Calibers in your Flesh

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Finally given the chance to surpass the tribulations of her circumstances, Fae Vancer is determined to live the simple and altruistic lifestyle she always believed in. She didn’t expect for it to be so easily done, of course. Yet, she also didn’t expect for that opportunity to be severed from her hands in a single, unforgettable night. One inscrutable man whose behavior will prove to be more than a challenge to handle. Her existence where entropy seems to reign supreme. And the universe unveiling it's strange methods of fating them. Her philosophy on life that gives her a reason to wake up in the morning, is that sure, it may be a short and evanescent journey- even more of a reason to fulfill it with caring for others and being cared for. That is, until she's abducted into a dangerous world of sense that makes none. Humans have always had an infinite capacity for self-deception, think you can resist it? Take a deeper look at the Calibers In Your Flesh. © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1- Uninvited Guests

“The Beatles said, ‘All you need is love,’ and then they broke up.”

The cozy orange glow from the desk lamp, touches the ivory pages of the small book resting on Fae's lap. Her feet dangle over the edge of the bed and her eyes record every letter in the final paragraph again.

’What do we mean when we say ‘love’? Love of another person, love of a higher being, or perhaps even love of an object. Love is everywhere. Is it just naturally addictive?’

“Isn’t that a bit of a dramatic question?” She tilts her head. Her thumb slides off the page and it flaps over.

‘When people think of addiction, they think of this internal war between one’s desires and willpower. But addiction isn’t always the minefield we need to cross, but often are the roots in which life is contained. We almost all have addictions that cause harm to others. Chocolate is often picked by slaves, that’s why it’s so cheap. Our addiction to cheap gas has killed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. A fixation on oil for the love of money. And few nations seek twelve step programs for their dependence on oil. ’

Yikes, that’s a depressing perspective. But, I’m not sure you can be addicted to emotions.” She discusses with herself. "It just-”


Fae's body recoils and the brown book slips from her hands and tumbles to the ground.

“W-what’s going on?!” That was definitely the front door. Her heart pounds in her esophagus and the blanket balls in her fists. She gapes from racket of feet advancing down the hall, approaching her room door. She slaps a hand over her mouth with a measly whine.

The commotion dwindles, fading into the depth. She crawls out of bed and slips into a pair of slippers to make way to the door.

She furrows her eyebrows. Her fear shifts into contemplation. Whatever that’s happening, and if they live through this, she’s going to rip that girl a new one.

Alison...What the hell did you do now?! Fae's pupils contract as she stares down at her quivering palms pressed to the floor. It doesn’t matter now. She just needs to get out of here. Fast.

Slowly rising to discourage the creaky floorboards, her memory fixates on what could possibly be causing something like this to happen. She pissed someone off... No, she had a fight with someone... She shakes her head.

Ha... It’s not rocket science... She did it again, didn’t she? She stole something from someone!

A strong scream suddenly blares through the walls and she registers it as her sister’s, Alison. Fae shoves open her door, dashing to the source of shrieks. The brown wooden floors dully thump beneath her plush pink slippers.

She screeches to a halt, reaching her sibling’s room and her body cripples with terror, beholding the scene enacting in front of her.

Two men in black, subdue Alison to her bed as she sobs, struggling beneath their hold. Her long brown hair is tangled everywhere and clings to her face. One of the men grip her throat, while the other restrains her arms behind her back. Her shirt is twisted and torn, exposing the deep red bra that rivals the shade of her face and her legs are knotted in the covers as she kicks to free from the attackers. She bellows. "Get off me!"

Fae eyeballs, stripped of all thought and paralyzes from the waist down.

Saliva dribbles through Alison’s gritted teeth as she drags her face across the bed sheets, her large, bloodshot eyes catching glimpse of the silhouette at the door frame, “F-Fae, help!”

Fae's mind thaws. Her legs bolt in the room and throw herself onto the bed. Shock resonates through her body as she collides into the torso of one of the men. He grunts from the force and they crash to the ground.

She stands and trudges around her sibling’s bed, a stagger and wobble to her gait. Disarray scatters her mind and her sight doubles. Her eyes gloss over Alison again, whose face is contorted in panic, repeatedly yelling indecipherable lines at her. The entire room spins. Fae's teeth clench and head jerks down; she squeezes her eyes shut and clasps her hands over her ears as a deafening ring penetrates her head and dominates all other senses.

She gulps, the sensation of saliva travels down her throat. Her eyes open.

"Fae, watch out!" Alison cries.

An arm slings around Fae's waist, knocking the air straight from her diaphragm. Her head flings backwards as a cold leather glove clamps over her mouth. She flounders about, her screams muffled. The throb of her head worsens and her legs flop.

Her eyes flutter backwards in response to her balance greatly shifting. The familiar leather texture, wipes displaced strands of hair from her sweaty face. She peers up at her captor through waning vision. It’s not either of the guys. A platinum haired man’s grey eyes gleam down at her with the most haunting grin she’s ever witnessed.

What a brave girl.” She hears the man's amused voice, before finally fainting in his arms.

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