Heart's Prisoner

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Steven’s POV,

I don’t know what my problem is. I know Mia loves Logan. It’s not like I don’t fucking already know these things. I think it’s jealousy, okay I know it is. I mean fuck, I had no idea where the hell he was. I stopped getting texts from him. I’m the one who got Mia out of the house and she is still pondering over him. Fuck, the last thing I wanted was to fall for her. For Logan Heart’s girl no less. Now that I know he went for her the day we left. I have to get back on track as to why I’m doing all of this. I cared a lot about Mia, this much was true, But Logan was my friend and I needed to get my head out of my ass. I took a deep breath and walked back out to Mia.

“Can we talk?” I asked her. She turned the tv off and nodded her head at me. I walked in and had a seat next to her. “I haven’t been completely honest with you.” She just kept her eyes on me. “I was in contact with Logan and then I believe someone got a hold of my phone. There were messages that were missing. I’m pretty sure I know who did it, but I couldn’t prove it. I haven’t tried to contact him since. Only because I don’t know what was said to him.” She sighed and I knew she was believing me. Mia’s heart is just that way. It was however the truth. Mia would never be mine and I would rather have her as a friend than nothing at all. Besides I like my nuts where they are and Logan would have them in heartbeat.

“You think it was him that went to the house that night we left?”

“Yes, I know for sure. My friend that’s helping us is still there. It was Logan and a bunch of other men. I think he got away unharmed.” Mia had tears in her eyes and I felt like a fool trying to win her love. “I’m sorry Mia,” I said and looked away from her. I felt her reach out and touch my arm.

“I know you’re my friend Steven. I trust you, you have been nothing but nice to me. I talked to Logan tonight.” The shock I felt and a little bit of sadness washed over me.


“I found the phone you threw away and then I called it tonight, please Steven call him back.” I nodded at her and pulled out my new cell. I handed it to her to call him. After a few seconds of them talking she hands the phone over to me.


“Give me the address to where you are?”

“Sure thing its 995 sycamores. It’s a hidden cabin and somewhat of a bitch to get here.”

“I’ll be there by morning, and Steven you have a lot to answer for, but luckily my girl cares about you.” Then I heard him hang up the phone. I looked over at Mia.

“He will be here in the morning.” Her eyes lit up and she had a smile on her face.

“Finally.” She said and I just looked at her. “It’s time for answers and time to get on with all of this.” I smiled at her and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. “I’m going to have a shower and try to get some sleep.” I nodded at her and watched her walk off. I went outside with my phone and called my friend.


“Yeah man what’s up?”

“Logan Heart is on his way here. He should be here in the morning.”

“That’s good right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”


“Yeah man, I’m here. Hows my father?”


“Any sign on Dahlia?”

“Nothing, but we think she took off when the house was attacked. Listen, give me a call back once Logan gets there and you know what you are all going to do.”

I said goodbye and hung up the phone. I guess I would know everything in the morning. I was tired and finally gave in and went to bed. I just hoped things were going to get figured out and that Logan didn’t hit me too hard when he saw me.

Logan’s POV,

It was early when we pulled up to the small cabin. Smoke was coming out of the stack on top of the cabin. I stepped out of the truck and just looked at the place. Please, please be inside Mia.” I said to myself. Collin closed his door and smiled over at me. “She is here Logan. Stop worrying yourself so much. I heard the other guys get out of the car. There was a total of six of us. We all headed up to the porch when the door opened and Steven showed himself. All I wanted to do was bash his face in, but I held it together. “Where is she, Steven?” I said.

“She is still asleep.” I watched as he pointed towards her room. I walked passed him and went to her door. I closed my eyes as I felt the front of the door. I opened it slowly and then I saw her. She was fast asleep covered in warm blankets. Even as I stood there looking at her. I had to catch my breath. It had been so long since I saw her beautiful face. I walked in and closed the door behind me. Staying quiet I just watching her slow breaths. I walked over to the bed and slowly crawled in next to her.

“Princess?” I said softly. I ran my finger down her nose watching as she started to flutter her eyes, and then as I watched the smile spread on her face. I also saw a tear fall from her eye. “Oh baby, please don’t cry. I’m here now.” She flew into my arms and held on to me as if her life deepened on it. I wrapped my arms around her and held on.

“Oh Logan, I have missed you so much.” She said in my ear. “Your all I have left in this world.” I knew she felt that her words were the truth, but I knew in the back of my head that her mother and siblings missed her too. Maybe not her father. “I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” Our lips came together and I felt the same heat that I have always felt with her. I had missed her so much more then I thought I had. There was no way she would ever be taken from me again. I will kill anyone who tried. “Mia, I have a question. Was Steven good to you? Did he try anything with you?” Mia blinked a couple of times.

“You have nothing to worry about with him.” I nodded at her and started to get up. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me back to her. I looked her into his eyes.

“Mia, I’m not going anywhere without you.” She slammed her lips against mine and when her hands went up the inside of my shirt. I knew what she was looking for. “Baby, there will be plenty of time for that once I get us to where we’re going.” I kissed her hands.

“No Logan.” She whispered out and pulled her top over her head. I let out a long breath and pulled her beautiful body under mine. My hand moved down to her shorts as I pulled them and her underwear to the side. Undoing my pants I pushed myself deep inside of her. It didn't take long, we had missed each other too much to take our time and in the end, it took all of four minutes. We both laid next to each other catching our breaths.

“I promise you when we’re in our own room alone. I will kiss every inch of your body and make you feel good.”

“I know Logan.” I couldn’t help be see the permanent smile on her face. Then we both heard the knocking on the bedroom door.

“Come on Logan, get a move on it.” Collin hollered out.

“Is that Collin?” Mia asked me. I nodded my head at her. “I thought he was dead.”

“Nope, it’s going to take more than a bullet to put that son of a bitch down.” Mia smiled. “Come on now princess, we need to pack up and get going.”

“Is Steven coming with us?” That tugged at my heartstrings.

“Yes Mia, he is one of us.” She gave me a smile and got up and ran into the bathroom. Within twenty minutes. She walked out to the living room where we were all sitting and talking. She was showered, dressed, and ready to go with two bags in her hands. Reece barked out in the truck and Mia’s eyes grew big. I watched her take off outside and I followed behind her. She had somehow managed to pick Reece up out of the truck and had him wrapped in a big hug. I smiled watching them. Bean walked up next to me

“I get it now Logan, she is beyond beautiful.”

“Yeah she is and if I catch you looking I’ll break your fucking face.”

“Whoa man claim down. I would never do that.”

“Just don’t mistake her kindness,” I said looking at him as I made my way over to Mia.

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