Heart's Prisoner

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Finding Hope

Logan's POV

We had found out where Mia's dad was keeping Dahlia pretty quickly but we had all decided to wait until after she gave birth to try anything. Mia had made it clear that we were not to make a move until we could be certain the baby would be safe. It had been a week since Dahlia had given birth and tonight we would make our move.

Mia had changed after her dad had left her behind. She wasn't the carefree girl I had fallen in love with. Now she was no nonsense, she a girl focused on revenge. Sometimes she worried me, I would do anything in this world for her but I didn't want to see the world twist her into someone she was never meant to be.

“Please just wait on us, I promise you I won’t let anything happen to your sister.”

Mia started daggers at me as she tucked a pistol in her waistband. “No.”

Leaning back I sighed, “do you not trust me?”

Turning her body around to face me she nodded, “I do Logan. I trust you to have my back as I grab my baby sister and get her out of that building.”

“You are so fucking stubborn,” I said leaning in to kiss her. She smirked up at me knowing she had won this battle.

“If the two of you are done it’s time to go,” Collin said from the back of the van. "Our contact on the inside is waiting for us."

"Stay behind me," I said looking at Mia only to let out an aggravated sigh as she popped out of the van and started walking behind the others. Quickly running to catch up with the others I grabbed the back of her neck pulling her to a stop at my side. "I know you want your sister back but you are starting to piss me off. I love you but I'm not opposed to tying your ass up in the car."

Mia lifted her head to the side placing a kiss on my cheek, "you can tie me up later big boy but right now we have a job to do."

"Cut the shit you two," Steven said turning around. I couldn't help but smirk at Mia as she mimicked Steven. Winking at her I smacked her butt, "behave Mia."

Dahlia was being held in an old farmhouse Kincaid had purchased a few years ago. From what our team gathered it was a safe house of sorts for him. It was secluded from town and had only one way in and one way out. We had a good mile walk through the woods just to get to the property line. There were no guards outside, no one was expecting us, and even better for us no one would think we gave a damn about Dahlia. In truth no one did give a damn about Dahlia, it was all about that little girl.

Our source on the inside had let us know that the men guarding her had orders to kill Dahlia after the baby was old enough to make it on its own but none of them knew exactly when that was. I held up my hand seeing Bean stop.

"The back porch light is off," Collin said turning to look at us. "Remember everyone has a job, Dahlia and the baby are upstairs. Whoever reaches the baby first get her to Mia." Turning to look at Mia he stared at her for several seconds, "I don't care what is happening in that house, when you get your hands on the baby you go back to the van."

She nodded looking at me. Collin nodded at Bean and all at once we moved as a unit to the back porch. Mia's earlier stubbornness was gone as she stayed in place behind me. Our inside contact had left the backdoor unlocked but I knew once we were inside all hell would break loose. Bean was the one who would enter first with Lucas closely flanking him. Mia and I would be the last to enter. I wasn't used to going in last but I knew any move I made Mia would try and follow.

Seeing Collin nod at me from inside the house Mia and I made our way on the porch pulling our guns out. "Don't try and be brave in here. When you get your sister you better run your ass the hell out of here."

Mia looked up at me, "she comes first."

We walked in the back door that led us inside the laundry room. We could hear a tv on in the distance and the muted sound of people talking. Mia grabbed my hand as we watched Bean and Lucas slowly open the laundry room door that led out into the kitchen. The kitchen light was on but it was clear. Mia and I waited in the laundry room until Bean and Lucas posted on each side of the kitchen door before firing shots in the living room.

All at once things seemed to go crazy, the house was large and the men had been scattered throughout it at this late hour. Pulling Mia behind me we made our way past the other men letting Lucas led us up the stairs. Our biggest thing upstairs was we couldnt' be for sure which room the baby would be in. Half the time they kept her in a nursery room, the other half she was with Dahlia.

Lucas charged ahead clearing the hall as I opened the room that was said to be the nursery's door. I would have almost bet my life that things wouldn't be that simple but as soon as the light flipped on I saw a tiny baby sleeping peacefully amidst the chaos around it.

Mia ran forward past me, "Omg she's so tiny."

