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The mysterious right eye

A week later after Ivy’s husband’s death, Ivy went to her backyard and sat on the bench where she and her husband Dan used to sit and chat the whole evening. As she was sitting there all the memories of Dan flashed in front of her eyes. Although it was just a week, she was missing Dan a lot. She was not able to get proper sleep and had lost her appetite.

As she was sitting she felled that someone was observing her hiding behind the trees in the woods in front of her backyard. She stood up went up to there and said -

“Whose there? Show yourself...”

“Ivy dear it’s me,” a voice came from inside the woods and then from the shadows of the trees emerged a nun.

“Oh sister, it was you...” said Ivy in a feeble voice then she and the nun both went and sat back on the bench. The nun said -

“I know you are shocked by the sudden death of Dan, but you need to pull yourself together. You can’t just go on like this.”

Ivy suddenly began to cry and said -

“We were married just a month ago. Dan was my only support, now I have no one for me...”

“Don’t worry, I am always there for you,” said the nun. “So did you get the things that belonged to Dan?”

“Yes, I’ve got a few of them,” said Ivy in a feeble voice.

“What all?” asked the nun.

“His watch, a CD of songs he used to listen and a few of his books.”

“Okay, they will do. Have you wrapped them in purple cloth?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Okay then bring them.”

Ivy brought all the items wrapped in a purple cloth and also brought a hoe to dug a hole and bury all the items in her backyard.

She began to dig the soil in the backyard and after five minutes of digging, she found some items wrapped in purple cloth just where she was digging. She took it out and showed it to the nun. The nun said –

“It must be belonging to one of your ancestor or someone who was living here before you.”

Ivy replied -

“But sister no one else before us lived here. My great great great grandfather was the one who bought this land and build this house here. It must surely be of one of my great grandfathers. Can I open it, sister?”

“Yes you can but not now. First, we have to complete burring Dan’s items first. After that, you may open it.”

“Okay sister.”

Ivy buried the items and covered them with soil. Then she took the items wrapped in cloth that she found and opened it once she went inside.

She found a lot of photos of her ancestors in the cloth along with many photos in it. She started to look at each one of them one by one. She noticed one thing. The right eye of every person was covered with black cloth. Ivy thought what it was. She then came across a photo in which an old man didn’t wear that black piece of cloth. But his eyes were very different from normal eyes, very different.

The eyeball was red like blood with a little black circle and the rest of the eye was pitch black. Totally black... And it was only the right eye. Ivy showed it the nun and she said -

“This eye... It can’t be... No, no don’t tell me... is....”

“What’s the matter, sister?” asked Ivy.

“This eye... It is the Luma!” said the nun in shock.

“The Luma? What is that?” asked Ivy.

“Ivy dear what is your last name?”

“It’s Frisco, Ivy Frisco.”

“Oh Jesus! This can’t be! Are you sure you are Frisco?”


“So you are saying that despite of being from the Frisco family you don’t know about the Luma?”

“No, I don’t know about the Luma.”

“Looks like I have to tell you about it. The Luma is a special type of eye which is only awakened by the members of the Frisco family, like you. This is a very feared type of eye whose user is also considered to be a God. This eye has the ability to control ghosts! The user can use the ghosts in any way he wants. He may use them to kill or use them for a good cause. The ghost can be also be brought back to life if you attain the Luma in both eyes which is also called the eye of God. If someone archives it, he gets the strength of a God and rules the world.

The head of the Frisco family 1000 years back was sent to this island so that the Frisco family doesn’t hurt anybody. This decision was taken by the government but the head of the family agreed to it. You haven’t been out of this house ever so you don’t know about this place. This is an island chosen to keep the Frisco family safe. The government supported them by providing them with food and other items for daily needs as there is nothing besides our church on this island. But the head of the family 50 years ago, Fred Frisco, forbidden this eye and hid the papers with the information on how to awaken the Luma somewhere. That is why you don’t know about it. However, I think Dan knew it and he was here on behalf of the government to help you, the lone survivor of the Frisco family. I’ll go now. And please don’t try to approach me again, I am forbidden to talk to a Frisco.

