Heart's Prisoner

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Mia’s POV

Hope had slept most of the night not waking up till a little after 4am. I got up with her taking her to the kitchen to make her a bottle. It had taken me days to stock up on baby supplies but I was glad that I had everything here we would need for her. As I waited for Hope’s bottle to warm up I changed her talking to her about how good of a girl she was smiling down at her as she looked up at me.

Hope reminded me of my younger sister Harper, I wasn’t sure what it was but I could see her in Hope. I had just sat down on the couch with Hope greedily sucking down her bottle when I heard a voice behind me, “so I guess you’re really my sister?”

Looking up I saw Ember come take a seat across from me. I nodded, “I mean we could almost be twins don’t you think?”

Ember shook her head, “I'm sorry but I feel like I’m in a bad dream and I can't wake up.”

I nodded looking down at Hope, “I know what you mean Ember. I don’t know how you came to be locked up in that house but I was actually kidnapped and instead of looking for me my father flew out of the country.”

Ember gasped, “Dad’s left the country?”

I winced at her use of the word Dad. It just didn’t feel right to me yet. I nodded as I looked over at her, “I know Dad traveled a lot but he was married to my mom, I can’t believe he had a whole other life outside of us.” I shook my head looking down at Hope, “I guess he had several lives.”

Ember nodded wiping her eyes, “I thought the world of him but then his men took me to that house and they treated me so bad. I had told them that they would be sorry when Daddy found out but they just laughed at me. I guess it all kinda makes sense now.”

I shook my head, “nothing makes sense Ember. I’ve tried to go over everything in my head and find the missing pieces but they just aren’t there.”

We both looked up as Logan walked in the room, “ya’ll ok. You want me to make you some coffee or tea?”

Ember nodded, “some tea would be great.”

I moved Hope to my shoulder to burp her, “do you need to call your Aunt and Uncle? Will they be worried about you?”

Ember looked down, “I don’t know who I can trust anymore Mia. I wouldn’t even believe you if you didn’t look like me.” Looking down she twisted her hands, “can I ask you a question?”

I looked up nodding, “yeah, anything.”

Ember looked at Hope, “why do you want her?”

I looked down at the tiny infant in my hand and smiled, “she’s my family, just like you are my family.” I looked over at her, “our father might be a piece of shit but we don’t have to be. We can look out for each other. I know it’s hard. Trust me Ember I really do. Logan over there, well he kidnapped me.”

Ember gasped looking up at Logan as he handed her a cup of tea. “I would call it rescuing.”

I smiled at him as he winked at me before returning to the bedroom. Ember took a sip of her tea, “and you trust these men.”

I nodded, “with my life.”

Ember set her cup down, “what do we do now?”

Shrugging I looked at her. “I’m going after my father, you can stay with us or you can leave. The men won’t force you to stay here.”

“I feel safe here,” she said looking down. “Steven, he...he makes me feel safe.”

I smiled, “he’s a great guy. He helped me out not long ago.”

Robert Kincaide’s POV

“How the fuck did you let that happen?” I banged my fist on my desk listening to one of my men reporting in. Dahlia had been murdered. My safe house had been ransacked. I had an infant child missing and another much older mistake running lose. Had Mia found out about her sisters? I wouldn’t doubt she knew about Dahlia’s baby but Ember?

“Any word on Mia?”

The man paused, “no sir. There are rumors circulating that she may be back under Logan’s protection but no one knows for sure. Others claim he’s dead.”

I closed my eyes, “I need to know who was behind this attack. Your sure there is no way to retrieve the camera footage?”

“No sir, we’ve tried everything. They scrambled the signal. Whoever attacked the safe house was a professional.”

“No shit,” I said angrily. “What the fuck do I pay you for. Maybe I need to find out who these people are and replace you with them.”

The man on the other side of the phone stayed silent. He knew what was best for him. I didn’t handle incompetency well. In my business, there was no room for mistakes and I began to feel like I had left too many loose ends in the United States.

I was finally where I wanted to be and I refused to let anyone bring me down. I’d fought too hard. Clenching my phone in my hands I sighed, “looks like we have a change of plans. I want a hit put out for both Ember and Mia. Make it known I want whoever is helping them dead.”

The man gasped, “you want to call a hit on your daughters.”

“Is that not what I fucking said. I want Mia and Ember dead as soon as possible.” I was so mad my hands shook and I knew my face was had probably turned beet red.

Hesitating the voice asked, “and the baby?”

“You can throw that bastard on the side of the road for all I care. Just get rid of all loose ends.”

Slamming the phone down I shook my head, “damn it,” I never left loose ends. I had tried to spare my daughters but it seemed they couldn’t stay out of my path. Leaning back in my chair I threw back my glass of whiskey. I needed to make sure that neither one of those girls could ever come back to point the finger.

Joyce POV

It was late and I had a massive headache. I had tried to sleep but I kept seeing Mia in my dreams screaming out for me. Oh, how I prayed she was safe. Richard kept telling me the same thing, not to worry that she would find us but I was beginning to give up hope.

Heading to the kitchen I put on the kettle to make a cup of tea. I knew Richard must be in his office, he was taking Mia’s kidnapping especially hard. He didn’t even like to talk about her. Any time one of us would bring her up he would grow angry and go to his office. I wished I could make him feel better but I didn’t know how to even make myself feel better.

Pouring my cup of tea I turned the kettle off heading down the hall to see Richard. Maybe he would want some tea. He didn’t like us in his office but I needed him tonight. I didn’t want to be alone. In fact, I wanted to talk about Mia, to remember her smile, her laugh. To joke about how clumsy she could be. I just wanted to remember my daughter. The office door was shut so I slowly turned the knob hoping he wouldn’t be mad at my interruption.

“Is that not what I fucking said. I want Mia and Ember dead as soon as possible.”

Stopping dead in my tracks I put my hand to my mouth. I couldn’t have heard what I thought I did. He wouldn’t say that. I didn’t even know who Ember was.

“You can throw that bastard on the side of the road for all I care. Just get rid of all loose ends.”

My hands were shaking so bad I was afraid to shut the door back but I knew if I didn't he would know I had overheard his conversation. Closing my eyes I shut the door back walking as fast as I could to the kitchen pouring out my tea. He couldn't know I overheard him.

Going back to my room I pulled the covers over my body going over his conversation over and over again in my head. I had never heard him sound so angry. I kept trying to tell myself that I had misheard him but it had been crystal clear. He had told whoever was on the other side of that phone that he wanted my baby girl dead. The daughter he had always adored, the one he thought hung the moon. He had just said he wanted her dead. I felt sick to my stomach, what was I supossed to do now?

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