Prototype Prologue

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This is a Prototype Prologue I made, Im looking for feedback. And here’s my discord if you want to get in contact Final#2949

Thriller / Fantasy
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Prototype Prologue

“with my job I work with a lot of famous and important people. And I really enjoy the work.” The businessman then says his goodbyes to the class as he walks out. A handsome man in a black suit coat with a white shirt; he then walks to the front of the classroom, he runs his hand through his black hair as he stares at the class.

He then opens his mouth and starts saying, “I'm the Chairman of a Security Contract company that works exclusively for the U.S government. So far in my life I have personally met 6 presidents, our job requires helping out the U.S we have been used as a middle man for the U.S government hiring Secret Service agents.We have been sent into wars, and battle zones to complete important missions.

Everyday we put our lives at risk for this country, we are this country’s unsung heroes. We give opportunity to those who would otherwise be forgotten or miss used, to become America’s greatest unsung heroes. Thank you for letting me come in today and speak about my job.” The teacher replies, “No, thank you for coming in and talking about your very important job.” The gentleman leaves the room. Behind him a kid about 10 years old follows him, the gentleman then turns around and looks back at the kid.

I look into those eyes of his, I feel no emotions in those cold distant eyes and then a flicker of something sinister, something deathly and somber covers his face. As he pops a smile and asks “Do you want to become a hero for this country?” As he stretched out his hand to me.

The kid looks up to him and there’s this deathly aura that surrounds, as he stares at his callused hands. He then takes the hand, and then the man says, “Let’s go now, we have business to take care of.” They leave the school, and as they turn the corner the school begins to melt away as does its surrounding.

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