Heart's Prisoner

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The Phone Call

Logan’s POV

It had been two weeks and I was beginning to lose my patience with everyone including Collin. He had thought it best not to try and text the phone back Mia had found even though that was the first thing I wanted to do. His men had confirmed that McGreggor had been shot and was in a coma but no one seemed to be able to tell me where Steven took Mia. It was pissing me off.

Walking outside I Ignored Reece as he barked at me, I knew he wanted to play but I just wasn’t in the mood. I had started walking every day to try and make my hip stop getting so stiff and it seemed to help some. Looking up at the dark skies I knew it was going to rain soon but again I didn’t care. All I cared about was Mia and the fact that she didn’t think I was coming after her. She didn’t think I cared about her.

Reece stopped barking and followed behind me as I started walking down the path. Feeling the first drop of rain come down I pulled my hoodie up hoping that it didn’t just come to a complete downpour. I knew I should turn my ass around and go back to the house, but I was having a whole pitty party for myself and not the first one. Collin told me I was acting like a child who wasn’t getting his way. I naturally told him to fuck off and now here I am outside in the rain.

Walking helped to clear my mind some, I could think about Mia and remember our happier times, although I now wondered if she would see them that way. Did I ever make her happy? We were together such a short time before she was taken from me. Why did I think this would ever work. I was nothing more than a fucking criminal. Maybe she was better off with Steven, he could give her anything she wanted. Now that I was on the outs with McGreggor I had nothing but what I had saved up in my bank account.

Kicking a rock in the path ahead of my I about jumped when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I figured it was Collin, he would tell me to stop being a fucking dumb ass and get my ass out of the rain. Sliding my phone out of my pocket I saw the call was from an unkown number.

“What,” I said figuring he had Lucas or Jacob to call me back. Those two had stuck around to help with anything that might come up between then and now. Lucas I really liked, but Jacob was a know it all once you got to know him and I could only listen to him for so long before I couldnt hold my tongue any longer.


I stopped walking feeling my heart drop to my feet, “hey Princess.”

Mia started softly crying, “where have you been Logan?”

“Baby I promise you I came for you as soon as I could. I was shot at the motel and it took me some time to heal. I’m so sorry.” I sighed, “are you ok? Where are you?”

“I can’t talk long Steven is in the shower. I found a payphone at the front office, can you believe that? I didn’t even think these things still existed.”

I frowned, “Mia tell me where you are so I can come get you.”

“Did you tell Steven you were coming for me?”

I felt my anger rise, “of course Mia. He never responded back to me. I didn’t know if his phone was compromised, if he had changed numbers, or if he had decided to take things in his own hands.” I took a deep breath, “Mia, you do want me to come for you don’t you?”

There was a silence in the air and for a moment I thought she had hung up on me. “I love you, Logan. I had begun to think you didn’t think I was worth it anymore.”

“Mia they will have to kill me to stop me from coming for you.”

“Shit,” Mia said suddenly, “Logan I have to go if I’m gone when he gets out.”

“No,” I yelled, “baby tell me where you are.”

She let out a breath, “Colorado, some friend of Steven’s rented us a cabin about an hour away from where dad would take us. Logan, I have to go, I love you.”

The phone clicked before I ever got to tell her I loved her back. Forgetting all about the pain in my hip I jogged all the way back to the house slamming the door open like I was crazy. I’m sure I looked the park, soaking wet and holding my hip.

“Logan, what the fuck,” Collin said standing up.

“Colorado, she is in Colorado. We need to find out where her dad has a cabin there. She’s close.” I let out a sigh looking at Collin, “we are going to get my girl back.”

He nodded looking at me, “we are going to get your girl back.”

Mia’s POV

I ran all the way back to our cabin praying that Steven was still in the shower. I had been timing him all week to try to get his schedule down. He had a routine, he would start the shower then he would make a call. I don’t think he knew I could hear him, I think he thought the shower muffled his sounds. True I couldn’t really make anything out of his calls but I knew he was on the phone.

