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The Endless Vacation

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Freya and 9 other teens from the NYCU are selected for an island getaway, but are in for the ride of their lives when they realize the island is deserted! The teens must find out how to survive with a group of total strangers. Will the group find out how get home or will they be stuck on the island forever?

Thriller / Romance
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The Trip

Hi, I’m Freya King and I’m stranded on La Laberitho. I bet your wondering how I got here, aren’t you? Well here goes nothing...

I woke up with a start.

“Freya? What happened?” My best friend Jase asked me.

He had chocolate colored skin, short, curly, black hair, and dark brown eyes,framed by his glasses.

“Just a crazy dream.” I replied, recalling the dream.

There was only lava. Burning the bottoms of my feet.

I heard a male voice scream,” Run! Run, Freya! The volcano’s about to explode!”

I looked over my shoulder to see the owner of the voice, a tall, muscular man with black hair, dark as night, chocolate skin, that gleaned in the light of the lava, and deep brown eyes, that stared into your very soul.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but fell, and all was black... until I woke up that is.

“Freya? Frey?” Jase was calling my name but his voice was drowned out by my thoughts, ‘What was that dream? Am I crazy? How-‘

“SNAP OUT OF IT!” Jase yelled in my ear, pulling me from my thoughts.

I glared at him as he doubled over in his seat, laughing at me.

“Really, Jase? Not cool.” I grumbled, making him laugh harder.

“I- I- I’m s-s-sorry, Frey!” He choked out, still laughing.

“Ugh, I’m gonna go ask if we’re landing soon.” I said, unbuckling my seatbelt, and glaring at my best friend.

I walked up to the cockpit of the plane, turning around, glaring at my best friend, who just started laughing again.

“Excuse me?” I say, as I walk toward the captain’s seat.

I walk up until I’m right beside the pilot, and see that he’s sleeping!

“Hello, Cap.” I grumble, pushing his feet off the controls.

“Huh? Whassit?” The captain mumbles.

“Umm... I’m no genius, but I think we should be landing soon.” I say looking the captain over for the first time.

He has messy light brown hair, that makes him look like he just rolled out of bed, light blue eyes, that look like the ocean below, and wears dog tags around his neck.

“If you wanted to check me out, princess at least try to be more subtle.” He sighs, looking up at me.

“I- wait... princess?” I stammer.

“Yeah I give nicknames to people who annoy me.” The captain grumbles.

“I’m sorry,” I look at his name tag, “Jake Mackenzie or should I say Captain America?” I chuckle.

“Huh?” He asked quirking his eyebrow up.

“What? You gave me a nickname, so I gave you one.” I smile at his baffled expression.

“Wha? You don’t- I mean- I” Jake stammered.

“What was that, Captain America?” I laugh.

“Ahem. What did you come here to tell me.” Jake cleared his throat.

“Oh yeah, aren’t we supposed to be landing soon, Cap?” I asked.

Jake day up straight and began looking at the coordinates.

“No,no, no. These can’t be right.” He muttered, rechecking them.

“What? What is it?” I asked him, worried about his tone.

“We c-“ He was cut off as weird balls of lightning hauled down on us.

“Get back to your seat.” Jake commanded.

“No, I’m not-“ I started.

“Now, princess!” Jake growled, an almost animalistic sound.

I ran back to my seat, looking around as the other winners began to panic.

“We're all gonna die!” A boy with pale skin, platinum hair and with periwinkle eyes screamed.

“Pipe down, Jordan! We probably won’t die!” A muscular boy with dark brown hair and green eyes, yelled back.

“I’m gonna be sick!” A slightly overweight young man whines.

“Don’t puke, Wyatt, or I will!” A girl with ginger hair and hazel eyes shouted.

“Jase, what’s going on?” I whimpered to my best friend, as the people around us began to argue.

“I don’t know, Frey. I really don’t know.

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