The Ghostwriter and other short stories

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“Dr Stephen?” shouted Andrew while standing near the gate of Dr Stephen’s hidden lab.

The gate in front of him was a scientific one. It was made of tungsten coated with carbon fiber and had an interlocking pattern. There was a device near the door for scanning.

Andrew first took his face near the device, it scanned his face and a voice came from it that said-

“You are detected as Andrew. Now place your thumb on the device that will come out.”

A device came out and Andrew placed his thumb on the device and then the device went in. A voice came from the device -

“Your fingerprint has been verified.”

Then another device came out of the scanning device, it was like a VR Headset. Andrew wore it and then he kept it back. Again a voice came from the scanning device -

“The password you thought has been detected on this neurological detector. The password is correct, the access has been granted. You may step in.”

Then the door opened and Andrew went in.

The room was nothing high tech. It was just like a normal home with two floors. On the ground floor, there was the dining room, drawing room and a kitchen. Andrew knew what to do. He went to the sofa and removed the third cushion from the left. Behind it was a remote. Then Andrew went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and in the piles of ice cube there was a hidden chip. Andrew took it out.

Then Andrew went upstairs and opened a cupboard and then in the pocket of the fifth coat from the right there were two cells. Andrew took the cells, put them in the remote and then clicked some buttons on it. All the coats in the cupboards then turned behind and then emerged another machine where Andrew put the chip on the marked place and placed his palm on another marked place for scanning.

After the scan was completed the cupboard turned behind again and with it went Andrew.

Andrew then directly entered Dr Stephen’s laboratory.

“So you are finally here?” said Dr Stephen while working near his table.

“Oh Dr, please hurry up and show me your robot! I am dying to see it!!!” exclaimed Andrew.

“Okay, here you go,” Dr Stephen took out a remote from his pocket and clicked a button on it. Then a refrigerator like machine appeared. The gate opened and a robot emerged from it. Dr Stephen said -

“Presenting to you a project on which I spent Millions! No wait, Billions! No wait, Trillions! Yes, Trillions!!! PROTO - H!!!”

“PROTO - H? What would be the full form?” asked Andrew.

“It would be Programmed To Hack!” replied Dr Stephen.

“Whatever you say or do is never straightforward doctor, hack what?” asked Andrew.

“Simply everything!” cried Dr Stephen. “From a small camera to a satellite, from the human body to time, just everything you can think of!”

“What, the human body also?” asked Andrew.

“Yes, it modifies the DNA as it needs and hence the human body gets hacked. And hacking of time doesn’t mean that he can stop time but it can help you with time travel! It makes wormholes to travel through the four dimensions, three of space and one of time.”

“Wormholes, what are they?”

“Wormholes are tunnels that can help you travel through the four dimensions. That means you can travel to any place in this universe and you can also travel back or forward in time.”

“So how to this robot create them.”

“See there are two types of holes in the universe, black hole and white hole. Nothing can escape from a black hole and nothing can enter the white hole.”


“Wait let me complete. Now when these two holes collide a wormhole is formed. These holes may be in the air as well. They are very very weak and can only pull dust and other small things. They may collide in the air and form wormholes. Although they are extremely rare but I got the luck to travel through one.”

“There was a wormhole that formed under the washbasin of my kitchen. I went in and I was directly teleported to a planet of some aliens. I saw that they can make wormholes. They take a black hole in one hand and a white hole in the other and combine them.”

“To make a black hole we need 39 orders of more magnitude than the Large Hadron Collider (You can google it up), the biggest and the most powerful machine on our planet. And to make a white hole, which is not yet possible on earth you need another machine that uses nuclear energy. That machine was available on the planet I went.”

“I somehow managed to steal the machine they used to make white hole and the blueprint of the machine they use to make black hole. I fitted both the machines in this robot’s hands and now he can also form wormholes. See I told you, he can mess with time! Thus he is the strongest and the most powerful machine on the planet!!! I am so proud of me!”

“Wow Dr, what an amazing robot!” said Andrew.

“But there is a very big problem,” said Dr Stephen. “The planet where I went, I heard those aliens talking about some attack on our planet. We need to do something about it.”

“Our planet means, Earth right?”

“Ummm... My planet is Earth and you can decide for yourself which planet you are from.”

“I am also from Earth!” cried Andrew.

“Then why did you ask such stupid, dumb question that is so crackbrained and crackpot!” shouted Dr Stephen. “The point is we need the help of this gentleman right here for saving our planet.” Dr Stephen said pointing towards PROTO - H.

“Gentleman? Anyways I’ll also like to go with you,” said Andrew.

“Yes, I know how stubborn you are. I have made a suit for you. I have fitted sensors that can help you detect a living thing in a radius of 23 kilometres (About 14 miles). Also, you would have boots that will increase your speed by 1000 per cent. And you will have round disks as your weapons. You may throw them and you can even use their blade mode that will add sharp blades to the edges of the disks. ”

“Awsome I’ll love to have that suit!” exclaimed Andrew.

