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Princess Nerine Beaumont was 7 years old when the rebels raided the castle and brutally slaughtered the royal family. She remained as the only survivor of the massacre of Beaumont. Young, weak and feeble she went to her rich aunt for help in hopes she might shelter her and take care of her. Her aunt sent her to live in the mansion's attic. Princess Nerine lived in the attic for 11 years, hiding and waiting. She lived worse than a fugitive in hiding. Until one day, Nerine saw her necklace glowing and she ended up in a strange young man's house. WARNING TRAGEDY, GORE, VIOLENCE. Yes this is a romance story.

Thriller / Romance
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“Nerine come here baby!” The king outstretched his arms to hold the young fragile girl in his hands. “Who’s my cute little daughter? You are!”

The king snuggled his bearded face on Nerine’s plump cheek

“No! It tickles!” Nerine giggled as he tried to push her father’s face away.

“Oh my dear, you’ll damage her skin that way! Come here to mommy.” The queen cooed as she snatched Nerine from the king’s arms

“Mommy is better!” Nerine smiled as she hugged her mother while sticking out a tongue to her father whose pride was completely demolished.

“Baby, do you not love me?”

“Hmmm, I want ice cream first!”

“Alright let’s get ice cream. Nerine what flavor do you want?” the queen cooed and ruffled Nerine’s hair.

“All of them!” Nerine threw her arms up in the air while showing a bright smile.

The royal family laughed like there was no tomorrow. The attendants quickly served Princess Nerine Beaumont the best ice cream flavors the kingdom could possibly offer. Princess Nerine savored each one of them with pleasure.

The first snow fell that day and it was the day when the royal family of Beaumont would fall to pieces.

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