sight. No one ever knew the truth. To everyone else, I was just his right-hand hitman. He always told me it was safer for me that way. I now know that he is full of shit. I was forced into this life and I was tired of it.

When Wilson brought Logan to my father. I had already known him. We had been friends and I knew what kind of man Logan really was. I hated that he was getting involved with my father and his crap. I remember when my father had gotten the four of us together. Me, Logan, James, and Nate. When Logan first saw me, I had to tell him to be quiet. I later explained to him why and he did in fact keep his mouth shut. I wanted out and I had no idea of how that was going to happen.

I loved my father, don’t get me wrong. He has taken good care of me and I have never wanted for anything. I did however grow tired of him constantly talking about Kincaid. His whole life has been bent on getting back at this man. That was until he met Dahlia. My father fell in love with her fast. She became his whole world. He let go of Kincaid and was actually moving on in his life. Until Kincaid struck him again. My father has always been a very powerful man. Besides all the companies he owned. He also did underground work. The work he always put me in. The work I wanted nothing to do with.

“Follow me to my office son.” I nodded at him and we walked together. “I have two men in my office that are going to be your right-hand men. I Looked over at him.

“I don’t need them. Look at what happened to the last three you gave me.” I said and my father just smiled.

“I know you’re capable of handling things on your own, but right now I want your focus on Mia.” I took a deep breath. Normally Mia would be no problem for me. The girl is gorgeous and very sexy. I know why Logan has a hard-on for her. Mia is way too innocent to just fall for me and I really didn’t want to do this to Logan. I needed to come up with a plan to get myself out of here. I had to pray that Logan would just stay away, but if I knew him and he felt anything for Mia, he would be here. Now my task was to reach out to him and tell him to stay away. Hell, as far as I knew he was already on his way.

My father wasn’t to clear on what he was going to do to Logan. I would try to make sure he doesn’t kill him. My father is not much for talking with people he feels has betrayed him, and he feels like Logan betrayed him. I walked into my father’s office and there stood two men. These men looked nothing like I had pictured. They were both in suits and you could tell they were professionals. Who did they think they were? The men in black? I rolled my eyes and took a seat on the couch in my father’s office. “These men are here to follow your orders.”

“It looks like they are here to bodyguard my ass. I don’t need bodyguards dad.”

“I know son, it’s just there is a lot going on and I would feel better if you had some men around. Humor me son okay.” I stood up.

“Whatever dad, just keep them out of my way when it comes to Mia.” He nodded at me and I left the room. I knew Mia would be okay for the night. She had everything she needed and I would bring her breakfast in the morning. Tonight I was fully prepared to watch for any signs of Logan showing up. I had to try and stop him at any means necessary. His phone was turned off and I knew he would only use a burner phone. As far as I knew Collin was dead. Logan was alone. I knew Collin was on Logan’s side. Even my father knew Collin had betrayed him. Logan was nothing to my father. He was just a guy hired to do a job. I knew my father would kill him without a second thought.

Around six am, when I realized there was no sign of Logan. I was extremely tired. I had gone down and told the cook that Mia needed breakfast. I sat myself down on the chair in front of her room. The next thing I knew I was sound asleep, sound asleep until I heard Mia crying. I jumped out of the chair and I could hear the cook, Mr. Frank pleading with her. I ran into the room and Mia flung herself into my arms. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around her. Her whole body was shaking. “Mia, this is our cook. He was just bringing you breakfast.” Mia looked up at me and her eyes were full of tears. I knew she was just scared that a man had come into her room. After everything, she has been through I couldn’t blame her. Mr. Frank was still apologizing. I just nodded at him and he left the room. “Mia, look at me. No one is going to hurt you here. I promise you that.”

“You said you would bring breakfast.” Her words were so low I almost didn’t hear her. I yawned.

“I was up late and fell asleep. I needed to make sure you were fed. I asked Mr. Frank to give you food. He is a harmless old man Mia. I promise you he won’t hurt you.” She nodded at me and I wiped her tears away. She left my arms and walked over to her food.

“Did Logan show up?” She asked me with some fear in her eyes.


“Will that man kill me now?”


“How do you know Steven?”

“I just do, now try not to think about all of this and just eat.” She nodded at me and sat down to eat her food. I sat down in the chair by her door and watched her until my eyes closed.

Logan’s POV,

“Logan, you know it’s a trap. You can’t go after her. They will kill you and what if they don’t let her go? You will have sacrificed your life for nothing.”

“What would you do Collin?”

“Honestly?” I nodded at him.

“I don’t know.”

“I love her man.” Collin looked up at me.

“I know you do.” I laid back in the bed and closed my eyes.

“Help me, Collin, I don’t know what to do?”

“This is what you need to do. You need to rest and get strong so you can get your girl back. We need to take this time and figure out a plan. We can’t go in there and just give our lives over and hope for the best.”

“What if he hurts her?”

“Not really his MO. I mean don’t get me wrong McGreggor is a bad man, but he is really not into killing women. Mia is innocent, he will use her as much as he can, and he has a hard-on for her father. I’m sure Mia will be okay.” That still didn’t give me any comfort. My anxiety was spiked and I wanted her in my arms safe. I was so worried that James would get his hands on her. I knew James wanted her the moment we got into the van. There was no way I would allow that to happen. I looked over at Collin one more time before sleep took me over. He was right, I was no match for anyone right now. I was helpless and that made me angry. I was going to take McGreggor out one way or another. A lot of lives depended on it. A life of crime was not a life for me. I needed to do this, get my girl, and move on to something different. One thing most people didn’t know about me. I keep what’s mine and no one will take it from me.

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