A Game of Hate

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What happens when someone goes too far to fulfill her desires? What happens when someone's hatred exceeds and breaks all its limits? What happens when someone chooses killing over forgiving? What happens when one has to choose between the revenge on her most hated person or the love of her life? This is the story of a young girl of age 23, Elly Wilson who wakes up in a hospital bed with nobody on her side..,all alone. How'd she get there? What happened to her? And the most important thing, what will happen when she'll meet the love of her life, Perth Stevenson who carries a dark secret..., as dark as her. Will her love bloom or wither? Will she get a company or was she born to be alone? Its afterall just a secret...Right ?? Hop on the story to find out the answers.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

My heart had skipped a beat, blood in my veins began flowing sluggishly, my nerves were getting torpid, my whole body was bleaking. I was as close to death as one could be. But..., I wanted to live. I wanted it to desist. I wished it could ....STOP.... But life never gives second chances, I could hear the nurse spurting down to me.

"Doctor.... Doctor", she called, " Elly's breath rate is coming to normal ."

" How ?? Check her pulse", the doctor said with hastily.

"It's increasing, it's increasing, 69"

"Blood Pressure ??"

" 129/84 "

" Wow !! that's a miracle !! She's going to live " "Finally, Yes, finally Elly has won over death"

I was witnessing all these things happening around me, the movement, I could smell their elation, I could hear them. But what could no longer feel.., were emotions, I couldn't feel anything anymore, neither the ecstasy of being alive nor the torment of my trauma. Maybe I was too feeble to be that obdurate again. I was too aghast to be audacious again. Maybe I was too dumb to comprehend again .The sunlight falling straight on my face was the evocative of the unendurable agonies I have faced.

The blackish, rainy clouds in the sky, were beginning to show me how colourless my life is... I used to hate the colour black. But now it seems as if it had become the colour of my heart, my spirit. It was the colour of hatred in my eyes, enmity in my soul and animus in my attitude. I still remember what a contented girl I used to be, one who envisaged fairy tales, magic gypsies, princesses and YES.., Demons. I used to ramble down the valleys, hills, lanes, mumbling songs, searching for heaven. I had never expected that my lousy, unfair luck would make me descend in a place worse than hell.

Today, after a span of six months, I am out of a COMA, everyone calls it a debacle for death, but to be true, I had cozened death. I am in a much healthier state now, I am able to vanguish my pain but still.., I haven't forgotten the one who is culpable for it. I have to live this unwanted, obnoxious life because I have a loan to pay, a loan of vileness and inhumanity, I have to live because a revenge is still pending. Even the brightest stars and moon has blemishes and specks on it and they think I'll leave them so facilely.., NEVER.

My journey has already started and there's no end to it .

"But.....I shouldn't cross my limits", the old me said.

But my present self didn't bother because at this point of my life, I don't have any limit, neither of love.., nor of hatred.

Let the world burn in the fire of my revenge. I'll care the least ...

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