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You know what they say about if you love something let it free and if it comes back it's yours for keeps. Well, I did love something and let if free, turns out it never left. I mean he never left . He is stuck to me by my hip. I have tried everything to push Conner away from me. I don't want a relationship. He doesn't seem to get that memo. Damn stubborn hard headed woman. I have tried everything I know to make Kendra mine. She says she doesn't want a relationship with me, but I know better. I see it in her eyes that she loves me just as much as I love her. I will make her mine. But with everything thats going on with the club and some uncovered secrets it's going to make it ten times harder.

Thriller / Romance
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*Chapter One*


Hanging from chains by my wrist I stand on cold wet concrete. The dark musty cellar has been home for the past nine months.

Searing pains shoot across my back as the whip connects.

" I told you to be obedient you dumb bitch. This will teach your ass not to get knocked up. I told your ass to get on birth control." He says as he brings the whip back down on my back again.

" I don't want any fucking kids. Once you have my abomination I will see to it that I rid it in front of you." He snaps.

Feeling defiant I bad mouth him knowing its going to cost me.

"You raped me you piece of shit. I don't want to fucking touch you. You disgust me." I say spitting in his face.

He reaches up wiping the spit off of his chin and a evil smile spreads across his face.

" Ahhh, Kendra why must you defy me. I told you if you don't do as your told I will kill your little secret just like I'm going to kill this abomination." He grins and brings the whip down across my stomach I tired to hold the scream in but it didn't work.

What he doesn't know is that this baby isn't his. He is going to kill the baby of the only man I've ever loved.

I lost count how many times he whipped my back and my stomach because I passed out from the pain I endured from that sadistic fuck. Once I come too I find myself free from the chains and laying on the cold hard floor. Looking down at my thirty four week belly, skin ripped open and bleeding. I breath a sigh of relief when I see movement. My baby is alive.

My relief however is short lived as pain shoots through my stomach and fluid gushes out between my legs. Shit, my water broke. I was praying that I would make it out of this hell before I gave birth. Luck just isn't on my side.

Hours go by of painful contractions. I try to keep my screams muted. I didn't want to alert anyone that I was in labor.

Pain like no other takes ahold of me as I push out my baby on a cold wet concrete floor.

Once the baby was born I picked it up off the wet dirty concrete and cradled the sweet baby to my chest trying to keep it warm. After a bit I wanted to know the sex of my little one.

I had given birth to a baby girl. One that I named Sienna Rose Black.

Fear consumes me hearing the lock click and the door being opened and in walks the evil bastard himself.

" You finally have that abomination yet you dirty bitch. I told your ass to get on birth control." He snarls in my face as he kneels in front of me. He reaches out and snatches her from me.

" I told you what I was going to do bitch, but I guess I'm going to do it without you watching and make you listen to it's screams."

" Give her back to me you motherfucker" I scream at the top of lungs to his retreating back.

My words stop him in his tracks. He looks back at me.

" Well well well, its a bouncing little girl." He turns and looks at me. The look on his face says it all. He doesn't care that she's an innocent life. He's going to kill her.

He gives me a sinister grin turns and walks out the door leaving it open. All I hear is my daughter's screams then silence.

That's the day that Kendra died right along with my baby girl.

What hurts the most would be the sexy as sin Conner. I can't give him what he wants from me. I can't give him nothing. I'm only a shell of my former self. I can't let him see the other side of me that I hide. I couldn't even protect his daughter. He deserves someone better then me. I'm too broken.

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