Sticking my head in the bedroom I about held my breath letting out a sigh as I heard the water shut off. Turning I went and kicked my shoes back off in the corner then went and laid on the couch pulling the blanket back over me and turning to pretend to be asleep, just as I had done before he had gone to take a shower.

I was even more confused than ever after talking to Logan. He said he had been hurt? How bad? I hadn’t had time to ask. Part of me still resented him for taking his sweet time to come find me but the other part was too elated to have heard his voice. When he answered with “hey princess,” I swear my heart did summersaults. He had said they would have to kill him to keep him from finding me. That’s exactly what I was afraid of.

Hearing footsteps I closed my eyes trying to steady my breathing. I used to be horrible at pretending to be asleep, my mom and dad would alwasy know somehow and I was afraid Steven would see through me too. I did my best to try and keep track of where he was in the cabin but I felt as if he was just standing over me staring at me. I knew he wasn’t, that it was my own guilty conscious but I was more confused than ever about him now.

Logan had said he had told Steven he was coming. Why would Steven hide that from me? Was it because he honestly wasn’t getting the messages or was it because he was wanting to keep me for himself? Steven’s feelings for me were becoming more and more apparent and I felt guilty wondering if maybe I hadn’t led him along. When I thought the worst about Logan hadn’t I cried on his shoulder, hadn’t I slept curled up beside him. I felt like I was going to be sick. What if I had started a fight between Logan and Steven.

Unable to stand the anxiety of faking asleep I slowly began stretching out before I rolled over. Steven wasn’t even in the living area much less standing over me. Sighing I stood up looking for him and ended up finding him on the back porch sitting in a chair. “Hey,” I said going to sit beside him.

“You have a good nap,” he asked looking over at me.

I felt my face flush, “it was ok.”

Steven looked out at the trees, “I wish I could have brought you here in the winter, it’s so much prettier.”

I nodded, “I have to warn you though I’m a horrible skier.”

A small smile appeared on Steven’s face, “your dad had taken your mom and siblings and left the states.”

I frowned, “what!?!”

He nodded, “Dahlia’s missing, although I can tell you she hasn’t left the country.”

I sat in shock, how could my dad just leave the country not knowing if I was ok or not. He left, left me behind. In fact, he left me and his soon to be newborn daughter behind. “So does this mean it’s over? Can I come out of hiding now?”

Steven shook his head, “your in even more danger now. When my dad wakes up and finds out he will kill you just to spite your dad. Noone will win this Mia.”

“But what if your dad doesn’t wake up?” Don’t you take over?”

Leaning back Steven shrugged, “I honestly don’t know Mia. I know my dad has been grooming me to take his place but I also know that after I left with you he would have known I betrayed him.” Steven sighed, “we need to move again. I think your dad might have known we were here.”

“Move?” I shook my head, “where? Steven, I’m tired of moving.”

“I don’t know Mia, we just need to get out of Colorado.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Not even 30 minutes ago I had told Logan where I was and now Steven was wanting to move. Did he know? He couldn’t know. Could he? I took a deep breath, “you still haven’t heard from Logan?”

Steven looked up at me and I could tell my question bothered him, “do you not trust me, Mia?”

I looked down, “it’s not that. I’m just worried about him.”

“You know he’s the one who kidnapped you in the first place?”

I looked up, “excuse me, you were with him. In fact, you were part of the ones who kidnapped me from him so what’s your point, Steven.”

“Just forget it,” he said as he stood up going back inside and slamming the door shut.

What the hell was that I thought. I took a breath getting up and going in beside him. Steven looking up from the drink he was pouring as I walked in. “I thought he was your friend.”

Steven laughed, “he is Mia.” As I looked at him he shook his head, “you really love him don’t you?”

“I do.”

“Then why hasn’t he come for you?”

I tilted my head feeling my anger head up my face, “I don’t know Steven, why hadn’t he come for me?”

Steven shook his head walking past me to the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Moving to sit on the couch I sighed, I had a feeling that Steven was fighting with himself. Logan would find me this time, he had too. I just needed to make sure Steven didn’t try and move us before he had time to get here.

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