Heart's Prisoner

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Logan's POV

The minute I heard the shots I pulled free of Steven's grasp rushing forward. Mia’s head hit the cold stone floor just seconds before I fell at her side. Her eyes fluttered before they closed. I heard someone screaming but it never occurred to me it was my own voice I was hearing.

My attention was focused purely on Mia and the blood that was pooling around the floor beneath her. By the time I looked up to see Richard pointing a gun at me it was too late. There was nothing I could do but shield Mia to the best of my ability.

Closing my eyes I braced myself for the impact of the bullet but Steven yelling out Embers name made me glance back to see her running forward with her gun raised at her fathers head. Richard lifted his gun off of me and focused on her pulling the trigger. From nowhere Bean jumped in front of Ember shoving her back taking the full impact of the bullet.

Steven made it to Ember just as she raised her gun shooting her father squarely in the forehead before he ever realized what had hit him. Bodies hit the floor beside me from all directions. Standing up I picked Mia up with me feeling my stomach lurch at the amount of blood that lay underneath her.

Looking up I came face to face with Collin. “Mia, she's...”

Collins reached forward checking for a pulse. “She’s alive Logan but she won’t be for long if we don’t go.”

Taking a step forward I paused seeing Bean’s dead body on the floor. I couldn’t worry about him right now, I knew he would be taken care of. Running out with Mia in my arms I jumped in the back of the van immediately surrounded by Mia’s family.

As the van took off I looked up seeing Ember crying and pale sitting across from me. Steven was doing his best to comfort her but she was like a stone. Mia’s mother took the blanket someone had given her off of her shoulders and pressed it against Mia’s wound looking up at me with a panicked expression. “We have to get her to a hospital.”

I nodded looking down at her seeing the pain in her eyes. Harper was huddle close to her but Seth sat across from us just starting at his sister. He was the only one not crying.

“I have people waiting for us. They know what has happened.” I turned my head looking at Collin as he spoke to Mia’s mother. I was glad he was here because I couldn’t think.

Mia’s face was so pale and I could feel the blood on my hands from her wound. Her mother still pressed the blanket to her side. She reminded me a lot of Mia. She hadn’t once questioned who we were, maybe the fact that Mia was with us had been enough.

This was my fault. If I had never kidnapped her, if I would have turned the job down. No, I knew even if I would have turned the job down somebody else would have taken it. I had been the best chance she had at making it this far. I couldn't fail her now.

I ran my hand down Mia’s face wishing she would open those beautiful eyes and look up at me. I couldn’t lose her, I didn’t know what I would do without her. My world would be nothing without her.

The remainder of the ride no one spoke, no one even moved. Everyone’s worst nightmare seemed to have happened all at once and we were just waiting to be woken up. I closed my eyes feeling the exhaustion kick in. I felt hopeless, lost. The light of my life was dimming in front of my very eyes.

Collin seemed to be the only one thinking straight. As we parked he started barking orders to Steven to get the family and Ember inside while we dealt with Mia. We knew the chances we were taking I just never thought they would be so great. Thankfully we were smart enough to have a surgeon awaiting our arrival. He had already been phoned letting him know of Mia’s situation and had set up the garage as a emergency operating room.

As I sat Mia down on the cold steel table Collin came and put his hands on my shoulder. “I think it’s best if you wait outside. Go introduce yourself properly to her family.”

“I’m not leaving her,” I said watching as the doctor and his assistants started an IV.

Collin squeezed my shoulders, “let him help her Logan. You are no help to her here.”

I sighed looking over at Mia, I didn’t want to leave her. What if she didn’t wake up, what of she did and she needed me. I felt my shoulders fall. I knew that Collins was right, even now seeing the doctor cutting her shirt away from her body seeing the angry bullet wound.

Even thought it was the last thing I wanted to do I let Collin lead me inside. Steven and Ember were sitting in the corner and Mia's family was all sitting on the couch. Her mother looked up at me and I knew I needed to do right by Mia and put her at ease.

Joyce's POV

I stood up seeing the man that had been with Mia approach me. The look on his face worried me. I couldn't lose Mia. "Is she..."

