Delusion Kiss Me When Im Dead

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YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME Meet Anthony Stone. He considers himself a lover. A killer. His trade is killing. Anthony Stone is drawn closer to a woman called Laura, a woman he doesn't even know. Anthony fell in love at first sight but is soon rejected the first time. He is convinced he can win her heart. Anthony digs deeper into her life when he discovers another man involved. After stalking her round the clock, he slowly learns the truth about her and pays a high price. His sick obsession with Laura gets way out of control, he will do what it takes to be with her and that includes killing anyone that steps in his way.

Thriller / Horror
Wayne Clark
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I hadn’t slept most the night; I pulled into the same parking space across the street from where she lives. I stayed there all night, but I knew that I couldn’t keep doing that. I need a way I can keep my eye on her… I couldn’t knock her door especially after what she said to me… maybe she needs more time? I sat there with a few scenarios in my head and came up with one idea, a few cameras around her home. It made perfectly good sense to me. It meant that I would never miss what she does, and I can understand her more. I need to study her. As they say… it’s always best to work women out before approaching them and this just seemed like the best possible way. My head was telling me it was wrong, but my heart was saying different, but she is the love of my life and she needs to embrace that. I switched on the engine to my car and drove back to my apartment. I pulled up outside my apartment and went back inside and began to go through my old computer stuff that was still packed up inboxes.

I never really had the time to use it, so I kept it packed away. So, there I was searching through the box. They were a keyboard, monitor, and almost everything including a few wireless cameras which I could use with my cell phone instead of a computer. I wasn’t sure of their range, but I was going to find out. I took the wireless cameras and picked up my car keys where I left them last and walked straight back out the door. I walked over to my car and got inside then drove back to her place. I waited and waited for her to leave her apartment, so I could sneak inside and plant the cameras, but it seems like I was waiting forever! Yet, as time passed, it was ten o’clock at night. She still hadn’t left her apartment, but every light in her apartment was off. I decided to look at her apartment complex to see if they were any way I could get inside and quickly plant the cameras and then leave.

After looking around I saw an open window to her apartment. It was a hot night so that was the perfect opportunity to get inside. I climbed through the small open window to her bathroom while carefully watching my surroundings.

It was quiet and not a sound in the air. I was sneaking around to see where she was. I wanted to see her again. I needed to see her. There I was sneaking around her apartment when I saw her just lying there asleep on her bed wearing nothing but a pair of black, silk, knickers. My heart pounded at the thought of me lying next to her while she slept. Her breasts were amazingly smooth looking C-cup. She looked so peaceful too.

Yet, I gazed around her room and saw a chair in the corner just by her wardrobe. I walked over to the chair and picked it up and placed it at the side of her bed. I took a seat and watched her as she peacefully slept.

I watched her for almost an hour. I was sitting there thinking about my life with her, thinking about what could be, or what will be. Nonetheless, after watching her, I decided to look around her room to see where I could place at least one camera… in between two books? No… that’s too obvious. But my eyes rested the longest on her wardrobe. I could easily place it on top of her wardrobe pointing down. The bags on top would give it a great hide, and I knew she wouldn’t go up there because the amount of dust shows she hardly cleans there.

After placing the camera on top of the wardrobe, I walked back over to her just watching her sleep. I was tempted to touch her. I wanted to feel her. I guess temptation got the better of me. I stood over her and ran my fingertips gently between her breasts and then slowly down to her bikini line.

She was silky smooth as she looked. She is everything I ever dreamed of. Yet, after admiring her body, I went back to my car and sat on the driver’s side. I took out my cell phone, so I could set the resolution of the camera. Perfect. I switched camera feeds to make sure they worked correctly, and they did.


The following day I had woken to the sound of a knock at my door. I leapt out of bed and answered the door in just my robe. A delivery guy stood before me and held out a parcel and said,


“That’s me.”

I took the parcel, signed for it and shut the door in his face. I hate being woken by the sound of my door being knocked, so I’m not a nice guy when I am woken by such a nasty noise. Nonetheless, it wasn’t anything special, just a light bulb for my fridge that I ordered a month ago. Why I ordered from China I don’t know. Every few weeks the bulb gives in, so I usually order a batch each time. Thinking about that now, I could have just saved up for a new fridge.

Yet, I walked to the kitchen and checked the clock, it was 9:15 and today I had to go to work. It’s not a great job being bossed around. I had to deal with stupid idiots every darn day, but it’s a job, and it’s only a few blocks away from where I live, and the money isn’t bad either. I placed the parcel on the kitchen side and picked up my cell phone and switched on the camera application, and there she was, sitting there in her living room eating a bowl of cereal. She eats amazingly too.

