I See You

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Chapter 3


I heard that there was a new girl in town but nothing prepared me for the beauty that walks into the classroom. Her dark red hair flows down her back and her big crystal blue eyes look frightened behind her round black framed glasses. She has snow white skin that is littered with freckles. Her clothes cling to her curves, drawing my eyes to them. She shyly looks around and then sits down in a desk in the back of the classroom. My eyes are glued to her and I know that I need to stop staring but I just can’t seem to look away from the little red headed beauty.



I sit down in the back of the classroom and pray that no one will talk to me. My prayer is short lived when a guy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes plops down in the desk next to me and smiles.

“Hi.” He says, staring at me. “I’m Max, what’s your name.”

“Olivia.” I tell him.

“You’re new here in town.” He says, stating the obvious. I don’t answer him and he smirks. “You don’t talk much huh?”

“No not really.” I say.

“He bothering you honey?” Another guy asks, sitting down on the other side of me. He’s tall, tan and has dark blue eyes and light brown hair.

“I ain’t bothering her Alec, now leave us alone.” Max says.

“I wasn’t asking you Max; I was asking the lady.” Alec says.

“Oh, would you two assholes leave her alone.” A perky blonde with hazel eyes says, sitting in front of me. She turns around in her seat and smiles at me. “I’m Janet.”

“Olivia.” I say to her, offering my name.

“It’s nice to meet you Olivia.” She smiles. “If these two jackasses are bothering you just let me know.”

I smile at that and shake my head. “Thank you but they aren’t bothering me.”

“Want to sit with me at lunch?” She asks. “Unfortunately, these two will join us because they are my best friends.”

“Oh, you know you love us.” Max jokes with her.

“I guess I have to since I’ve known you losers all of our lives.” She sasses. “So, Olivia want to join us for lunch?”

“Um…okay.” I nod, earning smiles from all three of them.

“Class let’s settle down.” The teacher says, causing us to look up at him. My eyes widen not expecting to see such a young teacher. He looks to be in his late twenties maybe almost thirty years old. He has dark black hair and piercing emerald green eyes. He has a five o’clock shadow, which makes him look very mature and he’s very handsome. He has tan skin and his muscles show through his white button-down shirt.

“We have a new student today.” He says, causing panic to rise in my chest. “Olivia would you like to stand up and introduce yourself to the class?”

No, I would not like to. I’d honestly rather be stung by a hundred bees then stand up and have everyone’s eyes on me.

“Olivia.” He says again, looking at me with a small smile on his face. I stand up on shaky legs and just like I thought all eyes are on me.

“I’m Olivia.” I quickly say, sitting back down. Quiet laughter fills the room and I close my eyes in horror.

“Quiet.” The teacher says, his voice booming out around the room. I open my eyes and see that he is staring at me.

“Thank you, Olivia.” He gently says. “I am Mr. Blake and I will be your homeroom and English teacher. Now class let’s begin.


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