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VII. Escape

It's been a full five minutes since I came into the city library. I had to remove the hood for a while or I would look suspicious in this place. What was I even thinking? It's a library. Maybe that's why Jagger chose this as a meeting place. He's sure there won't be any people mobbing us at any moment. For some reason, I still did not feel secure standing in between the General Fiction and History shelves. It was the last among the fiction shelves and served as a transition so there was not any person besides me. A few more minutes and I could have sworn I would have left so I took a book from the Fiction shelf. Holyshit. Jagger's face sprang into view that I almost let out a tiny shriek.

"Were you just waiting for me to do that?" I tried peeking closer to the space the book left and it showed only half of his face.
"Of course not. Or was I?" He had that annoying tone by the end, "I knew you'd come."
"You said you have answers."
"And for me to tell them… you gotta have questions."

Clever. But at this point, I was getting sick of his mysteriousness. So many questions piled up in my thoughts that I couldn't choose which one to be the first.

"You can start any time now." I could hear him flip a book open.
"Do we really have to talk this way?"
"Well, you've seen the news. They take more pictures of us together and we're official." He let out a short snicker.
"So you planned the whole thing?"
"Glory, in the world we live in, there are no coincidences. You ought to know that by now."
"Then, why did you do it? Why did you purposefully meet me in the park? I'm sorry if I have to ask you this but were you trying to destroy my career? You knew I was someone. I want to know why you're still here. Why do you keep on seeing me?" It was as if the questions never ran out.

"Again, you've seen the outcome. You and I, we are in a big, big show. Larger than anyone can comprehend. We're all playing a role in the program. What just happened was me playing the part. Just like you played yours. When we complete a scene, a new scene follows. A succession of scenes becomes a sequence. Sequences lead to an event. And an event is where people gather, where all eyes are on. They're watching us."
"Who is watching us?"
"The people who run the show."

He made absolute zero sense and I was worried I'm already spending so much time outside the hotel without permission. Then it hit me, why am I so afraid? Why is it my default setting to be scared of being outside when I feel trapped? My instincts told me to step out and hurry back home immediately but something is stopping me from doing so. It's always with this man. Why do I feel this way with him?

"Who are you?" The words just burst out of my lips.
He took a deep breath before answering, "I'm your way out."

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