Heart's Prisoner

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Logan’s POV

Sitting in my car I paused looking up at the massive house in front of me. The McGreggor house was the closest thing to a mansion that I’d ever seen. For all, I knew it was a mansion. My life hadn’t really prepared me for this.

The massive iron gate at the entrance sat closed and I was unsure what to even say as I slowly approached it. I’d been working for the McGreggors for two years now, although I had only met him in person once. Most times my jobs came straight from Wilson.

The McGreggors made their fortune in America buying and trading art, sometimes legally, sometimes illegally. Wilson is the one who first found me. I was a troubled kid from the start. I was born a drug-addicted son to a 16-year-old girl who had no idea who my father was. She herself came from a poor family that could barely feed themselves. My aunt raised me my first few years of life but eventually when she married and had kids of her own she gave my mother back custody.

My mom had cleaned up but her taste in men was worse than ever. She worked the night shift waitressing at some crummy hole in the wall and most mornings she would bring one of those lowlifes home with her. There were times she would keep a steady boyfriend, they were usually lazy and sat around the house drinking all day. Once she brought home a man that I thought might have been a sign from God that he did care. He turned out to be married.

Even as bad as it was I couldn’t blame her. She did what she had to do to survive and keep food on our table. If that meant bringing home some overweight man who yelled at her constantly she would suffer in silence until they left and then she would sit alone in her room and cry.

In high school, I had been kicked out for fighting more times than I could count. For some reason, people thought that just because I was quiet meant I was weak. They were wrong, haven’t they ever heard it’s the quiet ones you need to worry about.

Somehow I managed to graduate, I personally thought the school was just ready to get me the hell out of their halls. I had debated trying to enroll in the army. It was something my Aunt Carla talked about a lot anytime I would go see her. It however didn’t have enough pull to convince me at 18 that’s where I needed to be.

Instead, I jumped from job to job until Wilson found me in some back alley arguing with a coworker of mine. I had just started working for the furniture company and had already been close to quitting. The job was easy enough, pack the truck, unload the merchandise, come back home. The hard part was the piece of shit driver they had paired me with. He was lazy, did the least amount of work possible to get by, and was constantly blaming me for anything and everything he could.

That day I couldn’t even tell you for sure how it started but I had gone outback and confronted him about some lie he had told our boss about us being late to a delivery. I was usually calm under pressure but the more he talked the angrier I got and the minute he poked my chest I hit him.

I hadn’t been expecting anyone to break us up but the tall man who had ahold of me only laughed as I tried to turn and fight him. “Easy son,” he said smoothly looking at the bigger bulkier guy who had my coworker. “Let him go.”

The minute the guy let him go that traitorous bastard was like dust in the wind. I gave up my fight and turned positive that I was about to get fired. I’d never seen them before but my luck they were the actual owners. The tall man took off his sunglasses, “I like the way you fight kid. You need a job that can actually make you some money?”

Those words had sealed my fate. Wilson has become somewhat of a mentor to me. It didn’t take long to figure out that not everything Wilson had me do was legal but the money I was bringing home, made it damn hard to say no. For whatever reason Wilson liked me and it helped me grow up the ladder.

Rolling down the window I pressed the button to the gate a little nervous but without a word, on my part, the large gates swung open in front of me. Gripping the steering wheel I slowly advanced forward. I knew nothing about this place. I didn’t know where to park, I didn’t know if I was supposed to go up to the front door and knock. I hated going into someplace blind.

With no clear instructions, I parked beside another car that seemed a little out of place. Taking a deep breath I walked up to the front door and pressed the doorbell. My mind told me I should have asked for better instructions. Who had their hired help come through the front door? The door opened and a man stood at the door looking at me not speaking.

“I’m Logan Heart. I had an appointment to meet with Mr. McGreggor...”

“I know who you are,” the man said as he turned on his heels and started walking. I was left with no choice but to follow behind him. Quickly shutting the door I followed him down the hall looking around at the house as I went.

As we paused in front of a massive door I stood up straighter. I had no idea what awaited me behind these doors but I didn’t want to look weak. The man who had lead me to the room, opened the door announcing my arrival. I stepped in only to have the doors shut loudly behind me.

