Trust And Believe

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Highschool Years:

Tasha, Monica and Ahmad, couldn't wait for the bell to ring.

As the clock ticked to the last few seconds students grabbed their bags, when the bell rang for dismissal.

The three friends decided to hang out by Ahmad's. They all lived fairly close together.

"Ahmad stop being annoying." Monica said of Ahmad humming as they sat on Ahmad's porch.

"I can't help it Mon. Besides don't you like my golden voice?" Ahmad said silly giving her puppy eyes.

"Boy move your creepy eyes out my face." Monica pushed his head back.

"Girl quit being a hater the girls at school die over these fine ass blue eyes." Ahmad smiled.

"Your the only Arab man I see with freaky blue eyes." Monica rolled her eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you. I'm Egyptian and Lebanese." Ahmad said annoyed.

"And how many times do I have to tell you your still a freak." Monica huffed.

Ahmad just sucked his teeth at her. "See you tryna be funny. Tasha you think my eyes are pretty right?" Ahmad smiled.

"Nah huh, I ain't getting involved in y'all mess. That there is all you and Mon, A." Tasha smirked at her two bestfriend.

"Good for your messy ass."Monica longer her tongue at Ahmad.

"You always gotta be so annoying Mon. Tas just ain't say shit cause she don't want to hurt your lil feelings. She siding with me." Ahmad sucked his teeth.

"In your dreams A she's always pick me her sis. She and I been friends from diapers, your ass just come lately. Plus we all know your lil ass got a major crush on her. So don't even play yourself bitch." Monica laughed.

"See there you go being messy again. Tasha don't listen. If I gotta crush you jealous as fuck, we all know that." Ahmad smirked.

"Ok you guys need to cut it with all that mess. Why you guys always attacking each other. Both y'all need to chill the hell out." Tasha said annoyed at both of them.

Monica just rolled her eyes at Ahmad and Ahmad just ignored her.

They were just sitting around when a guy across the street caught Monica's eye. "Yo A who that homeboy over there?"

Ahmad looked up and then smiled. "Oh that's Devon. He and his peeps moved in a few weeks ago. He cool."

"He is fineeeeee......" Monica looked thirsty causing Tasha to look up.

"Damn he is cute."Tasha said interested. Devon was a handsome brother average height for a male. Light skinned, you could tell he thought himself as a cool cat. He looked over to where they were hanging. Putting his shades down to see them properly. He licked his thick lips and started to cross the streets.

"Ohhh... He's coming over how do I look?" Monica smiled playing in her curls.

"How you always look, like a damn troll." Ahmad chuckled.

"Bitch just remain silent." Monica said annoyed.

Tasha couldn't help but stare as the fine dude made his way over.

"Hey A what up bro." Devon smiled giving Ahmad a bro hug.

"Everything good Devon." These are my two best friends this is Monica." Ahmad introduced them.

Monica blushed and said, "Hi!" In a sexy voice twirling her hair flirtatiously.

Devon smiled and shook her hand politely. "Nice to meet you he said quickly before turning to Tasha the real he came over. He saw mamie and was instantly taken in with her beauty. She had a thick body to. And a nice dark complexion.

Ahmad grinned under his breath a little at a shocked Mon but caught himself long enough to introduce Tasha. "And this is Tasha."

Devon took Tasha's hand and kissed it. "A pleasure empress." Devon looked at her thirsty causing Tasha to blush.

"Cool to meet you too Devon." Tasha said calm even though her heart was doing back flips.

Monica just rolled her eyes.

"You guys wanna come over to my crib and hang for a bit?" Devon asked in general but his eyes was all on Tasha.

"No nigga we don't know you like that." Monica hurried answer annoyed.

"Monica don't be rude, Devon is good people." Ahmad grumbled.

"No it's cool. I can understand the hesitation. I can just hang here with you guys." Devon said.

They hung together for about two hours laughing and talking. More so Tasha and Devon much to the annoyance of Monica.

"Oh hell I gatta go and cook some grub for my ma gets off from work." Devon said getting up.

"You can actually cook?" Tasha shrieked surprised.

"Of course girl. My mama maybe a single mom but she raised me right. After I graduated last year mom's had to work late shifts until I found a job. So I been cooking ever since then. Not to brag or anything but I'm pretty good at it too." Devon said smug poppin his imaginary collar.

"Well ok then bro. Maybe I should let you cook for me to test that theory." Tasha teased.

"Well hit me up with them digits and I'll prepare a special meal just for you empress." Devon smiled handing Tasha his cell.

Tasha just smiled and punched her number in his phone and handed it back to him.

Devon happily studied the number. "Ok I guess I'll be seeing you guys around. Devon left.

Tasha was giddy with giggles causing Monica to suck her teeth.

"Whatever he wasn't that cute anyway." Monica mumbled.

A/n: So that's how Tasha, Devon and Monica met. Next chapter we going to move one to a year after. Please leave a comment and if you can a review so far and a like button.

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