Heart's Prisoner

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In Too Deep

Logan's POV

I tried to be quiet as I walked into the kitchen to grab a snack. I couldn't sleep ever since Mia had gotten the email from her mother. She was now even more set on going after her dad and I was set on keeping her far away from him. Just knowing he had a hit out on her made me want to hide her somewhere no one would ever find her while I went single handedly after him.

Sitting down at the bar I grabbed the box of cheeze its shoving my hand in. "Can't sleep?"

I looked over my shoulder seeing Steven. I shrugged, "thought you'd be busy fucking your new girl."

He laughed coming to sit beside me, "we don't all move as fast as you do Logan. Sometimes we actually like to get to know the girl."

I sighed pushing the box toward him, "so what are we going to do with them."

Steven sighed, "I have no clue. Ember said if Mia goes she's going." He glanced over at me, "so I need you to put your girl in check."

I snorted, "have you met Mia. That girl is stubborn as fuck."

"Maybe we can convince them to stay behind with Hope, they have to know we can't travel with her."

I shook my head, "Mia isn't thinking straight. She is thinking with her heart and not her head. I mean I get it. Her mom is in danger now. If Robert is as good as I think he is he will have knowledge of that email by tomorrow at the latest. If he would put a hit out on his own daughters there isn't much he wouldn't do."

Steven looked up, "what does Collin think?"

"He thinks we need to move," Bean said lifting up off the couch.

Steven and I both jumped, "man what the fuck, about gave me a heart attack."

Bean shrugged, "he also thinks we need to separate them for their own protection. It's harder to follow two trails."

I shook my head, "they would never go for it. We would have to do it behind their back." Glancing over at Steven I sighed, "we would never hear the end of it."

Steven nodded, "they would run away."

Bean snorted, "how can the two of you not handle your women?"

In unison Steven and I said, "have you met them?"

"Have you thought about putting your foot down," Collin said entering the room.

Glancing over at him I nodded, "yeah I'm not going to lose my girl by trying to lie to her. We need to make this decision together."

"What if we separate them long enough to smuggle them out of the country?" Bean looked up at us, "there would be way too many flags if we tried to move them at the same time."

"And the baby?"

Everyone grew quiet, "come on now we aren't goin on a suicide mission with a newborn infant."

"What about Ember's aunt? The one who raised her," Bean said.

Steven shook his head, "she doesn't trust her anymore."

"Maggie," Collin said simply.

I nodded, "yes."

"Who the fuck is Maggie?"

Collin glanced over at Steven, "she's an old friend of mine. The one who took care of Logan after you let him get shot."

Steven looked down, "what was I supossed to do? Ok so how do we get the girls to agree to it?"

"We don't give them a choice," Collin said. "They have to see reason."

Steven and I looked at each other both knowing we were about to have a fight on our hands. "I'll tell Ember if you tell Mia."

Steven shook his head, "aww hell no I'll take my chances with Ember."

"Pussies," Bean said laying back down as I threw the whole cheeze it box at him.

Collin rolled his eyes, "then it is decided, as soon as we get Hope safely to Maggie we move the girls one by one."

Everyone nodded in agreement. I still wanted to hid Mia out but I knew this was the only option that I might even half way be able to get her to agree to. I'd just have to get her to trust a stranger with her baby sister

Richard's POV

I closed my eyes as I looked at the screen infront of me. Did Joyce think I was stupid? Did she think I wouldn't find out. Today had been nothing but bad news. There were no leads on Ember or Mia and now I had to figure out what to do with my nosey ass wife. How had she heard me order the hit? I was angry at myself, I had slipped thinking I was safe in my office. I should have known better.

Shutting my lap top I stood up and made my way in the living room where Seth and Harper were sitting watching tv. Did they know? They stared at the tv even though it was in a foreign language, I knew they were bored, they told me enough times. Would Joyce have told them.

Harper looked up at me, "Dad can we not get some cable, or at least let us hook to the internet. I mean I feel like we are living in the stoneage."

I shook my head, "remember what I said about being one with nature."

She rolled her eyes, "I want to go back home."

Seth looked over at her, "dad said we will as soon as it's safe. Do you really what happened to Mia to happen to you?"

Harper looked down a tear falling from her eye as she shook her head. I sighed, "I promise you we will be ok. Us Kincaid's are fighters."

Seth nodded at me, if his mother hadn't corrupted him yet I was sure I could raise him to lead beside me. I had never really noticed him that much, not until Mia was gone. He had stood up and took his place as another man in the house. In Mia's absence he shone.

Harper however was too much like her mother. Too much emotion. "Have either of you seen your mother?"

"She's in the garden, "Harper said no looking up at me.

I nodded turning to walk out the back to the private garden in the back. Joyce was sat at a round table sipping her tea as she starred out into nothingness. "Have a lot on your mind?"

She jumped a little looking up at me as she sat her cup down, "I'm just missing my daughter. Wondering if she is ok."

To my knowledge there was no evidence Mia had ever received her message. "It's time to face the facts Joyce. She was taken at gunpoint from our house. She is probably laying in a ditch somewhere with a bullet through her head."

Joyce gasped looking up at me, "Richard really? She is your daughter."

I glared down at her, "you wouldn't be sending random emails by chance would you Joyce."

The look of fear that crossed her face would have killed me if she hadn't betrayed me by sending that very said email. "What...what are you talking about."

Crossing my arms I looked down at her, "I'm not fucking stupid Joyce. I know every move you make, I know every thought you think before you even think it. Did you think I wouldnt' find out?"

Joyce sat in front of me shaking, "please Richard. Our children."

"Oh Joyce, you heard how much I think about my children while you were snooping around. Ember, you want to know who she is. She's my daughter. While you were insisting upon staying a virgin I was fucking her mother."

Reaching out I grabbed Joyce by her throat, "what have you told the kids?"

She shook her head, "nothing Ricard. I only warned Mia because she is still my blood. I love her. I didn't mean to betray you."

"You called me crazy Jocye." I screamed. "Do I need to go print the email for you?"

Joyce's hands clawed at my hands as I glared down at her. "You will go tell the kids you don't feel well and go to our room."

She looked up, "Richard what are you going to do?"

"Go do what I said."

I stood in the door as she told the kids she had a headache and was going to lay down. She glanced back nervously at me as she made her way upstairs. Harper glanced over at me then back at her mom and I wondered just how much she knew. I should have left every fucking one of them in the US. They were turning out to be nothing but a thorn in my side.

Entering our bedroom I saw Joyce had moved to the far side of the bed. "Richard please. I love you."

Moving closer to her Joyce backed herself up against the wall. Rearing my hand back I slapped her, the loud sound of flesh hitting flesh echoing throughout our room. "How dare you betray me after everything I've ever done for you."

Joyce sank to the floor holding her face with her hand. Reaching down I pulled her up. A perfect handprint stung on her check. "You caused all of this," I said shoving her into the closet. "If you make one sound I will kill both or your children downstairs."

Moving a chair under the door knob so she couldn't open it I ran downstairs trying to act as normal as possible before returning upstairs with rope. Opening the closet I found Joyce curled into the fetal position on the floor. I did still love her but I couldn't trust her anymore. "Untill I decide what to do with you, you will stay here."

Tying her hands and feet together I shoved a towel in her mouth before gagging her. Joyce stared up at me with tears running down her eyes and as I shut the closet I leaned against the door. I would either have to force her to see reason or poison her so the kids would think she had died in her sleep.

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