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she wake up in a desolate wasteland with the twin sister jack what will they find here?

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

never write somthing you'd be ashamed to read at your funeral. -Anne of the island

she was absolutely livid!!! nobody seemed to understand the predicament she was in. she tumbled unto her bed with such gusto that a glass jar flew off of it and shattered into millions of tiny pieces all over her wall she kicked off her shoes and pulled the blanket over her head eventually she fell out cold. she awoke to a cold desolate room pieces of... somthing drifted through the air--the plants on the window sill were all dead!!-- what is this place? where was she?? so many questions at once seemed to rush through her head at once. she when for the door but the glass on the floor sliced her foot leaving a vast wound on her heel but she didn't see because there was so much adrenaline rushing through her she walked into the hallway of her house to find everything busted, broken and gone her cats, her dogs, her mom, her dad, all of the 10 siblings...gone.. she heared a faint cry for help in the distance only to find her twin sister trapped under debris she lifted them up to help her out she hugs her and helped fix her up " what is this place?" she cried "Jen i dont know but somthing is out there with us... we aren't alone a if somebody called it it a deformed creature croaked and ran through the garden" he tried to scream but she just ran into the room with Jack " what was THAT?" she whispered "I dont know..." was her rushed answer while she boarded and barricaded the doors and
windows she opened her closet and changed into some heavy duty clothes .. we have to go out. she opened the door and....

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