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Lover's Life On Line

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Not Everything Is Perfect. And if it is, it's not a thing at all. Scarlett Holmes. Has a perfect life. A well-to-do lifestyle. An understanding mother. The best friends, everyone envy. And the looks to die for. But, the New Yorker still longs for something. One true love. After all, who's life is complete without it? A bonfire trip to an isolated forest brings back old memories. But, also gives her what she was truly waiting for. Now, the question is. To get what she wishes for, will she sacrifice her everything that is worth admired for? Lives will turn upside down. Secrets will unfold. Hearts will break. Tears will be shed. A psychopathic killer on the loose. A lover she trails. Risking the lives of her friends. What will she choose? So, just in case. You want something. Always remember. "Be Careful What You Wish For." By: Zeal Shire.

Thriller / Romance
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Attraction, Obsession, Possesion..


The sea breeze slowly goes past me. I'm sure making my hair, way more messier. Then, it already is. The odour, salty but fresh. I can feel the sharp, pointed edges of sand pebbles under my feet. Even in my shoes. Damn! If it weren't for her. I would have never came here.

A sound snaps me, out of my pity. The most wonderful sound in the world. Her giggle. Music to my ears. She is laughing at something on her phone. I feel good to hear the most amazing voice of her. But also, feel a pang of jealousy in the pit of my stomach.

Because who is it there in this world, who would not try to make this beyond beautiful girl laugh?

I feel the possessive mode of mine come across me. I want to rip all the eyes that look at her. With want. With lust. I want to kill, all the idiots that want to touch her. I feel my heart rate, come back to normal. When, I look at her. I cheer myself up, when I realize. No matter, what they do, she will always pick me. Stay by me. And now, I am the one here with her, not them.

I am brought back to Earth, as I see her giggling. Her head moves a bit back. And her mouth open a little. Man! Her perfect set of teeth. Those soft pink lips, shape themselves in a decent laugh. She is not faking herself to look pretty, when she laughs. Instead, it's like the environment supporting her, every reflex. The wind blows, in the correctly accurate queue to make her hair flow back. Auburn waves. That are at every tip, outstanding. Her skin glows as the sunshine makes contact with it. Her eyes half closed, but still the most awesome gesture. Her beautiful hands, one clutching her phone. The other one, trying to cover her mouth. To make it, elegant. Mannered.

Then, suddenly. She stops laughing and sits still. Trying to act elegant again. The gesture's so cute. Just like, her cheeks. She slowly, turns her head my way. And that's, when I get the best look in her dark green-cat like eyes. Not too dark. Not too light. The perfect shade. Emerald. They remind me of, The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Her eyes bore into mine. And mine, want to drown in the depths of the different shades of green in her. Never leaving her, ever. I grin towards her. And just in order, a blush stains her porcelain white spotless cheeks.

Yeah, she is very fair too.

And then, she smiles. And I don't know, what happens. But my inner self, does somersaults. I can actually feel a pat, by angels. That I made, this beautiful lady smile.

"I'm going in for a swim."

As hard, as it sounds. But I have to keep a bit distance from her. 'Cos believe it or not, I'm starting to sound gay. Around her. Damn! My idiocy. I should have control on what I'm feeling. I'm a Man, after all. These emotions flow like a waterfall. In girls, not Men.

But then, again, my eyes catch sight of her beautiful face. She looks concerned, as if figuring out,

What I'm thinking?

Just the look, on her face. Makes me, want to take all her worries away. Wants to make all her, troubles mine. She did not, even say a word. But my heart, is killing me, to take all her tension away. My soul feels calm, when she nods. It's a simple gesture. But yet, makes her look so innocent. As if, she is the most pure human ever.

I get up, from the beach chair. And make my way, towards the sea. The water ocean blue. The water feels good. The temperature is warm. But, when I swim. It feels, as if I am floating. Not in the sea, but in the sky. I know, it sounds crazy. But, truth be told.

I try to enjoy myself. And notice, her. She is laying back down. On the beach chair. Her very fair skin getting tan. Her bikini, showing a lot of her. I check again, maybe for the fiftieth time. That no one is looking at her. But notice, that we are alone. I smile to myself. Wow, she looks so hot, right there. It is like, a whole different aura around her. 'Cos she is flawless and mine.

With that, thought I step towards the sand again. To go back to her.

Well, what can I do? She's alluring.

But suddenly, as I step foot. The surroundings around me, go dark. Then, black. Once where, there were pelicans flying. Now, are replaced by terrified crows.

Only in the corner of the room, do I see light. Coming in a narrow line.

Lingering on a figure. Which I suppose, is a girl. She looks unconscious, somehow. Her hair long and falling all around her. Dark red. Wavy. Her hands are tied together, above her. Her head falls down to a side, as if no weight in it. Attire: Full sleeve t-shirt and jeans. Faded and torn. Partly.

Then, a man. Comes in front of her. And starts hitting her, with a belt. She starts screaming. The voice is familiar. She shouts,

Hsss."Stop" Hsss."Please" Hsss."Don't"

It's her.

No! Don't hurt her! Just then, my view is changed. Now, I am standing in front of her. The man's gone. She looks at me. Tears in her eyes. Bruises and blood covering her face. My hand, moves by itself.

And slaps her hard, across the face. The sound echos. She makes a slight, wincing in pain noise. And a weird thing, happens. I feel good. She pleads,

"Please, don't hurt me."

A loud ringing noise, strangles me out of my sleep. And I jerk my head up.

Then, the first thing, I do. Is. Throw. The. Damn. Alarm. Clock.

Hmmm, pretty much. A routine. From about two weeks. Since she left.

And today?

First day, of school. After spring break. She's coming back.

I run my hand, through my hair. These Crazy Nightmares are bothering me. From the day, she went on her holidays. And trust me, you don't want to experience them.

I get up from my bed. Move through the clattered mess of glass, which was once a clock. Press the button.

"Coffee." I bark. In the intercom.

Five Minutes Later

I stand in front of the full size, large window. With my coffee in hand. The window gives a ravishing view of the garden. In my house's backyard. The tree looks strange. It's spring and it should be flowery. Instead, has it's leaves falling. Like autumn. Two heart shaped leaves descend.

Me and her.

My phone vibrates. And I check to find a message from Bree.

I'm picking up, Scarlett. Today.

I quickly type my message, No way. Not today. You can't.

Her reply is almost instant. Make me:)

Hmmm, flattery.

I reply. When I said, No. I mean. No,B!:/

I get her answered message saying, That was not a request, it was a statement,honey:)

Oh, she pity's me. To hell with her. I finish my coffee and slam it on the bedside table. And make my way, to change. After a quick shower, ofcourse.

I check myself in the mirror. Not bad, huh? Her favourite shirt. My hair, just the way, she likes. And denim jeans and converse. Her fave all.

I grunt. That was girly.

I wear my jacket. Slung my bagpack, over my shoulder. And down the stairs. Oh yeah, and grab the keys. Of my Chevy.

Just when, I'm going to exit the front door. I shout, "Bye, Mrs. Henry." My care taker. Nanny. Whatever, you want to put it like.

She shouts in response,"Have a good day, mister-"

Too late. I close the door. Okay, slam. A man, after all.

Throw my bagpack, towards the side seat. And sit and start the engine. I have a feeling.

Today, is going to be a big day.

Wish me luck!

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