I kissed my phone because that was the only way I could feel her affection… for now. Nonetheless, I went for a quick shower, got in my work clothes and went straight out the front door locking it behind me. I gazed around as I heard a couple arguing in the street. I laughed as I watched them both quietly argue over her husband, or boyfriend looking at another woman.

“If you liked her that much, then why didn’t you just get her number?”

“Honey, you got it wrong. Please just calm down!”

I laughed harder as I walked over to my car. I opened my car door and sat in the driver’s seat. That’s when I switched on the camera application. I overheard the love of my life on the phone, she says,

“You didn’t show at the party, Kate. I did get with someone though. He was amazing. He called my name while fucking me over the bathtub, he goes. Oh, Laura, you’re so good. Okay. Speak soon.”

I felt hurt when I heard her talking with her friend, Kate. Kate may be a problem too. I did get her name though… Laura. Yet, I sat there thinking about Laura and Kate. Maybe Kate is the one that encouraged her to sleep with this guy? I felt so angry inside to the point I punched the steering wheel about five times. I thought I was going crazy! I wanted Laura on her own, and I didn’t want anyone in our way, so that’s when I needed a plan to kill, Kate.

After thinking about how Kate should die, I wanted it to be up close and personal. Yet, I thought about strangling her but even that is too quick. I looked at my cell phone for the last time before driving to work. The love of my life walks out of her apartment. Obviously, I couldn’t use my cell phone at that point.

That’s when I switched on the engine and drove around the block to see if I could find her. I realized at this point I had lost her sight. I stopped my car just outside her apartment as I needed to search her apartment for clues. I needed Kate’s address. I got out of my car and walked back to the same window as before. It was still wide open, luckily. I climbed inside and began my search, starting with her bedroom. I searched her bedside table, dresser, under the bed, and wardrobe, but nothing showed results. I went into the living room and walked over to her couch. Next to her couch was a small table. Her address book could be seen resting on top of it, just waiting for me to pick it up.

I picked it up and began to scan through it. After looking through the first three pages I found it. Gotcha. I had Kate’s name, address, and phone number. I even had her work address too. Result. I tore out just that page and went back to my car and back to my apartment. I needed to think.

Later that day around 9 pm, I was in my apartment going through scenarios. I was ready to end Kate’s life. I picked up my car keys where I left them last and went back to my car and drove all the way to the outskirts of town to Kate’s address. I took a steady left into St David’s street, and slowly drove up the street to find Kate’s house. Laura at this point was nowhere to be seen, so it gives me time to get rid of Kate once and for all. I can feel Laura and I will be as one very soon. With Kate out of the picture, it shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, after driving around I saw a lady outside a house, alone, smoking a cigarette. Could this be Kate?

I pulled up just across the street and switched off my engine. I hadn’t a clue what Kate looked like. I waited until she went back inside so I could snoop around to see if anyone else was inside the house. Yet, I waited only ten minutes before she went back inside the house. I reached for the glove box and took out a bottle of the nerve agent, enough to make her pass out. Never ask a killer where he gets his equipment.

Nonetheless, I got out of my car and ran across the street before I was seen. I walked through the front gate and down the short pathway. I then looked through the front window. I couldn’t see anyone in the living room.

That’s when I walked around the back of her house and looked through the kitchen window. No one else apart from her was in that house from what I could see. But how can I be so sure that this person was Kate? I quietly walked over to the back door and tried the door handle. It was unlocked. I sneaked into the kitchen and found a hiding place, as this wouldn’t be a good time to kill her. I needed to wait it out a little longer.


Hours later the sound of the house was as quiet as a graveyard. It was twelve-thirty in the morning, and at this point, I was desperate for a piss. I was hiding in the kitchen closet while sweating out. Not the best place to hide. I stepped out of the closet and began sneaking quietly around the house. First, I checked her mail on the kitchen side. It was the Kate I was looking for. I walked upstairs to find Kate was fast asleep in bed. I placed a little nerve agent on a cloth and slowly walk up to her side of the bed. I stared hard, scared, to say the least. My body felt numb and cold. I just thought of me and Laura being together. I slowly got on top of her, but she suddenly opened her eyes so fast that she was about to scream. I quickly placed the cloth over her face while pinning her down, ensuring she couldn’t get away, or kick out. I COULDN’T STOP NOW! Yet, I was feeling pleasure from this. She struggled a little and tried to kick out, but after a while, she slowly stopped kicking her legs and began to calm. She then passed out. I rolled off her and ran to the bathroom and threw up. After throwing up I went over to the sink to wash my hands and face. I looked in the mirror but hated the reflection staring back at me. Yet, guilt hit me like an uncontrollable, raging storm. I’m not sure if it was too much adrenaline or the thought of what I had to do next.

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