Saying this the nun left and now Ivy was completely alone. Now there was no one for her. She cried till she could not cry any more and then gazed over the photos lying on the table. She noticed that one of the photos was of her own house. She saw the staircase which led to her room.

Behind the man in the photo, there was a large door which was slightly opened and some light came in through it. Ivy thought there was a room inside there. She went up to the staircase of her house and pushed it in but nothing happened, there was no gate there. She started to feel hungry and went towards the kitchen. As she was heading towards the kitchen she put her hand on the wall and started dragging it.

Just then she felt as if her hand hit something like a switchboard. The touched that place again and there she found out that there was a hidden switchboard there which was covered with paint of the same colour as the stairs and it can’t be seen easily. She placed her hand over the switchboard and there were some buttons. She turned on all of them and then suddenly she heard a thud from the kitchen.

She went there and saw someone knocking on the window of the kitchen. She didn’t want to but her body moved on its own and she opened the window... Outside the window, there was nothing but the forest and the moon shining brightly. She got a bit frightened and closed the window. Again she opened the window and again saw someone standing there. She again opened the window, and once again there was no-one except the forest and the moon. Just then she felt a presence behind her. She got really shocked and turned around. There she found a lady standing with the Luma. Ivy remembered that she was one from the photos. The lady went near the staircase and Ivy followed her. Ivy was sure that the lady would not hurt her as she was her ancestor so she kept on following her. The lady reached near the staircase and then casted a spell, then suddenly the staircase went back and a room emerged in front of Ivy.

The lady who guided her disappeared and Ivy understood why the lady was here. To open this secret gate a previous user of the Luma is needed and the ghosts for the same appear if someone presses the switches on the hidden switchboard. If the man gets afraid the ghost eats him away and if he doesn’t the ghost opens the door for him. Ivy went inside the door and found a table with many papers lying on it.

She went up there and picked up one of them and she found out that they were the papers that had the information on how to awaken the Luma. It read -

“The Luma awakens when a person of the Frisco family, on a full moon night without blinking his eye looks at the moon till the sun comes at the same point and continuously castes some spells.”

Ivy read it and thought -

“I still have a chance of meeting Dan. After I awaken the Luma I’ll call Dan’s spirit and we’ll talk for hours again...”

She went outside sat on the bench and took the paper with the spell on it. She looked at the moon and began reading those spells. She tried hard to close her eyes. It was really difficult to do so for even five minutes but she used her hand and stopped her eyes from blinking.

She continuously looked at the moon and after 10 minutes blood started to flow out of her eyes. She bore a lot of pain but yet didn’t close her eyes. After 1 hour she realized that her eyes are now stable and they are not closing anymore. But she continuously casted the spells and didn’t close her eyes. Soon she didn’t even and she went unconscious but her eyes were open and she was still casting the spells.

She had already decided to meet and stay with Dan and hence even when unconscious her brain is keeping her eyes open and moving her mouth continuously.

Soon the time came when the sun rose and a few hours later it came to the same position where the moon was. Ivy’s eyes closed and she went completely unconscious.

Three days later when she woke up, she couldn’t see anything. There was bandage tied around her head and it covered her eyes. She gently removed the bandage and found the nun sitting next to her bed. She looked at the nun and the nun looked at her. The nun suddenly smiled and said -

“You stupid, you would have lost your vision!”

Ivy gave her a weak smile and then she closed her eyes.

She opened it again and looked at the nun with it. The nun smiled and said -

“The Luma, no this is... The eye of God! I can’t believe we finally have a God among us!”

Ivy smiled and then looked at the other side. She said -

“Dan, it’s nice to see you again. Now once I am freed from here we’ll go, sit on our bench and chat for hours...”

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