Trust And Believe

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Tasha Jones found love in Devon Oliver. Tasha and Monica Cole are best friends. Book is based of Keisha Coles song of the same name Trust and Believe.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Tasha Jones: Normani Kordei

Corey Oliver: August Alsina

Monica Cole: Ryan Destiny

Ahmad Yani: Youssef Sawmah


The rain was pouring down. The streets filled with rainwater especially on the tarred wet roads. That however didn't stop the silver Honda from speeding on the roads. With it's determined mad as hell female driver coming to a screeching halt, at the designated resident streets to one particular white house and it's brown trimming.

Getting out the car clad in dark jeans and a black hoodie over her head. Tasha opened the door to the backseat taking out her baseball bat. Those bitches had her all the way fucked up.

If they thought she was gonna let that shit slide they had another think coming. Armed with her bat she walked up to the white house with the brown trim, in the pouring rain. Parked on the car porch was his black F-150. That she'd deal with later now she had bigger fishes to fry.

Trying the front door knob turning it. It wasn't locked to her surprise. Bitches was that horny they couldn't even lock the door. Her suspicions confirmed when she saw a trail of clothes from the door. Every step she took there was an article of clothing male and female.

Raising the bat high with both arms Tasha was ready. Reaching the bedroom door she heard moaning, groaning and grunting. The bedhead hitting the wall.

"Those fuckers was gon learn who the fuck they dealing with today.

Tasha removed one of her hands from the bat and tried the bedroom knob. Unlocked again. Opening the door she held the bat high and started swinging. Bitches were still going at it.

The first whack landed on Devon's back causing him to yelp in pain.

Monica screamed as the bat landed on his bat repeatedly until he moved his nude body falling to the floor.

"You fuckers make me sick." Tasha screamed manic as her next whack landed on Monica's stomach. Monica hurried up and got out the way.

"Tasha stop," Devon begged catching his bearing on the floor but Tasha would let him stay competent for long hitting his thighs and arms.

Monica ran her naked ass out the room and Devon please pushed Tasha to make his escape. Tasha stumbled back briefly but quickly chased after them.

Monica grabbed her car keys quickly off the table and she and Devon ran out the house naked as the day they were born. Tasha on there heel swinging the bat. Running out the house in the pouring rain Devon and Monica went to her car parked on the curb.

Monica fumbling with the keys.

"Hurry your ass before she kills us." Devon urged as Tasha nearer them.

Monica got the door opened and unlocked the passenger seat. She and Devon got in the car. Just as Tasha reached and knocked out the back glass shattering it to pieces.

"Start the fucking car." Devon yelled as Tasha hit out one of the back windows.

Monica shakily put the keys in the ignition putting the car into gear when she saw Tasha's silhouette near her window with the bat raised ready to swing. Monica quickly sped off before Tasha could hit her window.

Tasha still enraged watched the car speed down the road. Tasha growled and turned to go to her car but she remembered Devon's truck.

Tasha smirked, going back to her car she got a crowbar. Armed with the bat and crowbar she went straight to his truck. Hitting out his headlights first, then she took out the windshield, and door windows, then back windows. Using the crowbar she scrapped the sides of the truck. She took out a pocket knife and opend the door ripping up the trucks seats. Her final act to his truck was slashing all four tires.

She smiled until she heard nearby sirens. Someone done call the damn cops. She could try and run but it was just cause more problems and the squad car would probably chase her ass any way.

As the police car approached their head lights shined on her. She dropped the bat, pocket knife and crowbar and held her hands up in surrender. One of the cops came and cuffed her.

Shaking his head the older cop sighed he's seen this too many times. He read Tasha her rights and put her in the squad car carrying her to the police station.

A/N: Welcome to another book journey with me guys. This was just an intro. Next chapter we'll see the beginning of these relationships and how it got to this point.

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