Heart's Prisoner

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Hard Decisions

Dahlia's POV

Wrapping my arms around my stomach I looked around the small room they had stuck me in. I had never thought that Richard would betray me like this, not after everything I had done for him. He would have never been able to get ahold of the information I fed him alone.

Now it appeared he wanted not only me but this baby to disappear. I held out hope that McGreggor would come for me. He knew this baby wasn't his but still he was always looking for someone to mold into his protege. I had played a hand and it appeared I bet more than I could afford.

I could hear the men talk sometimes. Richard wanted me dead. He wanted me out of the way so he could go back to his perfect family. The man was a fucking lunatic, they said he had abandoned his own daughter. He had always talked about Mia and how she was going to go places. I bet he never thought she'd end up sleeping with the enemy. I didn't know if she was with Logan or if Steven had managed to take her from him.

For now I was safe, the men couldn't decide on the best way to get rid of me. Poison, bullet, oh they had talked about it all but the baby in my stomach was the only thing saving me. I didn't give a fuck about this child, but as long as I was pregnant they wouldn't touch me.

Richard Kincaid's POV

I let out a breath as our plane took off. A feeling of triumph ran through my body, I had done it. I had fucked McGreggor out of millions of dollars and I had fucked that pretty little wife of his.

"We shouldn't leave without her," Joyce said from beside me.

I sighed, "I know love. I promise you I have men looking for her. As soon as they find her they will get her on the next flight out."

Joyce nodded, a tear rolling down her eye. I looked over at Seth and Harper. They hadn't been the same since all of this happened. Seth had turned quiet but Harper, she asked way too many questions for my liking. I had to taken everyone's phone afraid that Mia would reach out to them and ruin my plan.

It was a shame I had to leave Mia behind but she had been corrupted. She had willingly left with McGreggor's own son. That little bit of information was given to me by Dahlia before she realized that I wasn't saving her. I would have to figure out something to tell Joyce about her.

Looking at Joyce I sighed. I did love her, I had always loved her. I just loved revenge and money more. Dahlia wasn't the first affair I'd had, although she was the best. Joyce was too damn gullible. They had shown her video of me fucking Dahlia and I had convinced her they had altered the video. I think she just wanted to bad to believe in me that she accepted everything I said.

"You'll like Moscow," I said reaching out for Joyce's hand. "We can stay there a couple of days before we head out."

She looked up at me and nodded. "I'm sure I will."

I would make her forget all about Mia. She loved to decorate, she loved to shop. The house I had bought for us was huge and she would be busy for months trying to decorate it. I knew her. As for Harper and Seth well time would erase Mia from their memory. One day they might find out the truth but they had to understand what we gained. Losing Mia was nothing compared to the millions we know had.

Mia's POV

Logan cut his eyes at me and I could only grin. I had won our fight over Reece riding in the back, he was seated in between us with his face rested in my lap as I petted him. "I think your dog loves me more than he loves you."

He shook his head looking back at the road, "cause you spoil his ass. I told you he needed to ride in the back. He's in here slobering all over the place."

Steven sat up from the back seat, "Mia has you wrapped around her fingers Logan."

I looked over at Logan seeing him grimace. He wasn't too excited about Steven riding with us but I had insisted. I needed them to fix whatever problems they had. I needed Logan to see that I loved him and no one else and I needed Steven to see that even though I didn't like him in that way that we could all still be friends.

Logan's phone rang and as he spoke I tried to make out what he was being told. Whatever it was seemed to piss him off. Steven and I looked at each other as Logan hung up the phone.

Shaking his head he gripped the steering wheel, "we found where they are holding Dahlia. Apparently, there are orders for her to be murdered but they are being slow about it."

I gasped, "but the baby. She's pregnant with my dad's baby."

Steven leaned back, "they don't care Mia. She is a thorn in your dad's side now and mine will never forgive her enough to save her."

Shaking my head I looked at Logan, "we can't let her die Logan."

"She's not my fucking responsibility Mia. You are all I care about keeping safe."

I huffed crossing my arms, "if you won't help me then I will find someone who will."

Logan let out an angry breath, "your dad's gone. He and the rest of your family were spotted boarding a plane to Russia."

"Fucking coward," Steven said from the back seat.

Logan nodded, "I'm sorry Mia but your dad is a piece of shit for leaving you behind. He has to know you are alive."

I looked down, what could I say to that. I had once thought my dad was my world. He was my superman who did no wrong and now I find out he is nothing more than a slimy two-faced criminal. It hurt. I wondered how my mother felt about leaving me behind. I had hoped that Harper or Seth would still have their phones but that was probably the first thing dad took from them. Every single number I knew to get ahold of my family had been disconnected.

Logan reached grabbing my hand but Reece thought he was trying to play with him and did a complete circle in the seat pawing at us. "Reece sit your ass down," Logan had said.

I laughed, "leave him alone, he is just jealous."

"Collin's found us a place to stay for the night, it's not too far away."

I looked over at Logan nodding. He hadn't said where we were going or what we were going to do. Nobody was really telling me anything. I had let it go for now. I trusted Logan, after all he was all I had left in this world.

I looked over at Logan and I prayed he really honestly loved me. He had pushed me away once before but I think it was because he thought he didn't deserve me. Anyone who would go through the things he had gone through was worth it to me. Back at the cabin I had noticed his limp, he had shrugged it off when I asked him about it but Collin had told me that he had been shot in the hip at the motel the night I was taken.

Logan noticed me watching him and arched his brow at me, "you ok?"

I nodded reaching out for his hand, "I just can't believe that you're here. I thought I'd never see you again."

Logan lifted my hand kissing it, "I'd have gone through hell to get to you Mia."

"I think you did," Steven said from the backseat.

Logan looked up in the rearview mirror at Steven, "I haven't thanked you for taking care of her. I know it wasn't easy. She can be a major pain in the ass."

I jerked my hand out of Logan's grasp hitting him. "I am not!"

Logan laughed reaching back out for my hand, "I wouldn't change a thing about you Mia."

Two hours later we were pulling up to a small motel located in a town that if you blinked you'd miss. The motel was one that I would have never picked but I understood why they wanted somewhere off the beaten path.

The minute I opened the door Reece too off to do his business. Logan had went to talk to Colling and when he returned he waved a key in front of me. "Looks like we have the room to ourselves to night princess."

I smiled at him, "if I remember correctly you promised to kiss every inch of my body."

"I'm hearing way too much," Bean said walking beside us.

Logan reached out slapping the back of his head, "then stop eavesdropping."

As we entered our room Logan sat our bags down. "Collin has called a meeting. We need to decide on what to do now."

I frowned at him, "what do you mean?"

He sighed, "McGreggor is in a comma. I have no idea if he will call off his hit on me or you."

"And we have to decide what to do about Dahlia and my dad."

Logan shook his head, "Dahlia is not our concern Mia. Your dad, however, that's up to you."

I looked down gathering my courage, "No."

Logan frowned, "what?"

"No, Dahlia is my concern. I want to make sure that my little sister is safe. Logan I can't live with myself if I know that I let my own blood be murdered."

Sighing Logan nodded wrapping me in his arms, "you are too kind Mia. We will talk to Collin, Ok."

I nodded lifting my head up to kiss him. "I love you."

Logan smiled, "you have no idea the love I have for you Mia. I failed you once but I will never fail you again."

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