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Lover's Life On Line

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Please clearly and open-mindly read. The following rules and regulations. For reading on wattpad, my story. Or anyone's story in particular.

Anyways, just read these:

1. Firstly, I would like to mention. That this is MY story. An original. So therefore, not a copyrighted material.

2. Secondly, this story, does NOT speak against any religion, customs, status values, country, city, continent, towns or area. And not about any author or any person in particular.

3. Most importantly, you should note. I am a calm and friendly person. Am helpful and someone known as a 'Problem Solver'. So if, I caught you, any over smart reader. Copying my hard work. Believe me, it won't end well.

'Cos I can be daring, when I want to be.

And don't take it, as a request. Take it as a warning.

4. If anyone, of you dear readers. Catch someone doing wrong, quickly report it, to wattpad's help line centre. And this rule, is not only for me, but also for other authors.

5. Lastly, follow the four rules. As it is strictly prohibited.

And anyways, I know. You guys are geniuses and einsteins. And obviously, have better imaginations than mine. Then, why don't you use it? Post a story, like mine. If you think, you are not good enough. Then, pfft. Think again. As my dearest readers, you are. Because.

Every person has a place in their mind, that thinks crazily. And that is your wildest imagination.

So, be creative. As you are. And please read my story. With apologies, I notify. Forgive me, for my grammatical mistakes. Or any spelling errors. And lastly, love you a lot and have fun.

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