Heart's Prisoner

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Mia’s POV,

“I can’t believe how easy it was to find his home.”

“It really wasn’t that easy baby. It has taken the boys a long time to find him. I just want to make sure you ready for this.” Logan said as he moved the blankets off his naked body. I just laid back in the bed watching the muscles move with his sexy body. “You keep looking at me like that were never going to leave and meet up with Ember and Steven.” For a moment I didn’t care, even though over the last couple of hours Logan had given me pleasure as only he could.

“I hate it here. It’s so damn cold.” It didn’t matter how many clothes I put on. I swear I was freezing to death.

“Come baby, I’ll warm you in the shower.” That was all he had to say as I almost tripped over myself getting to him. Later that evening. Logan brought me out of my room. I walked into a large room and it was full of men. My eyes scanned the room and then Logan winked at me. Ember and Steven came over to our side.

“There’s a lot of people here,” Ember whispered to me.

“I guess this is bigger than we thought,” I said back to her. I was nervous, I was scared. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. There must have been twenty or thirty men in this room. All of them including Logan were getting all dressed in black and loading guns. Logan turned and handed me a black bag.

“This is for you and Ember. Since we can’t change your minds.” I looked up at him. Ember looked scared and held onto Steven.

“This is our fight, Logan. It’s only right that we go.” He nodded at me and kissed my forehead. Ember and I took off to the bathroom. The bag had black clothes, two outfits to fit Ember and myself. Once we were dressed and our hair was pulled up. We made our way back to all the men. Logan was just watching me as I made my way over to him.

“Damn baby, you look good as a criminal.” I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Let’s roll out!” I heard Collin yell out and we all headed outside. Five large black SUV waited on us. I climbed inside with Logan, Steven, Ember, Collin, and Bean. My heart was racing and I was just trying to calm myself down. I was so scared that one of us was going to get hurt. I honestly just wanted to get my mother and family out of there.

“Are you okay?” Logan said in my ear. I shook my head no at him. “There’s still time for you to get out of this.”

“No Logan.”

“I love you, did you know that?”

“Yes, and I love you.”

“Please promise me you won’t leave my side?”

“I have already promised you this a hundred times.”

“Promise me one more time?”

“I promise you Logan Heart, I won’t leave your side.” His lips came to mine and I got lost in him. He was everything to me. My lover, my friend, my everything. I squeezed his hand and waiting quietly. I felt the car come to a stop.

“Okay, we take the rest of the way on foot,” Collin said and when he opened the door a cold breeze blew in. The snow was covering everything in sight. I think we will freeze to death before we get there, I said to myself. The walk wasn’t a long one and as soon as we all started to see lights. All the men spread out. I stayed with Logan was I watched Ember and Steven move past us. We came to a large wall and I watched as the men got out ropes. All of a sudden the lights went out.


“Don’t worry baby, that was us.” I nodded at him as he helped me over the wall. Logan handed me a gun and I followed right behind him. All of a sudden it was like world war one. Logan was pulling me fast as gunshots rang out all around us. We got inside the house and Logan pulled me behind him. I heard a woman scream out and I knew it was my mother. I took one look at Logan and he tried to tell me to be quiet, but I didn’t listen. I took off towards the scream and all I could hear was Logan yelling out for me. I turned the corner and there he was. My father had a gun to my mother while my brother and sister were crying. Some men were leading the way as he held onto my mother’s neck.

“STOP!” I yelled out. My father stopped and turned to look at me.

“Mia?” He said. I just kept the gun pointed at his head. My eyes were locked on his. “Put the gun down princess. I’m not the bad guy here.” I still just kept my eyes on his without saying a word. I felt Logan move beside me.

“Game is over Mr. Kincade. Let her go.” Logan also had his gun on my father. My father’s men had their guns pointed at us. My mother had tears pouring down her face.

“Mia, are you going to let these men kill your father?”

“You stopped being my father when you tried to have me killed.” That’s when Ember and Steven came flying into the room. My father looked at Ember and then rolled his eyes.

“Hello, dad,” Ember said. My father just looked back at me.

“She was a mistake, Mia.” Ember’s eyes filled with tears. I just shook my head.

“And what about Hope?”

“Who the fuck is Hope?” He hissed out.

“Your new daughter. You know the baby you made with another man’s wife. What? Is that also a mistake?”

“They were all mistakes Mia, but not you. Not your sister Harper or your brother. I love your mother and I love you.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming from his evil mouth. My mother was in his arms, crying and I could see the bruises on her, and here he is lying to all our faces.

“Let my mother go.” I hissed out.

“I can’t do that princess, but I will trade you for her.” Logan shot his face at me.

“Don’t even fucking think about it.” He whispered out to me. I looked at him and then back to my father.

“If I take her place. Will you give my mother and sister and brother over to Logan?”

“Mia, you are not fucking doing that.” Logan once again said.

“Well?” My father was deep in thought, and then he nodded his head at me. “I want to hear you,” I yelled out.

“Yes, I’ll let them go if you come with me.” I started to lower my gun.

“Mia no!” I heard Steven yell out.

“Please Mia don’t do this. He will kill you.” Ember said. Was saving my family more important than my own life? Everyone I loved, including my two new sisters would be safe. One life for all of theirs was worth it to me. As I started to move forward. Logan grabbed my arm. He was shaking his head.

“Mia please.” He whispered out to me.

“I have to do this Logan. I love you so much and I know you will do everything in your power to save me, but you can’t. Please take care of my family.” My hand fell from his. He started to move forward, but Steven grabbed him. I stopped about six feet from my father. My brother and sister were already by Logan and Steven.

“Let her go,” I said and my father removed his arm from my mother.

“Mia please just take your brother and sister and run.” My mother pleaded out to me.

“Come on princess, just a few more feet.” My father hissed out. My mother walked up to me and put her arms out and went into them and hugged her. I then pushed her behind me. I could hear my mother crying. I didn’t want to look back and see the look on Logan’s eyes. This wasn’t part of the plan and I knew the heartbreak Logan was feeling Because I was feeling it too. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this alive.

“Mia.” I heard Logan yell out. I stopped and turned to look back. Then I felt arms go around my waist. I turned and looked my father in the eyes.

“You’re mine now you dumb little bitch.” My eyes went wide and I pulled my gun up and shot.

“Mia!” I heard Logan’s voice ring out in my ears. I felt my body falling to the ground. I heard gunshots going off. I looked to my left and saw Steven and Ember running off with my family. Steven was pulling my mother away from me. I hit the ground and smacked my head. Black roses bloomed in my eyes. The body laying on me felt heavy. I felt a sharp pain in the side of my body. Chaos was happening all around me. I just looked up at the ceiling. Life was moving slowly, and I closed my eyes.

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