Heart's Prisoner

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Mia’s POV

Days turned into weeks and I was beginning to worry that Logan had decided I wasn’t worth the trouble of coming after. McGreggor had only come and spoken to me once since the night with James. Steven however had become a constant companion by my side. He said it was necessary that we keep appearances up.

Steven had shared with me his dad’s plan of making me fall for him. I honestly didn’t get it, was it just to hurt Logan? Or was he still trying to get back at my dad? I felt like I was nothing more than a pawn in whatever game they were playing.

“You have to eat sometime Mia,” Steven said coming to sit across from me.

I looked up shaking my head, “I’m not hungry.”

He frowned, “you have to trust him, Mia.”

“Who your dad? My dad? Or Logan?”

Steven sighed, “you know damn well there is only one person in that list that even fits the description.” He looked over at me, “I’ll be honest. I thought he would come in all guns blazing but I’m glad he is taking the time to think this through.”

I stood up going to look out the window, “look at this place Steven, there is no way he can sneak in here and get me out.”

“No,” Steven agreed, “not unless he has help.”

“You would help us?”

Steven shrugged, “I should have never let him get involved in all of this Mia. I’m looking for a way out just like the two of you.”

I turned around, “I’m guessing my dad is still laying low.“I knew by the way Steven looked down that my dad had made some type of move. “If you know anything please tell me.”

“Your dad has been moving money around but wherever he is hiding he is laying low. McGreggor suspects that he is planning on trying to travel out of the country.”

I shook my head, “I can’t believe my mom is letting him do this?”

Steven shrugged, “she might not have a say in the matter. Or he might still be lying to her.”

I shook my head turning back to look outside. I hated my dad right now. I hated him more than anything in this world. It was more than me and the fucked up situation I was in. How could he do this to my mother? How could he do this to my sister and brother? As much as they aggravated me I’d give anything to see Harper tank her headphones out and roll her eyes at me. Or for Seth to tell me to go on somewhere.

Steven stood up, coming to stand beside me, “I’m sorry Mia. You know if I knew anything I’d tell you.”

I nodded, “I know Stephen. I’m sorry.”

As he walked out I closed my eyes. I really didn’t know what to believe anymore. Had my whole life been a lie? A small part of me still wanted to believe my dad was innocent in all of this. That all of this was made up to make me spill any secrets I may know but the fact was I didn’t know any and too many people had the same story.

Hearing my door open I didn’t turn around, I just assumed it was Steven again. “You really need to learn to knock.”

“Why would I knock in my own house?”

I quickly turned around seeing a beautiful blonde headed woman standing across from me. “Dahlia?” I knew in my head it had to be her but I was still in disbelief.

She nodded looking aggravated with me, “look Mia, I don’t have a lot of time before they realize I’m not in my room anymore. I need you to get a message to your dad.”

I tilted my head, “what? I have no fucking clue where he is. Why don’t you get a message to him.” I looked down at her obvious baby bump, “looks like you know him good enough for yourself.”

“Grow the fuck up Mia, this isn’t a game,” Dahlia said turning to peek out the door before shutting it back. “Your dad has been at the cabin the whole time. I just need you to get a message to him.”

“He’s not at the cabin, ” I said a little too loudly. “Don’t you think that’s the first place they would go looking for him at.”

“Oh my God Mia. Colorado. The cabin in Colorado.”

I made a face at her, “we don’t have a cabin in...” That son of a bitch. True we didn’t have a cabin in Colorado, but I knew dad would fly out every winter with some of his work associates.

“I don’t have his number. All the cell phones have been turned off.”

Dahlia crossed her arms, “Mia if you help me out of this I’ll make sure your dad takes care of you too.”

“Takes care of me,” I yelled. “Takes care of me? Are you fucking serious? I’m his daughter. HIS DAUGHTER and you, what are you his mistress?”

Both Dahlia and I jumped as Steven busted in the room. “Dahlia what the fuck,” he mumbled grabbing her by the arm and yanking her out.

Before she was pulled completely away she looked at me, “please Mia, I’m afraid what he will do to the baby.”

I was left staring down the hall as Steven drug her down the hall. Was she serious? Colorado? By the time Steven made it back to my room, I was furious. “That bitch told me she would make sure I”m taken care of. ME! That’s my dad yet his pregnant mistress wants to...”

“Mia keep it down, dad doesn’t know she escaped out of her room,” Steven said. “If he found out he’d punish her and whoever fell short on their duties.”

“And I care because?”

Steven only shook his head, “what did she tell you?”

I paused looking down at Steven. I could tell him what she had told me, but I wasn’t stupid. “She just asked me to get a message to my dad. I explained to her I can’t and you basically came in and drug her away.”

The way Steven was looking at me I could tell he didn’t one hundred percent believe me. He shook his head, “ok. Well, I do have some news for you?”

I rolled my eyes, “what have I earned another stroll in the garden. Or no let me guess this time I get to eat supper at the table with all the big kids.”

Steven cut his eyes up at me, “Logan sent me a message.”

Instantly I jerked my head in his direction. “What? Logan? Is he ok? Is he coming?”

Steven put his hand up to silence me. “Mia I don’t know much. I do know that he was hurt in the shootout and that’s why he has been laying low. Apparently Collin is with him. He is coming, he will contact me when he gets closer.”

I bit my lip, “he’s ok though right? He couldn’t have been hurt too bad right? I mean if he is coming he is ok?”

“You clearly don’t know how messages get sent in situations like this do you.” When I shook my head he laughed, “he sent me a message from an untraceable number. All it said was, “was hit, recovering, Collin and I are on our way.”

I frowned, “that’s it. You can’t message him back?”

“It’s not safe Mia.” He said, “that phone is long gone. Logan has known me for a long time but I’m sure even he doesn’t know if he can trust me or not. I should have warned him. I could have stopped all of this.”

I sighed, “Steven don’t beat yourself up about it. Your dad is a douche. In fact, both of our dads are. You did what you thought you had to.”

“When the time comes Mia I need you to listen to everything I say. I might not make it out of this but I promise you I will do whatever it takes to get you out of this. I just need you to promise me one thing.”

I frowned, “what?”

“Take care of Logan. He’s had a rough life. Worse than you will ever know.”

Steven looked up at me and I nodded. “I promise you. I love him. I don’t know how I can make us work but I’m going to do everything I can to get him out of this.“ Sighing I shook my head, “you know he doesn’t think he is good enough for me.”

“And what do you think?”

I wiped a tear from my eye, “even if he was the man who he pretends to be I would follow him to the end of the earth. Just to be with him, I’d give everything up.”

Nodding Steven looked down, “do me a favor and forget about Dahlia Mia. She’s in far too deep.”

I snorted, “I don’t care about that homewrecker.” I let out a breath, “you do know that whatever she carrying is going to be my half brother or sister.”

Steven nodded, “don’t worry. McGreggor will raise her and warp her to his ways.”

I frowned, “her?”

He nodded, “Dahlia is having a little girl Mia.”

I don’t know why hearing that stung but it did. It wasn’t like I didn’t already have a little sister. Maybe just knowing what the baby was made it seem real. I sat down on the edge of my bed looking over at Steven. “I just want Logan.”

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