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"Don't you ever speak to me like that again. Do you fucking understand Macie. I will destroy you and the poxy little life that you still have left. You're lucky that I have been here to protect you and look after you. It's not as though I want to, but I am the one that is doing you a fucking favor here." He shouts breathing fast and heavy breaths. "Pass me your mobile phone." "B b but why?" I ask struggling to ask the question. "I said give me your pissing phone." He grabs my phone out of my hands and starts looking through it. "I will keep this for the rest of the night. You are to be on your best behavior." "I need my phone, Chase. My Mum might call me on it." "No. Just remember this. I can take what I want when I want and there is nothing that you can do about it. Now shut the fuck up and give me some god damn peace." DARK ROMANCE BOOK MATURE READERS RECOMMENDED. One day One mistake One argument The day I belonged to him. Possession, Obsession, Dominance, Mature scenes, Sexual content, Evil and True life events included in this story. You have been warned! Images and videos don't belong to me. Thank you to the original owners.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1



Possession, Obsession, Dominance, Mature scenes, Sexual content, Evil, and True life events included in this story. You have been warned!

Roller-coasters are full of twists, bends, ups and downs. Life is a perfect example of that and it can either be made by choice or fate. Challenges can be thrown at you, preventing you from moving forwards and they can be overcome while others can be practically impossible to overcome, but the same result will occur at the end of the task. Every challenge includes a lesson and whilst some can turn out to be good, others can negatively impact you mentally and physically.

I am Macie Brooks and I know that I am his perfect creation. I belong to him. There is no denying it anymore and everything that I do will never stop him. He gets what he wants and he will destroy heaven and earth to get it and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop him. Not a damn thing!

“Get the fuck here Macie.” He stares at me blankly whilst pinning me firmly in place with his eyes. He always curses at me with an angry expression slapped on his face. Vicious scowls and a small touch of happiness rarely shines through his tough exterior.

I stand motionless, the impersonation of water that has been left to cool down inside the bathroom sink before I wash my face. He narrows his eyes at me and growls in an annoyed irritating tone. Walking over to him, I stop in front of his tall muscular hard built body, staring down at the floor awaiting his response. Grabbing my arms, he forces them up my back and smirks at me from over my shoulder. His eyes suddenly change to show darkness, telling me that it is now time for the dark romance faze to start as my stomach flutters.

I had to accept what my life was going to be and I always seem to do the wrong thing to push him overboard. There is always a punishment that he can hand out to me and I have learned to accept them no matter what the outcome will be. I enjoy the safety net and the authority that he holds over me. How anyone could feel happy under the control of a man, I will never understand. I just needed to accept what my fate was and once I did that, I was set free. He took me along the highest, lowest and darkest roller coaster that could have been created and I don’t think that any normal person would come out of it on the other side the same again. Or alive for that matter. I must have been the lucky one who managed to come out on the opposite side of the tall gate, stronger, fierce, and a crazy-ass bitch.


Arlington academy is the most prestigious school for those who originate from a rich background. It accommodates boys and girls from the ages of nineteen up to twenty-five. Macie Brooks is twenty years old and Chase is twenty-four.

I stop my Range Rover outside the school, jumping down the two steps to get out. My girlfriends are on the grass bank across the other side of the car park and I smile at them waving. Running over with my laptop bag over my shoulders and heels on my feet, I fall because my heel gets stuck deep in the grass. Problems with wearing a pair of heels on the grass I suppose. I remove my foot and drag the heel out of the floor laughing. I am the top bitch of this school and I love it. I have my own parking spot, zero homework and parents that love me. I’m not one of those nasty sluts who destroy people because they feel powerful. In fact, I am the one who gives other students help when they are in a situation of need. What’s the point in having enemies when everyone is equal in their own way.

“Hey, bitches,” I shout over.

“Mace look at this.” Sheila snaps her head up to face me, holding her mobile phone in the palm of her hand.

Running over I grab the phone and look at it and there is a video of Sheila throwing up with a message underneath it. My eyes widen and I gasp reading the text that accompanies the video.

“Better do what I say otherwise you will deal with the consequences. Chase xx.”

A tear falls from Sheila’s eyes and I hug her tightly. It breaks my heart when I see my friends crying, especially Sheila. I love that girl!

“Ohh that stupid ass bitch. I will show him whose boss.” Anger starts pumping through my veins because I want to rip the fuckers head off. Sheila hasn’t done anything to him and he always treats her like shit. That stops today.

“Please don’t do it Mace. He will destroy your life.” Sheila screams at me from behind. Turning around I smile at her whilst walking backwards.

“That man will never screw my life up. I will kill that motherfucker before he gets the chance to lift his hand.”

I shout back at her whilst walking fast into the school hallway. I will put him in his place and Sheila will see.

“Mace don’t do this.” I turn around and see him. My ex-boyfriend Marcus who I had been with for over six years. I loved him until he started hanging around with Chase and his cronies. He changed and became one of them by cheating on me. He was a bad boy and I couldn’t stand hanging around with them, never mind a lying cheat. They treat women like shit and I refused to be a part of it. We both came into a mutual agreement and decided to split ways.

“No Mark. He needs to learn his lesson. How did you know? ” I shout over.

“I knew the second Chase sent the message that it would get back to you eventually.” he shrugs at me and I carry on with my mission.

“You’re going to regret it Mace. Honestly, I think you should let it go.” Marcus puts his hand on his forehead and huffs. Turning around I cross my arms over my chest.

“No. He’s blackmailing her. Do you really think that I am going to sit around and do nothing about it.” I shrug my shoulders at him and stand waiting for an answer.

“I know that we aren’t together, but he will destroy you. I know how he works and what you are about to do is like throwing yourself into a fire. If you have any brain cells at all, then you will back down.” he screams over to me.

I didn’t listen to the one person who knew that it was a huge mistake. I carried on walking and I went into the line of fire blind. Oh, I was very blind.

Pacing up towards his locker, he is talking to Sean and I interrupt him by slamming his locker door shut and nearly trapping his hand inside.

“What the fuck are you doing Mace?” he questions me, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Don’t fucking Mace me, Chase. What are you playing at.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Leave Sheila alone!” I demand growling at him.

“Or what. What are you gonna do about it?” he raises his right eyebrow intrigued. Pushing up off the locker that he was leaning against using his shoulder, he walks closer to me.

“I will destroy you and that is a promise,” I say getting up and personal, invading his space.

“Never make a threat that you can never follow through.” He glares at me with his dark green eyes, stepping forwards he pushes his chest towards me. Oh, he thinks that he is such the big man by trying to make himself appear bigger than me. Sorry, my friend but your failing in your attempt.

“I always follow through with a threat. Do you want to put it to the test?” I push my finger into his chest trying to show my authority, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it.

“I think I would actually.” Pressing send, he sends the video to the entire school through the school’s online page. I know it’s only a video of her throwing up, but this type of video can actually make her life a living hell.

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