SCOAR vs. Thaddeus Ignatius Taylor (The true story of Covid 19?)

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I began writing this novel several years ago without a focus point. The recent pandemic provided one. SCOAR vs. Thaddeus Isaac Taylor is the story of a shy young man from a small town in North Carolina and his only friend: the ghost of a Confederate Colonel. Thaddeus, who prefers to be called Ted, joins a group of misguided women who are convinced aliens are behind the introduction and spread of the coronavirus. Ted and the Colonel guide their companions around the world looking for the aliens responsible for the Covid attack. They never encounter any aliens but a malevolent US government agency known as SCOAR (Secret Council On Alien Relations), is convinced they have secrets the rest of the world is not prepared to learn. SCOAR will do anything they can to stop Ted and his friend but they manage to fail miserably at every attempt. There are no aliens in this novel, the Coronavirus is not cured, and no ghosts are harmed. This is my second novel and I am currently beginning work on the third. My first novel is in query limbo. I have been a carpenter, a swimmer, a fisherman, a general contractor, and a professional student. I have four master's degrees and a doctorate in education. I am a semi-retired corporate trainer. I was determined to teach until I dropped but was caught in a management restructure and was provided with the opportunity to write. Enjoy!

Thriller / Humor
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