Hide & Seek

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A mother & daughter move to a new town to start over after losing her husband to cancer. To the mothers' surprise, her daughter is coping quite well with the recent changes.

Thriller / Mystery
The Dark Mind
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Chapter 1

“Are you ready, Sweetheart?” Sheila asks her daughter as they buckle into the car. “I’m ready, Mommy.” She answers sadly. “Oh, Sweety, know. I’m gonna miss home too.” “It’s okay, Mommy. I understand.” replies with a smile. “Vroom vroom we go!” She giggles & mother join her “Vroom vroom we go!” They both say together as she drives off. After the few hour drive, they finally arrive at their new home. “Wow, Mommy. It’s beautiful!” Delilah exclaims. “I just knew you’d love it.” Sheila tells her. They both lean against the car for a moment just browsing the new scenery seeing the sun about to begin to set over the lake & the birds chirping. “Daddy would have loved this.” “That’s right, Baby.” She agrees with a little sniffle, kneeling down to her she asks, “How about some Pizza for dinner?” “Yay!” Delilah jumps. “Can I see my room now, Mommy?” “Let’s go.” - They enter their new home. Mother orders them some dinner while they explore & organize some. Sheila empties some living room boxes, doing so she comes across her wedding photo. She takes a seat. “I miss you, honey…” she runs her hand over the photo then places it on the coffee table & continues emptying the box. After about a half-hour Delilah comes back downstairs. “Mommy, I love my room!” She sits by her. “I’m glad, Sweety.” She reaches her arm around her, kissing her cheek. “And who is this little guy?”She pets the bunny “He was sitting on my bed when I got there.” “The bunny was? Well, maybe he was a gift from one of the movers.” “I like him.” *bell* Delilah jumps up in excitement heading to the kitchen to get some plates for their dinner. While eating their dinner Sheila can’t help but notice the sadness in her daughter’s eyes. “Delilah, Sweetie, what’s the matter?” “Do you think we can go to the park tomorrow?” “Well, we’ll have to do a little more unpacking first but sure we can.” “Thank you, Mommy.” “Alright, finish up & get ready for bed okay?”

Sheila finishes cleaning up dinner & heads up to help Delilah with her bath. After she is all dried & dressed, to her surprise, Delilah heads to her bed & snuggles in. “Sleeping in your own room the first night?” She just nods her head & smiles cuddling with her bunny. She kneels down to give her daughter a kiss good night. As she goes to leave Delilah asks, “Mommy, what If I don’t find any friends in time for my birthday party?” “Oh, Sweety. Is that why you wanna go to the park tomorrow?” She just gives her mother a nod. She goes to sit on the edge of her bed. “Well, lets see. 8 is a big number but not too big. Let’s try & find at least 8 new friends until then. How about that?” Delilah nods in excitement with a big smile. “Okay. Good Night.” Sheila heads to her bedroom to change into her nightgown. Laying down she turns to her side taking a deep sigh. “You would be so proud of her.” She says aloud looking at the photo of her husband on the nightstand. She clicks her light off & drifts to sleep.

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