Heart's Prisoner

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Falling into Place

Logan POV

“I said I’m fine,” I yelled at Collin as he tried to catch me. It had been three months and although my wound had healed on the outside it still caused me pain. I had a slight limp that you couldn’t really tell unless I was tired but one that was there all the same. I hated it.

“Steven hasn’t even answered your last message, Logan. We can’t just go to McGreggor’s house and knock on the front door now, can we? If we have to make a run for it your screwed.”

“Fuck you, ” I said heading back to my room.

It was true Steven wasn’t answering my text. I had texted him two days ago against Collin’s better judgment telling him we were ready to make our move. I’d received nothing back and it worried me. Was Mia ok? Had Steven turned on me? The not knowing was eating at me. I would have never waited this long if it wasn’t for Collin and him thinking he was my fucking daddy who could tell me what to do.

I made my own rules. ME! Not him. I started slamming things into my bag. I would leave with or without him. If I had to go to war against the whole McGreggor house then fuck it I would. I didn’t care anymore. All I cared about was getting Mia back. I had come to the realization that I could never be with her. I could never really have her but I couldn’t leave her like this. It was all my fault she was ever mixed up in this, to begin with. I loved her and I owed her this much.

As I made my way outside Collin followed me. “How do you think you are going to get there? Walk?”

“If I have to,” I said angrily.

Collin huffed, “Logan god damn it. Stop. Let me get my things together and say my goodbyes.”

“Five minutes. I’m not waiting a minute longer.”

Looking over his shoulder Collin shook his head, “you’ll give me as long as I fucking need. Get your head out your ass Logan. We can’t go in hot-headed.”

As I waited I sat on the porch petting Reece. He wouldn’t be coming with me this time. It was safer for him here until I was done with things. I felt guilty leaving him but not as guilty as how I’d felt for the last several months. While I lay trying to heal Mia was going through God knows what. What if she thought I didn’t care about her anymore? What if she didn’t feel the same way about me? Hell, it was probably for the best she didn’t have feelings for me anymore.


“I’ve been ready,” I said walking to the old beat-up truck that Collin had brought home about a month ago. I knew I shouldn’t be as upset with him as I was. He didn’t have to help me. In fact, he was risking everything just to help me get Mia back. I would owe him.

As we drove I stayed quiet. My mind was full of ugly and dark thoughts. I wasn’t sure why, if it was all the pain medicines I had been on or if I was letting my guilt eat at me, but my mind wasn’t a very friendly place to be.

“Do you think Steven would turn on you?”

I looked over at Collin. “He let me walk into danger once before. I never thought he’d not have my back. I don’t know.”

Feeling my phone vibrate I saw a strange number pop up with a message. “Thought you might like to see this.”

I frowned as I read it until a picture popped up of Mia laying in Steven’s arms. I threw the phone at the dash turning as it popped back and hit me smoothly in the face.

Collin hit the brakes pulling over, “what the fuck Logan.”

I opened the truck door getting out and walking to the back. I felt like the air had been punched out of my stomach. How could he? How could she? I punched the truck leaving a dent in it as I shook my hand.

“Logan, I don’t think you are ready for this,” Collin said approaching me easily.

“I’m going to kill him.” I looked up at Collin feeling my blood start to boil, “if it’s the last thing I ever do I’m going to kill him.”

Mia’s POV

I opened my eyes as I heard the bedroom door shut and I realized somebody had been in here with us. Sitting up I shook Steven awake. He sat up rubbing his eyes, “Mia, what’s wrong.”

“Someone was just in here with us,” I said. “I heard the door shut.”

Steven sat up yawning, “Mia it was probably dad making sure we are getting along as he wants. You know he likes to...” Steven paused turning to look at me, “did you move my phone?”

I shook my head. “You know I wouldn’t mess with your phone.”

He frowned, “I’ll be back Mia. I need to go see who’s moving around and if they saw anything.”

I nodding watching as he walked out the door. He had been acting a little different ever since I kissed him a few days ago. I hoped he wasn’t getting the wrong impression. I mean I did like him, he was going out of his way to take care of me but I couldn’t shake my feelings for Logan.

Some small part of me knew if we went along with Steven’s plans of leaving that I’d never see Logan again. Would he think I had betrayed him? Was he even looking for me? It wasn’t like he didn’t know where I was. Part of me wished I would have snooped through Steven’s phone, just to know for a fact he wasn’t playing me for a fool.

Steven walked back in the room shaking his head, “no one is up Mia. Are you sure you weren’t dreaming? I mean that scary movie messed with me too?”

“It wasn’t a scary movie,” I said aggravated. “I heard the door click shut. I know I did.”

Steven put his hands up, “ok dang girl. I’m just trying to make you feel better.”

I rolled my eyes smiling at him, “you are so stupid. I told you to lock the door.”

He shrugged, ” I mean and let the only man miss out on catching us in bed together.”

As Steven wiggled his eyebrows I shook my head, “why are we even friends.”

Steven sat down beside me, “you tell me?”

The look in his eyes told me so much more than his face ever could. I knew then that Steven liked me more than just a friend. The guilt hit me hard because I could like him. I could return his feelings. If only I knew that Logan had given up on me I could give him a chance.

“What’s wrong?” Steven looked at me with concern.

I shook my head looking down. “Nothing. I’m just...tired.”

Steven sighed, “it’s him isn’t it.”

Shaking my head yes I refused to look over at him. Fresh tears rimmed my eyes but I refused to let them fall. I refused to be weak. I missed Logan but if he didn’t come for me by the time Steven planned for us to leave then I would have no choice but to move on. Logan had months. Now he had less than a week and a half to come for me.

It had taken me forever to go back to sleep. Steven lay beside me but I kept to my side of the bed. I slept horribly. My dreams were filled with Steven and I. We were happy. Walking by the lake holding hands as we laughed and kissed. Then Logan appeared looking shocked and upset. The sky turned an ugly black as he told me he hated me as he turned and walked away. I chased after him but no matter how hard or how fast I ran I couldn’t catch up with him.

I awoke unable to go back to sleep after that. Instead, I quietly got up and sat in a chair looking out at the night sky. In an overly sappy thought, I wondered if Logan was looking up at the same moon I was. Was he thinking of me? I looked back over my shoulder at Steven asleep in the bed and couldn’t help but think how unfair all of this was to him too.

We were both just pawns in our father’s games. I wasn’t sure where Logan fit in, but I had to keep believing that he was part of this game. Logan not only kidnapped me but with me my heart. Had I been stupid for falling in love with the man who had ripped me out of my parent’s house in the middle of the night? Yes. Did that make me love him any less? NO.

I guess only time can tell what will happen. He will either come or he won’t. Would he help me find my father if I asked? I felt like he would. Would Steven still help us? That I didn’t know. I had no idea what would happen when the time came for Steven to hand me over. Would we all go our separate ways or would we band together?

The look on Logan’s face in my dream still haunted me and by the time the early morning sun was rising I was there with him. I must have dozed off sometime after that because I vaguely remember being lifted from the chair and sat on the bed. I could have sworn someone kissed my forehead but in my dreams it was Logan. I softly called out his name but he only replied back with a sigh.

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