“I have also made one for myself.”

“What powers do you have?”

“I’ll be having lasers in my hands and I’ll be also having laser swords!”

“Cool! So let’s go now!”

“Well wait I’ll bring your suit.”


Dr Stephen went and bought a cart like thing with him. He opened it and from it emerged the suits for both of them. He helped Andrew wear his suit and also wore his, then he brought PROTO - H in the front and asked him to make a wormhole. PROTO - H made a black hole in one hand and white in another, then he combined them and formed a wormhole.

“Well let’s go and save our planet...” announced Dr Stephen.

“Okay, from now on I’ll be called ‘The hero of the Earth’!” said Andrew.

Dr Stephen gave him a hard stare and both of them went inside the wormhole...

They reached the planet and Andrew observed the planet. He saw that the floor of the planet was made of a marble-like material which was shinning bright, one can see his face on it. He saw high rising buildings made in a peculiar manner. He saw some aliens who had long ears and greenish bodies. Their eyes were large and had pointed chins. They all were wearing brownish clothes.

“The floor is very slippery, I don’t think I would be able to use my speed here,” said Andrew.

“I saw the floor here before I made your suit, so don’t worry the boots are just like the ones used in ice hockey with jet boosters,” said Dr Stephen.


As they both were hiding behind a small rock-like thing, Andrew was surprised to be on a planet like this so he moved his head in all the directions in astonishment. Just then he saw something, he saw a large rocket and many aliens were forming a line on the front of it and they were climbing on it. Andrew told Dr Stephen about it.

Dr Stephen turned around and was surprised to see the rocket... Just as he was thinking a plan he heard the sound of the rocket just going to take off. He suddenly asked thought of a plan, he asked PROTO - H to hack the rocket and make it crash. PROTO - H did so and the rocket, which was going at a very high speed crashed into a nearby planet.

Dr Stephen pointed towards a high tower on the highest surface of that planet. He said -

“That must be the place from where their supreme commander operates, we must reach there and assassinate their supreme commander. Andrew turn on your sensors and send and scan for any of those aliens nearby and send me the details on my system.”

“Roger that commander!”

Andrew scanned all over and then sent his report to Dr Stephen. He had a look over it and said -

“Okay, 400 meters at 10 o’clock we have three of them and at 1 o’clock in a radius of 504 meters, we have 5 of them. So let’s head towards 12 o’clock.”

“Aye aye captain!”

They headed towards the position and they measured the distance between the tower and them that came out to be only 5 kilometres (about 3 miles). They both moved to the marked position and then Dr Stephen asked Andrew to turn on the sensors again. Andrew did so and they scanned the area and continued to move soon they reached near the door of the tower.

There were two armed guards standing at the door. Dr Stephen asked PROTO - H to hack the body of one of them. Although they didn’t contain DNA but yet there was some fluid in there body that was hackable. The hacked guard was used to kill the other guard. And opening the gate but they saw a lot of other guards inside so they closed the door and they decided to jump.

They could see a window like thing which Andrew scanned and found no sign of a creature. So they took a big leap and reached directly to the window. PROTO - H broke it and entered the room. Andrew scanned again and found that there were a lot of guards outside. Dr Stephen said -

“I think we have to engage now.”

“Sure, I am ready!”

Dr Stephen asked PROTO - H to hack the door and Andrew was ready with his disks in blade mode and Dr Stephen was ready with his laser weapons. As soon as the door opened Andrew threw the disks and then rushed in the group of Aliens and used the bladed mode of his disks to take out most of the aliens. Dr Stephen also stepped in and used his laser swords to finish them.

PROTO - H hacked the body of one of the alien and used him as a puppet to kill the remaining aliens. They all then keep on going upwards and upwards until they reached where the supreme commander was. They all came face to face with him. They heard an announcement that said -

“All those selected for the assault of Earth come to the rocket, it will launch in 20 seconds.”

Then they hurried up till the door of the supreme commander’s office. The time was running out and their heartbeats rose. PROTO - H hacked the door and they heard the announcement saying 10 seconds left, they tried to hurry and PROTO - H hacked the supreme commander’s body and they heard the announcement say 3 seconds left.

From the hacked body of the supreme commander, Dr Stephen asked PROTO - H to make him say to stop the rocket going to the Earth. PROTO - H did so and just before a second of the launch PROTO - H made the supreme commander announce the cancelling of the plan of attack on Earth.

Both Dr Stephen and Andrew sighed in relief and they finished the supreme commander and went back to the Earth. Dr Stephen said -

“I have another robot ready that I wanted to sell but I’ll make him the supreme commander of the alien planet I think so that those lunatics do not plan to attack the Earth again. From now on we three are the heroes of the Earth! Although nobody knows us...”

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