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Chapter 14- Big Head

Cassy is looking at me like I have just told her I'm an alien or something. She clears her throat. "Yeah, he recorded them on some old hand held recorder." I smirk, clearing my tears before I hop up. Cassy follows, standing. "What are you thinking, Abby?"

I move to leave the room before she grabs my arm. I turn to her. "Cassy, I was told that your family just up and left everything here. They completely started over, so that means, those recordings have to be here somewhere! If we can find them, I can take them to the police and your step dad will be thrown in jail! We can get justice for you."
Her eyes widen in realization before she looks to her left. I follow her line of vision to see it is almost three in the morning. "Okay, Abby. That is a great plan, but you need to go to sleep so you can go to work in the morning. I'll start looking, okay?"
I let out a groan before I reluctantly agree. I pull my phone from my back pocket to notice that I have a message from Charlie. Clicking on it I read.
I'll be in town tomorrow, so I will see you after you get off work?
I quickly type out a reply telling him that sounds like a plan before I look at Cassy. "You're brother will be here tomorrow, well I guess today, after I get off work." She nods before shooing me away to bed, laughing lightly. I listen and go to shower so I can go to sleep immediately.
Waking up for work was hard, being as I received less than 3 hours of sleep. I was groggy and in severe need of coffee. Heavily applying concealer, I throw on some mascara and lipgloss and sprint out the door. Making it to work in record time, I find Shirley and Dion slow dancing in the middle of the diner. I smile brightly at the sight, hoping one day, I will find a love like that.
Setting about getting to work, the day flies by fast, and I couldn't help but notice that Arden hadn't came in at all. Biting my lip, I hang up my apron before heading out the door to my car. Before I could make it completely out the door, I run into a hard chest. The muscular arms attacked to the hard chest wrapped around me, before pulling me closer.
Looking up in surprise I was relieved to see Arden's honey brown eyes smiling back at me. "Look at that, you're already falling for me." Arden's deep voice vibrates through his chest into mine, sending shock waves straight down to my core. Biting my lip, I chuckle as I straighten myself, shifting out of his grasp slightly even though his arms were still wrapped solidly around my waist.
"Now don't be going and getting a big head on my now." I joke while rolling my eyes. Arden's eyes glint mischievously before he leans in to whisper in my ear.
"Honey, I can show you a big head if that is really what you want." I gasp at his words, shocked that he would even joke that inappropriately. Not that I minded, it was funny and oddly sexy, but Arden didn't look the type to joke like that. He throws his head back laughing before he kisses my cheek, stepping back and letting his arms fall to his sides.
Clearing my throat, I respond. "Anyways, have a good meal." I move to step around him before his hand is grasping my wrist. I bite my lip at the tingles that appear at even the smallest touch from this man.
"Wow, trying to get rid of me? I was going to ask if you were free tonight, we could paint another room. I would have texted you but my phone didn't save your number." He smiles sheepishly while he uses his free hand to rub the back of his neck.
I smile brightly at him before I pull out my phone, "I'm actually feeling pretty exhausted today, but maybe your next free evening? I'm off tomorrow. What is your number?" His smile dims before he shakes his head, telling me his number. I type it in and press call, waiting for his phone to ring before I end it on my end. "There, now you have my number." I wink.
We talk a moment more before he rubs the back of his neck. "Uh, I just wanted to apologize about last night." My stomach drops. Did he regret kissing me? "It's uh- been a while since I've liked anyone, so if I made you feel uncomfortable by kissing you, especially since we haven't known each other that-"
I cut him off by grabbing his shirt and yanking him down to my height before I place my lips over his firmly. I've never been the bold type but he was being so beyond sweet, I couldn't resist. I was just happy he likes me. He honestly, truly likes me. And he is a good guy, a honestly truly good guy.
He responds immediately, moving his lips against mine. I pull back slightly, before I look up at him. "I like you too. Please don't ever apologize about kissing me." I peck his lips one last time before letting him go, spinning to walk to my car. "See you later, Arden." Leaving him with the last sentence he left me with last night.
It felt liberating and exciting. I couldn't wait to see him again. Getting home, I was taking off my shoes when a knock came from the door. Furrowing my eyebrows, I move to open the door. On the other side was an older, more manly version of Cassy. He was fidgeting nervously while looking extremely uncomfortable about being back in the house his sister killed herself in.
"Hi. You must be Charlie? Please, come in. Im so sorry, I just got home, I haven't had a chance to get all the pictures and stuff from the outside building." He smiles politely, before stepping in.
"Hi, yes, sorry. I was going to the diner up the street to eat but I noticed your vehicle here. Wow, that sounds creepy doesn't it. I just-" I stop him by chuckling. He was so nervous. It was actually kind of cute.
"Don't worry about it. I don't mind. Now I'm just going to force you to help bring the boxes out of the shed." I shrug my shoulders playfully. He gives me a playful smirk before nodding his head.
"Small price to pay I suppose." He winks before we both chuckle. I move through the hall, to the kitchen and come through to see Cassy at the table. My eyes widen as I stop in my tracks. She barely glances up before she starts talking. "Omg, Abby! I'm so glad you are home! Look what I have-" She trails off as she finally notices the blonde headed boy behind me, staring wide eyed at her.
Charlie's mouth is open in shock as he tries to form words. His eyes blinking not able to believe he is seeing his little sister right in front of him. Charlie sways on his feet before he goes crashing down. Luckily enough I was able to catch his head before it collided with the hard floor.
Huffing up at Cassy, I roll my eyes. "Looks like you have this effect on everyone." I knew Charlie was too heavy for me to move so I simply grab a pillow from the couch and place his head gently on it. I guess we have some explaining to do when he decided to join the conscious world again.
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