Time Around

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He believed that he was normal.

Thriller / Other
Farah El-Abed
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Suspenseful, plot twists abound, thriller


He was glad that this happened ☆


David turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw what he had dreaded to see, his room to be exact, was in a total chaos, the bed’s cover, the books that’s on his desk were scattered on the floor, the window is open, and he never opens it, it’s winter, so why should he?

He paced hurriedly towards the window and shut it with force, his emotions were mixed with sadness and anger, he tried to calm himself, and prayed that they had never found it, or worse yet, stole it.

His palms felt heavy and numb, fingers were trembling, yet he kept searching inside this small, wooden and old box that was secretly hidden behind his wardrobe, he sighed and took a deep breath; he was startled when he heard his cell phone’s ringtone indicating that he must answer whoever had called.


His voice was shaky, no one answered him yet, but he knew, he should have known, He needed to escape fast; he knows that there is no escape for him, no way to be rescued. Whoever is calling him, made his skin sweat.

A chuckle was the response, making him gulp in fear... that voice, kept haunting him whenever he tried to sleep, whenever he tried to be a normal teenage boy, yet no one knew how much he wanted this to end.

“David Wilson, I know all about your secrets…”

But he was cut off from David’s angry voice... “You have no right! After everything you have done...” tears had threatened to fall, but David scrubbed them too quickly, and ended the call.

16:00 pm

Wilson families were known to be straight forward, too honest, they were wealthy and healthy. Yet, David was unique and different; because generally he isn’t exactly a true Wilson. Everyone in the Wilson family have high expectations for their bright future, and David? He is just a simple teenage boy.

His hair brown as chocolate, the chocolate that you buy in a good store, not the ugly ones. It seemed so silky and soft, it reached near his eyes. His eyes were just perfect. His eyes were green, but not totally green; they had another touch in them. Ones that would make you want to see them for an hour and you won’t get sick of. They were green shiny eyes, not like cat ones. They were the ones that stayed at last. His nose had some freckles. They were so perfect; little circles that made him seem so cute and adorable. He is leading a very normal life, or that’s what everyone knew about David Wilson, who is now sitting with his supposed to be father and mother, but he never calls them that; because they weren’t his real parents.

The accident that had occurred in his room, it’s when the flashbacks started to appear and they were getting stronger and harder to be ignored, whenever he heard that voice, memories that have been haunting him kept repeating like a broken record, the beatings, and the pain that he had felt.

After tiding his room, he seemed calmer, and more stable. He only needed this person to call to assure himself, Scrolling his contacts through cell phone, he touched the name “Shone Anderson” and pressed the call button, within 3 rings that person had finally responded, his voice was croaky indicating that he has a flu.

“Why are you calling me in this hour?”

“Dude, its seven P.M when should I call you!”

He jokingly asked his best friend since he arrived to this town, and the only one who knows everything. He was serious now, no more joking around.

“Listen Shone, he called me again” He trailed slowly at the end of the sentence; not sure how Shone’s reaction would be, true he can’t see him, but hearing an angry voice right now, does not sound so appealing. The other line of the conversation was silent, and he closed his eye while biting his lips showing some gestures that described the word ′ Nervous’ and he waited as he guessed the reaction that he got was not very nice.


“Wait. List...”

But he was interrupted too fast; Shone’s voice was mixed with anger and ‘concern’?

“How did he have your number?”

He shook his head from side to side, with closed eyes, and his voice was raspy air... he tried to speak but his sore throat was making it hard. All what he could was to stutter the incomplete words..

" I- don-kn-”

Shone sighed and knew how much David was affected from this situation.

“Listen, I will meet you at 9 be ready.”

And that’s how their conversation had ended, David sat on his bed, he clenched his fists so hard until his knuckles turned white... he laid on his bed and drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

I was waiting for my friend, who still didn’t show up, some re-occurring memories came to my subconscious mind, in this dream, I appeared to be young... I seemed that I had had returned to the age of youth which was eight years old; my life back then, as I remember, was perfect, living in a small and cozy house, nothing big and not too small. I had no brother or sister to fill my days with fun or teasing.

My mother, Ashley ...would bake for us the most delicious food, we weren’t poor and weren’t that rich. After that my father would come home, a happy smile on his face, then he would greet us both, making some time for me to be with him, he was my hero well he used to be, we would pretend in our game that I am some character in any cartoon and he would be the evil character who would beat the children, and I will be the superhero to save them and them aka the toys and bears, how ironic for this memory, kind of became a reality, but my past reality, was buried deep within my subconscious mind, and it was over the moment I have heard someone walk in my to my room, this person paused to look at me and was panting heavily, he seemed to be out of breath and his chest rose and fell rapidly, after looking at me up and down, this person realized that I am fine and okay.

He sat next me on the edge of this bed; we couldn’t look at each other, the tense silence made me somehow feeling bitter and sad, now I know that my friend is here... I have tried to strike up a decent conversation.

" Look Shone, I am okay if he didn’t go to the prison, I don’t think it’s important anymore, I just want my normal life back, maybe he will leave me alone this time... please don’t tell anyone!”

I was panicking and I admit that I had overreacted this time, when I snapped at him, I have realized that I stood up on my wobbling legs, my hair was a mess, and my eyes were blank. And Shone’s reaction, I hadn’t expected it, the way he laughed but no don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a sweet laugh, it was hard and cold laugh, that sent shivers down to my spine. He stood up from his sitting position and he started to walk towards me like I am the prey and he is the vulture. With no escape, I was sweating all over my face, when I realized that I was standing in the corner, finally cornered with no escape to flee.

His handsome face was replaced by that face, that kept haunting me till this day, I avoided looking at him, I have tried to; but I couldn’t... my breathing became uneven and my vision started to darken.

Suddenly I felt two arms around my shoulder, someone was hugging me? I don’t deserve it, I am not normal? Why would they hug me? The vision started to be clear, and précised. And then I had realized that I was in a delusional state of mind. Shone was too close for my liking, so I pushed him away; to at least have my personal space. I wanted really to cry but I couldn’t, not in front of him, not in front my only friend who respected me for who I am.

“You said that you were okay”

My head snapped up and I glared at him, how dare he?! He did that on purpose, I shoved him with my shoulder hard when I walked past him, and held the door for him open to leave, I don’t want to see his face anymore, what kind of friend is he!? And all what he did is to shrug like it was NOTHING! I looked at him with so much anger and loathe that I couldn’t describe, it made me feel weak at the same time, hoping that after this moment I wouldn’t lose my only friend. He paused when he was about to exit my room and said

“If you were okay without him, you wouldn’t act like this... ”

And when he was gone, I was left standing like a dumbstruck... the words finally started to sink in, and what he said was the truth, that I will never be fine if he was still free.


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