Paul McGreggor sat behind his desk looking up at me as if to study me. McGreggor was in his mid to late fifties, had just enough grey in his hair to give him a distinguished look about him. I walked closer glad to see Wilson sitting opposite his desk. “Mr. Mc Greggor,” I spoke, “it’s nice to meet you again.”

He leaned back, “Logan, Wilson and I were just talking about how well you have fit in with our operations.”

I nodded, “Yes sir, thank you for the opportunity.”

McGreggor looked up at Wilson, “Get this boy a drink, it’s time we get down to business.”

Wilson nodded getting up as Mc Greggor pointed, “Sit Logan, we have much to discuss.”

Nodding I pulled out the chair thanking Wilson as he put a glass of whiskey in my hands. Once Wilson was seated McGreggor leaned forward. “We have a problem, Logan.”

“Problem,” I asked confused looking over at Wilson.

Wilson laughed, “Relax, it has nothing to do with you.” He shrugged, “Or it could have everything to do with you.”

I frowned at his riddle of an answer, but McGreggor was already speaking again. “By now you know I deal in artwork, you know that not all of my pieces are gained legally.”

Nodding I took a sip of my whiskey. I had only moved stollen pieces never stollen them. Was he about to ask me to cross that boundary? Was this some type of promotion? “Yes sir,” I said looking up at him.

He nodded, “It appears I have a problem. I’ve used the same company to ship my goods to and from for the past twenty years. Dahlia has been handling the shipping for years. Now it’s come to my attention that she is arranging more than shipments.”

I looked over at Wilson confused. “Dahlia is his wife.”

I nodded looking back at Mr. McGreggor, “And what does this have to do with me?”

He took a drink of whiskey, “Not only is my wife having an affair Logan, suddenly not all of my shipments are making it into my hands. It started off small, nothing major, nothing that couldn’t be written off, but it’s starting to add up. They are getting brave.”

“And you want me to what? Follow her, track down where they are taking your goods?”

“That has already been taken care of Logan, ” McGreggor said setting his glass down with a loud thud. “I have a proposition for you that won’t be easy. In fact, you will need a team to go with you.”

“A team,” I said confused, “I’ve never needed a team before?”

“You’ve never done what I’m about to ask you to do either?” McGreggor stood up, standing to look out the window at the sprawling lawn on the other side. “I need you to show him that I’m not one to be played with Logan.”

I frowned as he turned around. “Richard Kincaid thinks he is untouchable. He and his little goody-two-shoes family act as if they are perfect. It’s all a facade.” He turned back around, “he takes his family up to their cabin in the mountains of Montana every summer. This summer he won’t come home with everything he took up that mountain.”

“You want me to kill someone?” I have never killed anyone. Sure I’d fought plenty of guys. I’d even shot at people who were shooting at me but if they had ever died I’d never heard about it.

“I’m not saying you have to kill anyone. He will be there alone with his wife and kids. I need you to rough him up a little. Maybe even get him to spill his little secret to his wife. Most importantly I want you to get his list of buyers.”

I was smart enough not to ask him how he thought I was going to do that. I was sure that’s where the team came into play. The question was where did I fit into all of this?

Wilson sensing my confusion sat his glass down, “We aren’t asking you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing Logan. You will have your pick of men to take with you. I will help you if you want. You know security systems, you know how to hack them. Kincaid just had a new state of the art system put in before their arrival. We need you to hack it.”

McGreggor nodded, “I want you to lead this team. Wilson has told me nothing but good things about you Logan. You are calm under pressure but firm when you need to be. I can make this worth your time and energy Logan.”

I took a long sip of my whiskey, “How much do you consider worthy of my life?”

He laughed, “You know that mother of yours you send all of your money to. I can make sure she never has to worry about anything for the rest of her life. And you, if you get me what I need I’ll make sure you have a job with me for life. You can ask Wilson about the perks of being on the inside.”

I nodded, “Okay. How long do I have to get this team together.”

Wilson stood up going to the side table picking a large stack of files up, “You leave in two days.”

McGreggor leaned back in his chair, “This won’t be easy Logan. You might have to give him a reason to give you what you want.”

“I can be pretty convincing when I need to be.”

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