Heart's Prisoner

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Collin was driving like a bat out of hell when he handed me over my phone. “It looks like Mia got a hold of Steven’s phone. I grabbed the phone and went into my messages. “She doesn’t sound too happy either,” Collin said with his eyes on the road.

“When did this come in?”

“About ten minutes before you got back to me.” I opened the message.

“Logan, this is not Steven it’s Mia. Where are you? Why didn’t you come for me? Steven got me out and saved me. I loved you and you didn’t come for me why? I thought you loved me too? I can’t tell you where we are. I don’t know if this phone is safe. All I can tell you is that I’m safe at the moment. Don’t respond to this message. I don’t know how safe this phone is.”

I slammed my phone down to the ground. “Be careful that’s the only phone you have to talk to her on,” Collin said. I was fucking pissed off. I do love her, more then I have loved anyone. I was a fucking mess. I just knew Steven was moving in on what was mine. She is too beautiful and sweet. I know he wants her. I would kill him if I found out he has touched her.

Mia’s POV,

“Steven, do you think we could just eat at home tonight?” Steven was standing in the doorway. He turned and looked over at me.

“Tired of hamburgers?”

“Yes very much so.”

“You want to go to the grocery store?” He asked me. I nodded my head at him. “Get your things.” I jumped up all excited to get out of this house. It’s been about a week and Steven still thinks it’s smart to lay low. I’m okay with that until the night I got a hold of Steven’s phone. A phone he had placed in the trash can and covered it in trash. I pulled it out when he was sleeping and hide outside. That’s how I found the text messages from Logan. None of them said he was coming. Some seemed like they were out of place. Like as if other messages were missing. I sent a message to him, hoping he would see it. Once I was done I turned the phone off and hid it. That was the first night we were here. I haven’t looked at it since.

I have been keeping my eye on Steven. I don’t know if after I found the phone if I could completely trust him or not. To be fair the messages I did see said nothing about Logan coming. I knew in my heart that Steven cared, I just didn’t know if it was about me or Logan. Steven hasn’t tried anything with me since we left. I know Steven knows how I feel about Logan. I’m just starting to question how Logan feels about me. “Hey daydreamer, are you still with me?” I heard Steven say. I looked up at him while I was holding a bag of potatoes. Steven had a smile on his face.

“I want a phone.” Steven cocked his head at me.

“For? I mean if you want to get ahold of Logan. You won’t.”


“Because I have been trying and he is not answering me. I think maybe he has a new phone.”

“So is that a no?” I watched his face and then he sighed.

“It’s not a no Mia, its just we don’t need to give my father more chances to find us. If you want to make a call, something I advise you don’t do. Then you can use my phone whenever you want to.” I took a deep breath because I knew in my heart he was right. Even though I’m kind of free. Steven is still the only one I have to protect me and we were on the run. How my life turned out this way, I have no idea.

“Your right I’m sorry,” I said and turned away from Steven.

“Hey, you will see him again. I promise you that.” I gave him a small smile and went back to grocery shopping. Steven and I ended up filling the house with all kinds of food. I pulled stuff out to make my mother’s fried chicken. I missed my mother so very much. All I could do was hope she was okay. I was worried about my brother and sister as well. As for my father, well I just didn’t know what to think. My heart was weighing heavy on me. I just knew I would run the world with Logan. Steven walked back out to the kitchen while I was in the middle of making gravy. The look on his face told me something wasn’t right.

“Steven? What’s wrong? Do we need to run again?” I knew Steven had someone he was keeping in contact with. Someone who was letting him know what was going on on the outside.

“Logan and some men attacked the house the night we got here. I don’t know if Logan made it out alive or not, but my father was shot and he has been in a coma for a week now.” I dropped the bowl and it hit the ground.

“He came for me?” I said softly. Steven nodded his head at me. I felt the tears sting my eyes. I looked over at Steven. “Please you have to find out if he is okay or not. Did your guy say anything more?” Steven just shook his head.

“Not yet, I told you what he has told me, but as it sits right now. No one is even looking for us.”

“Then we have to find him, Steven. I have to know if he is alive or not. I can’t just sit here wondering. Please.” I could see the doubt in his eyes. “Please Steven, please.” I walked up to him and placed my arms around him. “Please,” I said once again. He wrapped his arms around me and he sighed.

“Mia, we need to sit still and wait. Let me hear from my guy again. Before we go off on a wild goose chase. If Logan got shot and is okay then he is probably in hiding. If he died I’m sure we would know. Let’s just give it some time. Can you do that for me?” I wiped my tears and just nodded my head at him. “Come on, lets finish this dinner. I’m starving and it smells good.” I tried to force a smile as I picked up my mess off the ground. “Mia?” I looked up at him. “It’s all going to work itself out. I promise you.”

Mr. Kincaid’s POV,

“She is collateral damage.”

“She is your daughter.”

“I have my family with me. I can’t go chasing Mia.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“I don’t even know if she is still alive or not. I have to think about the family I have with me.”

“What about your other baby mama?”

“Do you think I give a shit about that?”

“I thought you were better than this?”

“Yeah well, I guess you thought wrong. Is our plane tickets ready?”

“Yes, you and your family fly out of the united states first thing in the morning. Mia will never be looked for and your ties with Dahlia will be broken as soon as our men get a hold of her. You will be free.” I nodded my head. “Oh, one thing though.” I stopped and looked back. “Mia is alive and she is here in Colorado.” I took a deep breath.

“That doesn’t matter.” He nodded at me and left the room. I stood looking out at the lake. I really made a mess out of all of this, but I was leaving the country a millionaire. If I tried to save Mia I would more then likely lose everything and I just wasn’t willing to do that. I still had my wife and two other children to worry about. My wife knows only what I have told her and they are all lies. I will not lose her. My mind is made up and if Mia is alive then one day she can find us again on her own. I will not jeopardize what I have put years into and McGreggor will not win against me. Fuck him and his bullshit, what’s mine is mine. I guess he should have kept that wife of his happy. I have to admit she was a great fuck, but her ways into this operation and sex was all she ever was to me, and she handed me everything I needed to take McGreggor on. Which was all I ever cared about. I would take him down at all costs.

Too bad, she fell for it and now she is carrying my child. A child I will never know. My people already have her, she came easy, but she will be dealt with fast and that will no longer be a problem for me. As far as Mia goes, I just have to hope she is still the strong woman I raised and she knows that I love her. If I can lie to her mother I can lie to her. If I ever see her again. “Richard?” I heard my wife say behind me. I turned and looked at the only woman I ever truly loved.


“Any news on Mia?” I could see the pain in her eyes. All I did was shake my head no at her. She sighed and looked to the ground. I walked over and pulled her into my arms.

“Try not to dwell on it right now. My people are doing their best. There’s nothing more we can do about it now.”

“But what if she is found and were out of the country?”

“Then they will bring her to us.” She wiped her tears and my heart hurt. I am sorry things turned out this way. I never thought they would get to my family. A least I didn’t think it would have happened so fast. I knew Mia was alive, but I had no idea what she knew about me now. I wasn’t willing to allow her to bring me down and make me lose what I had. I would kill my own daughter to keep what I’ve got.

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