Heart's Prisoner

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Two years later...

Mia's POV,

"Oh my god Ember." Both our eyes welled up with tears.

"I can't believe this, the doctors told me I couldn't get pregnant."

"Oh my, Steven is going to lose it." Embers eyes got big.

"You think so?" Ember said with a scared look in her eyes.

"Not in a bad way silly. You remember how Logan acted when I told him I was pregnant?"

"yeah but this is Steven were talking about."

"Ember he loves you so much, you are his queen. He is going to be one proud daddy."

"He dose like the daddy roll." I grabbed the nearest soft thing and tossed it at her.

"Gross! keep that shit to yourself. This is why our bedrooms are on opposite parts of this massive house." Ember started to laugh.

"Will you be with me when I tell him?"

"I mean if you really want me to."

I remember when I found out I was pregnant about seven months ago. I was feeling scared just like Ember. Once everything was said and done. We found out that Steven was next in line to take over all of his fathers work, but Steven wouldn't take the job if Logan didn't agree to be his partner. Once everyone got back to the mansion, and after Steven, Logan and the rest of the guys went over everything. Also after the hours of talks Logan and I had. Steven and Logan took over everything and run it together.

The two of them have been cleaning up the business ever since. Me and Ember and Collin have moved into the mansion. Logan ended up buying a house down the road from us for my mother, brother and sister. My mother and I had a long talk about Hope. After realizing her idea to adopt her and raise her as her own. So I could have a life with Logan. Sat good with me. My mother has always been a good mother. I wouldn't be able to see Hope raised by anyone better. Even Ember has started to call my mom, mom. Things have really been going good. The only thing I hate is how much traveling Steven and Logan have to do. Ember and I are not allowed to have anything to do with their work. I'm okay with that.

Six months ago I found out I was pregnant. I married Logan seven months ago and he was able to knock me up on our honeymoon night. Something Logan had said to me while we were on the dance floor together. "I'm going to have you so knocked up after tonight." Of course I just rolled my eyes, but sure enough I was pregnant. Telling him was a nightmare for me. He had been so busy and working so much that I was scared to tell him. He would come to bed so ate and it was usually the only time we had to talk. I'll never forget that night, it was around midnight when he finally came walking in. He looked over at me all wide awake and gave me a wink as he walked off to the bathroom. I stayed there in the sheet and about picked at my fingers until they were bleeding waiting for him to come out of the bathroom.

About ten minutes later he walked out in nothing but a towel and went inside the closet. "Logan?"

"Yes baby." He hollered out.

"I'm pregnant." It was quiet.

"Is this a test?"

"No, its facts." I hid my head under the sheet. The I felt a tug ad the sheet was moving off my head. I looked and Logan was standing at the end of the bed.


"Logan." I said looking for some sort of protection, but only finding a pillow. Logan crawled onto the bed like a tiger looking for prey. He came face to face with me and I could smell his minty breath.

"Tell me again." He hissed out.

"I'm carrying your baby Logan Heart." His lips touched mine and I wrapped y arms around his neck.

"I think that's the sexiest thing you have ever said to me." Needless to say he was excited about the baby, and showed me all night long just how happy he was. Now standing here watching Ember go through the same thing is so exciting. There will be babies all over the place. Its funny being pregnant, I'm already ready to have more.

"Come lets go find them." I told Ember, taking her by the hand.

"What? Now?" I started to giggle.

"Why not?"

"I think they are in the office. We dot want to disturb them." I rolled my eyes.

"I think we can do what we want sister." She took a deep breath and nodded at me. I knocked on the door and opened it. Logan sat behind the desk while Steven and Collin were lost in conversation. All sets of eyes looked over at Ember and myself. Logan gave me a smile as I made my way over to him and took a seat on his lap. Logan kissed my belly and looked up at me.

"What's going on?" I looked over at Steven and Ember.

"You'll see." I whispered and nodded at Ember who was looking over at me.

"Steven, I need to tell you something." Steven walked over to her and took her in his arms. Of course me being me just smiled.

"Are you okay?" He asked her and she nodded her head at him.

"I'm pregnant." She said so softly that I wasn't even sure if Steven heard her.

"What did she say?" Logan asked me.

"Just listen." I whispered back. Both Logan and I turned back and watched Steven and Ember.

"What did you say angel?" Steven asked her.

"I'm pregnant." She said louder. I just smiled while Steven and Logan's mouths fell open.

"Mary me." Steven blurted out. Ember smiled big and jumped into his arms. I stood up and started clapping. Logan just shook his head.

"There is going to be babies all over this house. I think I will be moving out." Collin stood up saying as he walked out of the room. Logan and Steven both laugh. Later that night Steven and Ember had disappeared into their room> I walked out of my bathroom in my bath robe and Logan was laying on the bed naked. I just smiled at him.

"Come over here so I can play with your huge boobs."

"You know I love it when you talk sexy like that." I said rolling my eyes. I mean my boobs were huge now. I changed into a night gown and walked back out to Logan. It wasn't nothing sexy or anything, but I felt huge and really wasn't feeling very sexy. I crawled into bed ext t Logan. Who's hand went to my breast right away. I just smiled at him and took the remote from his hands.

We laid there for a while watching a scary movie when I had to pee. I moved myself from Logan's arms and realized he was fast asleep. I swear this man could see standing up. I walked off to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain run up my back. Then a gush of fluids splashed into the toilet. Oh my god, did my water just break? It's too early for this. I griped the counter next to the toilet as more pain ran through my body. "Logan!" I hollered out. I stood there gripping to the counter top. Just trying to breath. "Logan!" I yelled out again. I felt another gush of fluids and when I looked t the ground. There was blood. Logan still hadn't come in. I held on to everything as I made my way into the room. "Logan!" yelled again. I watched him jump out of the bed has my body hit the floor.

Logan's POV,

I heard her yell out my name. I jumped out of the bed as her body fell to the ground. I ran over to her and pulled her into my lap. She had blood on her night gown. She looked up at me and before she passed out she said, "It's too early." I ran over and grabbed my cell phone and called nine one one. Then I called Collin and Steven. I held on to her hand and the fear that went through me was the worse fear I had ever felt. My child might be dying, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It had taken almost a year for Mia to recover after her own father had shot her. She went through a lot of issues. Infections and having to learn to walk again. The bullet had hit her spine and it caused her right leg to not function right. Even now two years later if the pain in her leg got bad enough. She would have to use a cane to get around, but the thing we were told was that more then likely Mia would never have babies. It was a crushing blow to her. She took it very hard and it killed me to see her so upset. Then she got pregnant and the doctors told her she could have problems with the pregnancy. She was so happy that I let her make the choice to keep it or not. Now here we are, she is in my arms passed out and bleeding. I prayed to god as we moved her down to the living room waiting for the ambulance.

Mia was rushed into surgery. The chances of the baby making it were slim, but they were going to do everything they could. I couldn't be in the room with her, so i just paced the door. Ember was in tears has Steven was trying to consul her. I was doing everything I could to not break down. "Hey man, why don't you go ad have seat." Collin said placing his arm on my back. I looked up at him and the tears just poured down my face.

"If the baby dies, this is going to kill her. I, I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss man." I said has I covered my face with my hands. I felt arms go around me and looked to see Ember wrap me in a tight hug. I held on to her for dear life. A nurse came out of the room.

"Mr. Heart, I need you to scrub up and come inside. Your son was just born, but your wife has a bleed and we can't find it." My heart fell to the ground, I have a son. I said to myself. Now Mia was fighting for her life. Fuck me, I said as I ran with the nurse inside. I turned and told Collin to call her mother. He nodded at me has the doors closed.

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