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XVI. Casting Couch

“Well then, we just have to reschedule… what? No, we did not agree on anything. You knew from the start that hiring him… I don’t care. I’ve got new boys to replace him, will you be down for that? Their dicks are just as big as his. Oh you liked him for his personality? Bless your heart!” A scruffy man wearing a brown suit had his legs on a desk, leaning back on his office chair with a telephone in hand. He had a Greek accent and seemed to be in a hurry to hang up. On his desk a plate read, P. Monroe.

His eyes rolled at what he heard on the other line, “I can’t do anything about it anymore, my dear. Sue all you want.”

It was a tight room not because of space but due to the patterns of the carpeted walls. There were shelves that seem to be filled with DVDs and magazines. There was one palm in a pot in a corner and the room was humid. The door opened and Lucian walked in calmly.

“I’m sorry, I’ll just be waiting for the subpoena. Buh-bye!” Annoyed but couldn’t care less, the man put the phone down and looked up to find Lucian in a light gray suit, silently staring down at him. His face brightened up and gave his visitor a smile.

“Mr. Edevane.”
“What can I do for you? Please.” He fixed his seat and pointed at the available one for Lucian to sit on.
“No, I’d rather stand.”
“As usual.” He winked at Lucian who in turn scoffed at him.
“You know why I came here.”
“And my answer is no, I don’t know.” He shrugged.
“Don’t make this hard for me.” Lucian demanded with a smirk.
“Already? Boy, don’t you get better with age.” Philo Monroe snickered and prepped himself out of his seat. He walked towards a coffee counter and poured two cups. He offered one to his visitor but he declined so he set it down on his table while he leaned on the desk. After taking a sip out of his own, he set it down near the other.

“If you’re looking for escorts, I’m all out.”
“That’s not what I’m looking for.”
“I know. Just testing if you’ve changed your mind. I came this close before, didn’t I?” He laughed while making a gesture out of his thumb and index finger. Like holding an invisible coin as he squinted between them.

“Where is he?”
“I don’t know, Lucian. You probably heard me on the phone, right?”
“Philo, where is he?” He repeated with a different intensity that sent Philo squirming in place.
“This is bullshit.” Philo shook his head and tried to move away from Lucian but with one hard push, he was sent back to leaning on his desk. He flinched at the sudden contact with his visitor’s hand. For a moment, he felt like he couldn’t move. Philo took a big gulp down his throat and fixed his tie as he prepped himself up.

“Stay there.” His visitor ordered.
“I swear, Lucian. I don’t know where Jagger is. Dear lord. Do you have to be so rough?”
“You’re his manager. He’s your talent.”
“Like I said, I don’t know what goes on in that boy’s head. He comes to whatever project I get him as he pleases. He shows up when he wants to.”
“Give him a call.”
“That’s another thing. He- he’s he doesn’t answer his phone. Maybe he changed it. He’s not on Facebook, whatever. I have no means of contacting him unless he himself comes to me. Alright? He hasn’t showed up to any projects I’ve booked for him recently. I’m just as lost as you are on this situation, okay?” His voice trembled.

“Is it part of your plan?” Lucian began unbuttoning his own suit to reveal a black shirt.
“What plan?” Philo was exasperated. “Lucian, you know I’m not like you. I have no ambitions to ascend on some… hi- what’s the word? Hierarchy. Yeah.”
“So Jagger Reed is fucking up my plans out of his own accord?” Lucian proceeded to remove his suit and carelessly threw it on the side.
“I’m afraid, yes.” Philo had no choice but to watch as his mouth dried up.
“You better be.” Lucian unbuttoned his shirt slowly from the top until it revealed a bit of his skin.
“What are you-- doing?” Before Philo could put up a fight, Lucian had him cornered with both hands on the desk behind him. He leaned back but his visitor got too close for comfort, taking a whiff of his scent.

With only an inch of air separating Lucian’s lips over his, the visitor whispered, “You know what happens to people who oppose me, right?”
Philo swallowed his own saliva behind his tongue and slowly nodded in fear.
“Good.” He smiled. “Tell me what do you know then about the drugs.”
“What drugs?”
“Your boy gave my Glory a vial of green tablets. From what I know, it’s what’s hindering her to completely forget things like she used to. Is it PCP?”
“I don’t know anything, Lucian. Please--” Before he could finish his words, the visitor got his jaw in one grip, clawing deep into his cheeks. He protested with what little voice could escape from his mouth.
“Alright, alright. I think it’s from Downtown. Some sort of an underground thing. Supposedly awakens them. Must be why Jagger also stopped seeing me for months.”
“Why do you think my Glory would take candy from strangers?”
“I’m not sure Lucian, she probably likes big dicks.” Just as he drops it, Lucian sends him a hard slap. He immediately collected himself and tried to leave but his visitor pushed him onto the desk once more.
“I’m calling security.”
Quietly, Lucian drew himself near and traced his finger towards Philo’s collar. With both hands, he softly pulled his tie loose. He unbuttoned the manager’s blue shirt who stood there not knowing how to react. Philo felt Lucian’s foot tapping his leg to spread them apart as he went closer in between. He obliged. “What are you doing, Lucian?”
“Shhh.” The visitor unbuckled Philo’s leather belt and undid his pants. His heartbeat went faster as the heat seemed to rise from the humid room. With one last stare in his eyes, Lucian forcibly flipped him faced down on the table. He could only let out a slight groan. The visitor proceeded to pull his pants down to his knees along with his underwear as he lay on the table with both hands clasping the edge.

“Nah.” In an instant, Lucian grabbed his coat and flung it to his shoulder. “You would have wanted that anyway.”

Philo could only laugh as he heard Lucian turn the knob of the door. He got up and pulled his pants to his waist. “You really love her don’t you?”

Lucian looked down on his feet then back at his quizzical gaze. He simply smirked at the sight of the pornstar’s manager trying to dress himself.

“If I see him, I’ll tell him, cowboy. These blue balls were unnecessary as hell. You know what’s weird? You come to me expecting me to hand him over to you. That’s not the Edevane I know. That guy would have followed his girl closely and she would lead him to what he’s looking for. Seems to me you just wanted to have fun.” He finished buckling his belt.

“I came this close didn’t I?” Lucian did the same gesture with his hand and winked. Philo scoffed and shook his head trying to contain himself. He exhaled loudly and fixed his tights pants, which only made him laugh as he watched the door close.

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