Watching as Mia wrapped the baby up in blankets I waited until she had turned around. "Get back to the van. Follow the plan."

She shook her head, "I'm not leaving you behind."

Hearing more shots I jumped as Bean stuck his head in the door, "downstairs in clear, Lucas has a couple of men locked in a room down the hall."

I nodded tilting Mia's chin up, "go."

She nodded at me turning with the baby and running down the stairs. By the time I made it to Lucas he and Bean had broken down the door the other men were hiding behind. Collin and I entered taking them down easy enough. Our only problem now was Dahlia and what to do with her.

Dahlia was a little bit of an enigma to us all, she was completely guilty but she was no innocent either. Mia had no opinion on the matter and in the end, it had been my decision to take her out. I didn't want any loose ends coming to bite us in the ass later. Greg, our informant came behind us unlocking Dahlia's door but we all stood shocked to see the room empty.


Greg looked up at me, "someone must have let her out, she..." He turned running down the hall. "Fucking Dale, I knew he was spending a lot of time upstairs he must have let her out."

"Mia," I whispered before turning and taking off running as fast as I could.

Mia's POV

I held my little sister tightly to my chest as I made my way to the woods. She was no upset screaming her lungs out and there was nothing I could do to calm her until I made it to the van. I was afraid I'd lose my way in the confusion, I knew shit about stars and now in a rush, I was afraid I'd forget what Logan had told me. Pausing in the tree line I looked up at the sky looking for the big dipper. I was out of breath as I leaned up against a tree focusing on the stars.
"Well, well, if it isn't little Ms. Perfect."
I turned around freezing when I saw Dahlia walking toward me with a gun held to my head. She looked wild and crazy, her hair was a disheveled mess and the thin robe she had on fluttered wildly in the breeze.
"Dahlia," I whispered. "I just want to get her out of here Dahlia. She isn't safe here and you know it."
"Do you really think I give a fuck about that stupid baby," she spat out at me circling around me with the gun still pointed at my head. "That baby was supposed to be my ticket out of here yet your perfect daddy left me and her behind. I'm going to show him how it feels to lose something he loves."
I swallowed, "Dahlia no. He left me behind too. I know how you feel."
"You don't know shit she said, but you will." She let out a laugh, "he always said you could make it on your own. Wonder how he will fell when he learns his mistress killed not only his perfect daughter but his newborn baby too. Bet I won't even have to look for him, he will come to me."
I screamed clutching the baby even closer to me as I closed my eyes. I heard the gun go off and said a silent prayer that Logan made it to save the baby. Nothing happened and as I opened my eyes I saw her hit the ground.
"Mia," Logan's voice rang out seconds before he slammed his body into me pulling me to the ground in an embrace. I was crying historically as I moved the blanket away from my little sister's screaming face. "She's ok. She's ok Logan."
He shook his head pulling me closer to him kissing my forehead. "Fuck Logan that was close," Steven said running up beside us.
"She ok," Collin asked.
I knew the others were talking but as they started leading me back through the woods I couldn't focus on them. My life had just flashed before my eyes. Logan opened the van door letting me in first. My senses seemed to kick in as I went to the diaper bag I had packed and pulled out a pacifier sticking it in the screaming little girl's mouth. She fought it at first but soon was sucking away rested against my chest.
Logan sat beside me watching me warily. I knew he was worried about me. I gave him a small smile, "you saved me."
He let out a sigh, "I was almost too late Mia. I should have never let you out alone."
I felt a tear fall down my face as I looked down at the tiny angel in my arms face, she looked like I did as a newborn. "I don't even know her name."
"Dahlia never named her," Greg said. I looked up surprised he was with us. "She hated that baby."
Logan reached out wiping my face, "I guess that means you get to name her baby."
Mia smiled looking down at the baby now asleep on her chest, "Hope, her name is Hope."
Looking down at Mia I felt my heart swell with pride that she was mine. Mia was the kindest sweetest person I'd ever met and I knew she would never treat Hope as anything less than perfect. Now I just had to track her father down and make sure he never tried to mess with anything that was mine. "Guess I have two princesses now

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