Heart's Prisoner

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Damn....I Missed You

Mia’s POV,

I found myself sitting in the motel room. Surrounded by men, all in their own heads. Collin was talking about what the next move was going to be. When I spoke up. “Were not leaving without my baby sister.” All heads turned towards me. I crossed my arms. Steven smiled at me. Logan just shook his head.

“Mia, with all due respect.”

“No Collin, this is not up for discussion. The baby is innocent and she needs me. I can do this with or without all of you.” Logan walked over to me.

“What are you saying, Mia?”

“I will go for her on my own if you all won’t help me.”

“You’ll die without us,” Steven spoke up. I looked over at him.

“You going to let me go alone?” I raise my eyebrow at him. He snickered.

“Of course not.” Logan snapped his head at Steven.

“What? Come on Logan. You really going to let her go in this alone?”

“I just need you bitches to tell us what the fuck we are doing,” Bean spoke up. Collin was pinching the bridge on his nose. I kept my arms crossed.

“Mia, I understand what you’re saying, but are you willing to put us all in danger for this to happen?” All I could do was nod my head.

“I’m sorry to all of you, and I know what you have all done for me. All of you will never know how much I appreciate that, but my baby sister is innocent in this and god only knows what will happen to her without me. Please, please help me.”

“Okay, let’s start to make a plan to look for where they are hiding Dahlia and then back to the McGreggor Home,” Collin said with a smile and a nod towards me. Logan came and placed his arm around my waist with his eyes locked on Steven.

“Stop it,” I said in his ear. Logan looked down at me.

“He wants what’s mine.”

“Who cares? I’m yours.” He smirked at me and then I watched as he bit down on his lip.

“I think I’m going to have to remind you of that tonight.” All I could do was smile and look away. I felt my heart speed up. It was time for these boys to get their asses out of mine and Logan’s room. After about an hour and of them coming up with a plan I was finally alone in the room with Logan.

“I’m going to jump into the shower.” Logan nodded his head at me.

“Don’t belong princess.” I winked at him and went into the bathroom. After I stood in the hot water for what felt like a while. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. I only wrapped the towel around myself when I realized I didn’t bring any clothes in with me. I stepped out of the bathroom and didn’t even make it a foot when Logan grabbed my body and pressed me against the wall. He was completely naked and my towel fell to the ground below me. His lips crashed into mine and his fingers dipped deep inside of me. Causing me to moan out.

“Logan, oh god.”

“That’s right Princess, you’re fucking mine.” He pulled me back into his arms and tossed me down on the bed. My wet hair was all over my face. That didn’t stop him from pushing my legs up into the air, bent at my knees. His tongue pushed past my folds and I gripped the blanket around me. He wasn't soft, he wasn’t slow. He was an animal. The animal that I had been craving for so long. It took everything in me not to release already. I tried to hold on as he added fingers inside of me and I could hear his growls every time I moaned out. Fuck he was hot and so skillful. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I ended up exploding all over his face. “That’s my girl.” He growled out before he moved himself up my body, leaving kisses in his path.

I was so over the top as I pushed myself up and turned him on to his back. It was now my turn and I wasn’t going in gently. I took a hold of his cock and wrapped my wet lips around him. I watched his eyes go into the back of his head and then close. All of my hair was pulled up into his hands as I held on to his hips and bobbed my head and swirled my tongue all around his cock. I felt his grip as he started to move my head for me. Spit was falling down his cock as my hand went around the base and moved along with my mouth. Then he hollered out as he came deep in my throat.

He kept a hold of my hair as he directed my head and I was now on all fours. Still holding onto my hair he entered me with one fast thrust. My eyes closed as I went horse yelling out. He was amazing and I couldn’t seem to get him deeper inside of me. Our body matching the rhythm. I pressed my chest into the bed and he took a hold of my arms behind my back. Each slam pushed me up the bed. He pulled out of me and pulled my body up so that my back pressed into his chest. His lips and tongue going up and down my neck. Both his hands caressing my breast. I turned my body and pushed him down onto the bed climbing on top of him, facing his feet. I gripped his ankles as I lowered myself down on top of him. I kept my knees bent and started to bounce on him.

“What the fuck?” He hissed out and took a hold of my hips. Right before I knew he was going to cum again. I moved off of him and took him into my mouth again. “Oh no you don’t,” He said as he stood up and flipped me over onto my back. “You want more princess?” He asked me and I just nodded my head at him. “Tell me?”

“I want you logan.” He winked at me and went in between my legs. He slammed himself inside of me and I instantly came hard all around him as I yelled out his name. His body fell on to mine as he hollered out. Both of us just laid there breathing. I started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” He said.

“Nothing, you’re just amazing.” Then I heard him snicker.

“Yeah, you think so?” I felt his fingers run through my hair. Then his soft kisses on my sweaty skin.

“I do, Logan. I really do.” He stood up and pulled me up with him.

“Let’s shower and get some sleep.”

“I just had a shower,” I said and Logan looked me up and down. I giggled and followed him into the shower. I only found myself full of Logan again. Only this time he was soft and sweet with me. Once we were both breathing heavily again he washed me and we climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.

Three months later...

Dahlia POV,

“Please don’t take my baby. I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t take my daughter.”

“Shut up bitch.” I felt the gun barrel smack the side of my head. I fell off the side of the bed and hit the ground hard and I felt the blood gushing out the side of my head.

“I’ll tell you where McGreggor hides everything.” The men stopped and looked at me.

“Get her back in the bed!” One of the men yelled out to a nurse.

“You had better start talking, your time is limited.”

“What are you going to do with my daughter?” I needed to buy some time.

“Don’t worry about her she is no longer your problem.” I tried to use my tears for sympathy. I could tell these men didn’t give a shit about them.

“I don’t give a fuck about that child. I don’t want to die. I’ll tell you everything if you will let me live.”

“You’re a true piece of work you know that?” The man in front of me said as he crossed his arms.

“You really think I wanted to have that child inside of me. Hell no. I don’t care what you do with her. Just let me live.” I watched the man just shook his head.

“Sorry Dahlia, but your life is not in my hands.” I watched as he left the room and locked the door behind him. “Fuck!” I said out loud. I needed to find a way out of here, and if I found it I would kill Kincaid and his daughter myself.

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