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Chain fences stand high, they keep the trapped ones in. The trapped wolves humans had claimed as the enemy. On her eighteenth birthday Adira set out to celebrate, but she never knew that the war is turning and with just one phone call--Her entire world is going to change. She will be dragged into the darkness, she will rule the shadows and she will be surrounded in death. Two rebel packs want to claim her, in a world full of good and evil--Which side will win? 

Thriller / Fantasy
Chloe. J
4.8 9 reviews
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Time felt as if it had frozen, yet it was only the surrounding bubble. The bubble my gift used to protect me from the bullets that tried to penetrate it. I caught them easily. Simply between two fingers, I rolled the hot metal object between them and dropped it with a smile, making the man who fired them smell of sweat as I loomed closer. It felt like my hands were conductors when I balled them into fists and waved them into the air. The hardened ground rippled, and the men yelled in fear, but the creatures who had been from the pits of hell only roared with excitement…

I stalked the fences of trapped wolves, looking for him. Trying to sense my family. But I am forced to move to my next plan. The collars, I need to switch them off. So, I walked the steps, but again and the red dots are now on my chest, I am not invincible--I knew that. I also knew one wrong move would land me dead. I make the only movement that is possible. The machine that had made the horrible buzzing noise is in red blazing flames. The flames are all around me now; the smoke is so heavy…

“But at least, at least, they will be free.”

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