Saints Of The Mafia

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The Garden Of Blood Trilogy: Book Three Arden has just died leaving her family in danger of being over throned. She was the last living founding member. Now her sheltered granddaughter Crimson will see just how cruel and twisted the mafia world is supposed to be. For all she knew were the stories her granny told her. But now she will live her own story, praying that she survives it. ************** Phibionites are no ordinary religious group. They come from the writings of heresy hunter, Epiphanius. Although Christians, they have a different unique way of worshiping Christ. A scandalous worship of which involves a sex ritual. ********** THIS BOOK IS MATURE WITH EVERY POSSIBLE THEME. CAUTION⚠ Rated R❌ Mature 18+

Thriller / Drama
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🌹The Tale

Phibionites are no ordinary religious group. They come from the writings of Heresy hunter, Epiphanius.

Although Christians, they have a different and a unique way of worshiping Christ. A scandalous worship of which involves a sex ritual.

The Tale,

There was once a young man who lived in Egypt. One day while he was strolling around the streets of the city, two very attractive Phibionite girls, attempted to seduce him into joining their sect.

Rather than accepting their trade, he objected, rejecting them. Refusing to join them. However, he began to read and familiarize himself with their writings. Intrigued with their traditions and way of living.

Until he eventually started his own religion.

The Phibionite gatherings or 'feast' begins with the males shaking hands with the women. While cautiously tickling the underneath of their palms.

An erotic gesture at its best. For it was common knowledge that certain nerves were connected back to the female organs. For example a female's breast and the female sexual organ. Both are connected in some way.

A hot spot of the sort.

After dinner married couples have intercourse for the first time. The woman never being touched by another man in her life. Before climax, the male must pull out so that his partner can ingest his seed.

Both saying, "This is the body of Christ."

The Phibionites believed that this world is separated from the divine realm by 365 heavens. A heaven for each day in a year. To reach the highest world, a Phibionite redeemed must go through all 365 heavens - twice.

Each heaven is guarded by an Archon. To be granted safe passage, they must call out the secret name of one of the Archons, while doing the sex act.

The sex act would have to be done 750 times in the same manner, before they can enter.

This religion exists even today and is being practiced.

The Sokolov family are the few who still worship their god in this manner. It is more of a tradition for their family. Along with this ritual they possess a few more to go along with it.

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