Heart's Prisoner

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Ember’s POV

Steven grabbed my hand as I looked out the airplane window. Mia and Logan had already been in Russia with Collin for over a week. Now that I knew I had a sister I didn’t want to be too far apart from her. It had been hard enough to leave Hope behind. Maggie was great but she wasn’t me or Mia.
"We will be landing soon,” Steven said squeezing my hand. “I know you’re ready to see Mia.”
I nodded looking over at him, I knew he was exhausted. We had left in the middle of the night and this flight had been no joke. The more time I spent with Steven the more I was certain I had fallen head over heels for him. He gave off all signs that he felt the same way about me but he never tried to take our relationship to the next level.
“You spoke to Logan before we left right?”
Steven nodded, “Collin is doing recon on your dad’s home in the country. Logan and Mia will be waiting for us in Moscow.”
I nodded, I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure what the plan was. In fact Mia and I had a pretty good idea that the boys were going to get and leave us behind while they went to handle dad. We both agreed that would not happen. I wanted answers. I needed them and I think Mia needed them more than me. As much as I loved him at one time he didn’t raise me under his roof.
The time would have passed by faster if I could have actually fallen asleep on the flight. I had nodded in and out a couple of times but Steven was on high alert so I felt like I needed to be too. Logan and Mia had no trouble getting into the country with their fake passports so I had no reason to doubt mine but I felt like anything that could go wrong would.
By the time we landed I felt like I could crawl up on one of the luggage racks and fall asleep. We had been up over 24 hours and all I wanted was a bed. I felt like a fish out of water. Steven however walked through the airport like he owned the place. I guess that's what happens when you grow up McGreggors's son. I grew up as a nobody, never really venturing out into the real world.
Steven had groomed me on how to act in the airport. Keep your head down. Let him do the talking. To the outside world we were Paul and Stacy Nash a couple from America looking to relocate with our jobs. I never really thought that our covers would work but whoever did our id's and passports did a phenomenal job.
As we walked outside the airport I looked around, "Mia and Logan are picking us up right?"
Steven looked down at me, "no, we will meet up with them tomorrow. Tonight we are going to go check into our room and crash."
I crossed my arms, "Steven, that's not what you told me."
He hailed a cab, "I told you they would be waiting for us in Moscow right? I doubt they want us in our current condition. First we rest, then we plan for our battle."
As we entered the cab I had no clue how we were going to even tell the man where we wanted to go but Steven started talking in fluent Russian making me wonder what other secrets he had kept hidden from the outside world.
"And where did you learn Russian?"
Steven smiled at me reaching down for my hand, "I can't tell you all of my secrets. He leaned down whispering something in my ear that made me giggle.
"What the hell did you just say to me?"
Holding up his hands he laughed, "my lips are sealed."
I had been expecting the cab to stop at some little hole in the wall hotel but no, although the outside of the building looked old, the grand chandelier that greeted you when you walked in let you know that you were in a high class hotel. I looked around as Steven went and checked us in. "Paul," I said rolling my eyes as he ignored me. "Aren't we supossed to be staying low key."
He shrugged, "I guarantee you Logan didn't take Mia to some hostel."
When Steven opened the door to our room the first thing I was was the big King size bed. "Oh baby come to momma," I said as I walked in collapsing on it.
Steven shook his head, "what? You don't even great me like that."
Flipping over on my back I motioned for him to come here, "aww is someone jealous?"
"Not in a million years," Steven said as he dropped our bags coming to lay beside me pulling me closer to him for a kiss.
Pulling back from him I sat up, "I'm going to go take a shower and after that I'm sleeping for a full 12 hours. Maybe more."
Steven nodded, "are you hungry? I can get us something brought up?"
Getting up I pulled some clothes out of my bag, "if you want something order it? I'm ok for now."
Steven cocked his brow at me and I couldn't help but smile, "do you see something you want that's not on the menu?"
He smiled, "is that an offer?"
Shrugging I sat my clothes back down on top of my bag. "Too bad you're sleepy."
"What better way to be put to sleep?"
Giggling I walked toward Steven pulling off my shirt and throwing it at him. "I have to take a shower."
Steven reached up putting his hands on my waist as I straddled him. "That can be round 2 can't it?"
I looked down at him, sure we had teased plenty of times and even though I wanted nothing more than to take a bath and snuggle up under those plush white comforters I also wanted nothing more than to feel Steven inside of me. Leaning forward I kissed Steven closing my eyes as his fingers unclasped my bra.
Steven's lips touched my neck sending shivers of pleasure running down my body. Reaching down I tugged at his shirt pulling it off as he lifted his arms for me. "Ember," he whispered.
I looked up at him seeing the desire in his eyes. "I want you Steven," I whispered.
He shook his head, "I don't want to rush you..."
Standing up I wiggled out of my pants and panties, "you aren't rushing me but I'm about to rush you."
Steven's jaw dropped as I knelt at his feet and began unbuttoning his jeans. "Ember, no..."
Too late I had already unzipped his pants and as hard as he was it didn't take long to free him from his boxers. Looking up at him I saw him shake his head no at me before I licked my lips taking him in to my mouth. Steven leaned back agaisnt the bed one hand going to my head to hold my hair off of my face.
"Ember," he hissed out.
I didn't stop, I was tired of this little cat and mouse game we had been playing. Tonight I wanted him and as much as he might try and deny it I knew he had been waiting on this night too. Gripping on to his legs for support I bobbed my head up and down his cock a few times before sucking the head.
Steven groaned as he took control of my movements thrusting his hips in and out of me. His grip on my hair tightened as he thrust his hips up letting out a low growl as he came. Wiping my lips I looked up at him. "Still think we need to wait," I said.
Tilting his head he stood up pulling me up with him. "You like playing with fire don't you."
Before I had time to answer Steven pushed me up agasint the bed entering me with one fast thrust. Gripping onto the bedsheets underneath me I pushed up off the bed meeting each stroke he gave me. This had been a long time in the making and now that we had finally allowed our bodies to become one there was no time to waste. No slow lovemaking, not tonight, not right now. Tonight there was only need, a need that had been building up between us for far too long.
Steven's hands sneaked around my front sliding between my legs to play with my clit as he thrust into me. It was more than my body could handle and as I cried out Steven began to harder and faster until he threw his head back moaning.
Pushing up off the bed I turned around to look at Steven. Both of our bodies were covered in a mist of sweat. Wrapping my arms around his neck I stood on my tiptoes. "About that shower I needed to take, you want to come clean me up since you're the one who got me all dirty?"
The mischievous glint in his eye let me know he would do more than clean me up. Giggling I took off out of his arms running to the bathroom with him fast on my heels. For the first time in a long time I was happy. I just hoped that this happiness lasted.

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