Whispers in the Dark

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Avery knew her roommate Kaylee was depressed. She had tried to bring her out of it but Kaylee refused to do anything but blame her for all of her problems. She never thought Kaylee would summon an Incubus to fulfill her desires. Once invited in the Incubus has free reign of their apartment and becomes drawn to Avery. Kaylee begins to lash out and become aggressive and sullen as night after night comes without her Incubus answering her summons. Avery had no clue what was going on until the Incubus visits her dreams and awakens a whole new world of feelings. She feels guilty once she finds out the reason Kaylee is now so upset but finds herself unable and unwilling to demand the Incubus leave her bed. Avery soon discovers that Kaylee will do anything to get the Incubus back, even kill whoever is responsible for his disappearance. Fearful for her life Avery turns to the very one who had caused the problem. Is she willing to accept his terms? Is he?

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Avery and Kaylee

Avery’s POV

I sighed as I walked out of my room seeing Kaylee laying on the couch still in her pajamas staring blankly at the tv. Judging by the station it was on I knew she wasn’t even watching what was on. I understood why she was depressed. I mean it’s not every day you find out that your boyfriend had not only another girlfriend but a baby as well and that you were nothing more than his side piece.

Ever since she had found out Kaylee had barely eaten, she wouldn’t say more than a couple of words to anyone, I don’t think she had brushed her hair or changed into real clothes, and she had refused to leave the house.

Sitting my purse down on the counter I looked over at Kaylee, “not going to work today?” I knew the answer. She hadn’t been to work in weeks.

Kaylee looked up in my general direction, her eyes never quite meeting mine. “I quit Avery ok,” she said before turning back to the tv.

I wasn’t surprised. Honestly, I had figured she had been fired after the first week but I hadn’t pressed the issue hoping she would pop out of her funk. It was now close to a month since she had found out and nothing had changed. I wanted to ask her how she thought she was going to pay her half of the bills. I didn’t want to be mean but I had enough to worry about in my own life than having to worry about taking care of all of the bills on my own.

Kaylee and I had met our senior year of high school and had become instant friends. She was beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, she could and usually did have any guy she wanted. I had always felt plain next to her. I had golden brown hair and hazel eyes. I was more the girl next door, people’s heads didn’t turn when they saw me like they did with Kaylee and I was one hundred percent ok with that. It caused less problems in my life.

We had both dreamed of moving to the city after graduation and as soon as we had our diplomas in our hands we had started looking for jobs that would allow us to move. Kaylee had moved first while I stayed behind and attended my first year of college. Deciding to do online classes I ended up moving in with her the very next year. Things had been great, we had a nice two-bedroom apartment, we both had good jobs, and I was still taking a few classes here and there to try and one day finish my degree. Then last month everything changed.

I sighed looking back at Kaylee, “hey, why don’t we go out tonight. It’s been a while. We can catch a movie, maybe go out to eat and...”

Kaylee cut me off, “no.”

Tilting my head I looked down at her, “well do you want me to bring you something home after I get off work?”

This time Kaylee didn’t even bother to acknowledge I had said anything to her. Shaking my head I grabbed my purse, I had tried. As I got to the door I paused, “oh by the way that new bookstore across the street opened today. Maybe you can go check it out. I bet it has a lot of cool stuff in there.”

She nodded, “yeah, maybe.”

Even though she hadn’t said yes I felt a glimmer of hope. Kaylee loved to read and even if she just went out and bought a new book well at least she was getting out of the house. Heading toward the elevator I wished I didn’t have to go to work. I was really getting worried about Kaylee and I was afraid I’d have to reach out to her parents soon if things didn’t change. I was at my wit’s end. The more I tried to help her the more she pushed me away.

Kaylee’s POV

I stared at the door for several minutes after Avery had left. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of her. Avery had everything she wanted. A job, a car, a boyfriend, and most importantly a life. Tears fell from my eyes as I thought about Daniel's betrayal. It cut deep, I had honestly had no idea about his girlfriend or his daughter. I had fallen for all of his lies about why could hardly ever stay the night and why he rarely answered the phone. He had such believable excuses that I had been blind.

I had been blind but happy. Happy until Avery had come in and told me the truth turning my world upside down. Why couldn't she have just kept what she had found out to herself? She couldn't stand the fact that I was happy so she had to go and ruin it for me. I hated her. She was always trying to out do me. We had promised to move to the city together after graduation but no, she had to attend her first year of college before moving. Even now she still took classes trying to make herself look like she was smarter than me.

I didn't even know why we were friends. If it wasn't for me she would be a nobody. I had practically made her who she is today. I'm the one that set her up with her boyfriend Weston. Was she thankful for my help? No! She was so jealous of me it wasn't funny. I can't believe I hadn't seen it sooner.

Getting up I decided that maybe the bookstore wasn't such a bad idea. It would however require me to change out of my pajamas and run a brush through my hair. Walking into my bedroom I didn't bother to try and find anything cute, instead, I grabbed the first pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt off of the floor. I brushed my hair looking at my reflection in the mirror and knew I should put on some makeup but I had no desire to. Ignoring the makeup I pulled my hair into a messy bun not caring that it clearly needed washing.

I wasted another twenty minutes of my life searching for my wallet and keys but eventually found them thrown under my bed. As I shut the apartment door behind me I felt the world close in around me and I wanted nothing more than to turn around and lock myself back into my apartments. Taking a deep breath I turned and walked toward the elevator before I changed my mind.

Once outside in the fresh air with the sun hitting me, I felt some of my apprehension fade away. The new bookstore was directly across from the apartment so it was only minutes before I was walking inside its doors. The smell of books hit me hard as the door dinged announcing my arrival. I took a deep breath inhaling the scent. This was just what I needed, even if it had been Avery that had suggested it.

In no time I had found two books I wanted, both were sappy cliche love stories but I really didn't care. They were for me and I would buy whatever I wanted to. There was only one checker in the store and she was busy helping an older lady so I decided to walk around some more just to see if anything else piqued my interest.

The back corner had occult and paranormal books and normally I would turn around and avoid that particular section but a small part of me wondered if I could put a curse on Daniel. Amused by my thoughts I made my way over looking at several books feeling a little silly for ever thinking that this was a good idea. Rolling my eyes at a book about candles and crystals I went to shove it back on the bookshelf when I knocked down another book. Picking it up I read its cover. "Summoning an Incubus."

Intrigued I flipped the book over reading it's the description on the back. My jaw dropped, a male demon who would visit you at night just to fuck you sounded too good to be true. There had to be some catch. Surely demons didn't look as good as the illustrations made them out to look. Instead of putting the book back on the shelf, I found myself adding it to my pile and heading to checkout.

For the first time in weeks, I felt myself grow excited. I couldn't wait to go home and start reading my new books, starting with the Incubus book. As I checked out I couldn't keep the grin off of my face. And Incubus would be so much better than a curse. Who cares about Daniel anyway?

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