He shook his head as he sat down in front of me on the coffee table. "No. They are working on her now."

Nodding I couldn't help but notice that he was one of the men who had kidnapped her in the first place. I wanted to ask him why he had done this to us but I had seen the pain in his eyes in the van and I could tell he was shaken by what had happend to Mia.

Taking a deep breath he looked up at me, "I know you must have a thousand questions and I understand if you don't trust me but," he paused looking up. "But I love your daughter."

Putting my hand to my mouth I had figured as much. Seth stood up, "then why the fuck did you take her from us."

I reached out grabbing his hand, "lets sit down Seth. I'm sure he will explain everything to us." Looking over at him I saw him nod.

"My name is Logan. Logan Heart. I was hired to get information from your husband and when he refused I made a rash decision to take her." As I gasped he looked up, "I never hurt her. I thought your husband would give and when he didn't I tried my best to keep her safe. I should have never let her come with us tonight. I should have never let go of her."

"You can't blame yourself for that monster," the girl who looked so much like Mia that I knew she must be Ember said from across the room. She looked straight at me, "he fooled us all. Every single one of us was expendable to him."

"You love her don't you."

I glanced over at Harper as she stared at Logan. "I do," he said. "She is everything to me."

"This is bullshit mom," Seth said angrily. "I know you aren't buying this. He took her from us. We saw him kidnap her."

"I did kidnap her," Logan said looking at Seth. "I made a mistake but that doesn't change the fact that I love her. If I would have passed he would have sent someone else."

Steven chimed in, "she was safer with Logan than she was with any of the others including me. My dad had to kill one of the others for trying to hurt her. Logan alwasy protected her."

I looked over at Seth. "I know you're upset Seth but you have to remember who the real enemy is." I knew it was hard for him to think of his father as the enemy but I had accepted that fact. "Your father shot your sister, he didn't even hesitate."

Seth shook his head and tears finally rolled down his check. Harper reached out grabbing his hand. "She can't die," he whispered.

Everyone looked up as Collin reentered the room. "Logan you need to get the bed ready for Mia, they will be moving her. She is still unconscious but she is stable for now."

"Can I go with you and sit with her?"

Logan nodded at me, "yeah of course, I know she has missed you like crazy."

I helped Logan pull the covers back and watched as Mia was gently laid in the bed. Covering her up I looked over my shoulder as an older gentleman walked in. "I've done everything I can from here. I've removed the bullet, it went in at an angle and from what I can tell it missed all her major organs. Without x-rays or a MRI I can't be positive. We have to watch her for infections and her head wound from hitting the floor is pretty nasty. I've started her on a round on antibiotics and I've kept her IV in so we can give her fluids and meds as needed."

Logan knelt down by the bed holding her had, "be real with us doc, how bad is it?"

The man pulled his glasses off of his head, "it could have been worse. I was actually afraid when Collin called describing what happend that her organs would have been damaged beyond repair. I hope she's a fighter because she's got a tough road ahead of her."

"She is a fighter," I whispered moving a chair to the opposite side of the bed.

Logan looked up at me and as much as I wanted to hate him I knew that if Mia loved him I couldn't. I had just lived through a nightmare that wasn't over yet. I had thought that I would mourn Richard but seeing what he had done to my baby girl I hated him.

Hours later I walked into the living room to check on Harper and Seth and was suprised to see Harper asleep with her head in Ember's lap. Ember looked up at me, "I don't know if you know..."

I nodded, "I know who you are Ember. I see Harper has taken a liking to her older sister."

Ember looked down at Harper, "she asked me if I was her sister. It's hard to deny when Mia and I look so much alike."

Nodding I looked aroudn, "where is Seth?"

"He's having a hard time taking everything in. Steven and Collin took him outside to talk to him." She pointed, "you can look out the window and see them sitting out back."

Moving to look out the window I paused seeing Seth sitting with the two men. He looked relaxed and as much as I wanted to go out and see what they were talking about I knew Seth needed time. He had loved Richard, we all had.

"She will be ok."

I looked over at Ember, "she's a stubborn girl, always has been."

Hearing the door open I looked up seeing Logan rushing out, "she's awake."

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