Heart's Prisoner

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Logan’s POV

I had listened to everything Collin had to say. Listened and ignored. If he thought I was going to just sit here and let my girl get kidnapped yet again he was fucking wrong. I made him think I was ok with the plan, no sense in arguing until the time came for it. My mind was not changing.

Best of the best is what he kept referring to his team as. I had no clue where he had gathered them up from, how he was paying them, nor did I care. All I cared about was seeing Mia’s face. Having her in my arms.

My head was still fucked up over that picture and I just needed her. I felt like once I saw her, once I had her in my arms everything would be ok. I had no idea how tonight would go, but I needed to be the one she saw, not some stranger with promises of bringing her to me. If the girl was smart she wouldn’t believe anyone anymore. I sure the hell didn’t.

Steven still hadn’t answered any of my text and I wasn’t sure where his loyalties stood anymore. Would he betray me for his father? What if he had fallen for Mia? I sighed looking over at Collin as he drove up. “Stop stressing Logan.”

I nodded at him looking down at the clock. 3 am would be the magic hour, that’s when we would make our move. In the swiftness of night. If we could get in and out unheard and unseen great, I doubted it but that was our goal. A goal that I knew was unattainable. There would be blood tonight, of that I was sure.

Collin parked up about a mile down the road to wait. He didn’t know I had told Lucas to stop and pick me up. Lucas was the natural leader out of five and I of course told him of my plan. He didn’t like it, but after I threatened to just walk up to the front door and announce my presence he didn’t argue anymore. I had been a little afraid he would go run and tell Collin, but it appears he had kept my little secret.

“Whatever happens Logan, I need you to keep a cool head.”

I looked over at Collin, “so you’re thinking she’s left me for steven now?”

Collin rolled his eyes, “are you calling your girl easy?”

“No,” I said frowning. I didn’t know anything about her but I didn’t think she would have moved on that fast. However, I did fear that she had only been attracted to me because of the situation. Right time, right place. I shook my head, no there had to be more to her than that.

As the black SUV rolled up beside us Collin rolled down his window shocked when I popped out of the passenger side seat. “Logan,” he hissed after me but I was already in the back of the SUV and headed down the road before he could get out of his car. I knew he was cussing me. I knew I’d never hear the end of it, but I had to do this. I had to go after her.

I’d never properly scaled a wall, not one like this. Oh, I had jumped and climbed plenty of fences but never had I ever scaled a concrete wall. I had been sure we would instantly be attacked by dogs or have little red beams pointed at us but no such thing happened as our feet touched the ground all remained calm. We had entered from the back corner, the corner with the least amount of motion lights.

The plan was clear, it wouldn’t be long before we were discovered. There was too much security in this place for it to be a simple in and out the mission. Lucas, Bean, and I would hit the side of the house we thought Mia was located in. The others would serve as a distraction hopefully leading most of the guards to the other side of the house.

As we separated into two groups I felt a surge of adrenalin run through my veins. It wasn’t long before the sound of barking dogs let us know that the Doberman that patrolled the outside knew we were here. As suddenly as it started it stopped and I didn’t really want to know why.

I looked up toward the house as the lights all shut off. Jacob had disabled the power. Seconds later all hell broke loose, people were shooting and running around everywhere. We made it in the first-floor window and shut it just as a team of guards came running around the corner. The other team was already in combat from the noises but we had managed to get insight unseen so far.

Lucas lead the way, he had somehow managed to get a rough layout of the house and a last known location for Mia. I was nervous as we made our way up the back staircase. We could hear commotion upstairs and knew things were about to get rough.

The second team was doing a good job and had most of the guards all on the other side of the house. Upon hitting the top of the stairs we came in contact with two guards but Lucas and Bean quickly had them handled before I even had time to think. I looked over at Lucas but he only winked at me. Bean put his hand on my shoulder, “remember best of the best.”

I rolled my eyes heading for the third door on the right as the others cleared the other rooms. Bustin open the doors I expected to find Mia, maybe even Steven, what I hadn’t expected was to find the room empty. There was no trace of Mia at all. I ran into the room checking the bathroom but came up empty.

Lucas popped his head in the room, “this hall is clear, she must be on the other side of the house. The informant was wrong.”

I sighed, but as I started to walk out I paused picking up a piece of paper that was on the floor halfway under the bed. I shook my head, “she was here...at least for a while.”

I held up the paper showing Lucas. It was simple doodling, hearts, flowers, stars, and two words. Logan and Mia. They weren’t drawn together like jr high kids with a crush but rather one side of the paper had my name and the other had hers. I sighed, “we have to find her.”

Lucas nodded but reaching up to his ear he cussed, “shit.” He looked up at me, “she’s not here man. Steven left with her this morning and they haven’t come back.”

Bean ran in the room, “we have company coming guys.”

My head wasn’t in it anymore. Why had Steven left with her, I needed more answers. I needed to know why she was able to leave with Steven. I knew the answer, it was all in the pictures.

“Snap the fuck out of it Logan,” Bean shouted at me as we came out of the room.

I looked up seeing we were cornered. McGreggor’s voice rang out. “You’re too late Logan. You’ve lost your girl now you’re about to lose your life.”

Something in me snapped and I started shooting. Lucas pulled me back into the bedroom. “We have to go out of the window.”

Bean nodded, “Mark is down. Joe is injured.”

Lucas cussed, “come on Logan, we can figure out where she went after we get out of this but we have to go.”

“They knew we were coming,” I said.

“No way,” Lucas said. “We were just too late. She was here last night.”

“Man we can’t help your girl went and fell in love with the enemy,” Bean said. “She seems to have a habit of that doesn’t she?”

I punched him in the face and Lucas had to pull me back, “enough, how long do you think before they break that damn door down.” He looked at me, “you go out the window first, Jacob is waiting.”

My blood was boiling as I slipped out onto the roof and plunged down into the bushes below hoping they eased my fall. As I hit my hip immediately felt like it had been set on fire, but through the commotion, I managed to limp my way out. I don’t remember getting to the wall I just remember when my feet hit the other side Collin snatched me up and threw me in his car.

I hit the dashboard as he took off in a cloud of dust. “I told you,” I screamed. “I fucking told you.”

Collin shook his head, “you need to see this.”

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