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Chapter 2- Cassy

The next morning, I wake up, dressing in a pair of blue jeans with a plain white shirt and some comfortable white flats. It’s my first day of work and I’d be lying if I wasn’t excited. I’ve waitressed before so I wasn’t nervous about that, but I was anxious about meeting the people in this town. So far, besides Shirley and Dion, these people are weird.

When I came home last night after eating dinner, Marge was standing on her front porch, watching me like a hawk. When I caught her staring, she didn’t even try to hide it. She didn’t look away or anything, just continued to watch me walk into the house. I made sure to lock my door, and I was going to be taking a trip to the hardware store for some extra locks, maybe a security camera.

Walking into the diner, Shirley greets me with a chipper tone. “Good mornin’ pumpkin! I was a little afraid you wouldn’t be able to get up this early. I know you youngins like your sleep.” She chuckles at herself before patting my arm. I was early. I mean it was 7:30, she wanted me here at 8. I didn’t mind waking up early. It makes me feel like I get more accomplished in a day’s time.

Shirley eyes my attire before she pivots, walking back a little hall, stopping at a closet. She pulls out a pink skirt and a white shirt with the diner’s logo on it. Pushing it into my hands, she says, “Here, go change.” I oblige. Rushing into the bathroom and quickly doing as I was told.

I honestly didn’t hate the uniform. I think it is kind of cute actually. Stepping out, I walk back up to Shirley. She moved to show me where everything was located and how they like to do things before she tossed me out on my own. I am now waiting tables and doing what is required, all with a polite smile on my face.

If there is anything I’ve learned while waiting on people is that everyone likes a kind and friendly waitress. I was cleaning the counter, humming to the song that was playing, when a throat clears abruptly, bringing my attention to the sound.

There in front of me stands a very tall man. He has to be at least 6’2 compared to my 5’3 stature. He has black hair and light brown eyes, a silky honey color. His facial features are sharp and chiseled, and he has decent sized lips. What catches my eye the most though, are the tattoo that are running down the length of his arm.

Snapping my eyes to his, I put on my polite smile to greet him. “Hi! What can I get for you?” He remains impassive, his eyes scanning over me. I could feel that this man was the dominating kind. He demands respect and if he didn’t get it… Well I don’t want to find out what happens.

“Black coffee - to go.” His voice was so deep I swear I could feel the vibrations. I nod, already poring it for him, before questioning, “No food?” He shakes his head once, not bothering to decline with words so I continue to tease. “I see. I’m guessing you already ate a big hearty breakfast? Eggs, bacon, toast, the whole nine yards.”

This mysterious man just stares at me, kind of like I had two heads. Placing his coffee in front of him, I told him his total. He lays down a twenty-dollar bill before turning to leave. “Hey! Wait, I have to give you your change!” He is already at the door when he turns slightly.

The instant his eyes lands on my own, he gives a little smirk. “Keep it.” Then he walks out of the door without a backwards glance. Strange. He is a strange man. However, not as strange as my new neighbors. He seems more normal than them at least. Shrugging my shoulders, I finish out the rest of my shift. Shirley comes out to hand me my schedule for the month, and leaving me after giving me a big hug.

Walking into my house, I kick my shoes off immediately. Sighing in delight at the immediate relief I felt. No matter how comfortable those shoes are, standing in them for a full shift was torture. “Well, looks like someone had a hard day.” Screaming, I turn to look who spoke. Seeing a young girl, sitting on my couch.

“Excuse me? Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” I ask her incredulously. Shaking my head, “Better yet, how did you get in here?” She looks me up and down, giving me a small smile before standing, hands held up in surrender as she walks towards me slowly. As soon as she is closer, I realize she is the same girl in the family photographs I took down. She must still have a copy of the key for the locks.

She still looks young. Hell, really similar to her 14-year-old self. This girl must age nicely. When she’s older she will love the fact that she looks younger than her age. Pulling my attention back to her, she spoke. “I see you rearranged the furniture. It looks better this way.”

Giving her a weird look, she chuckles at me. “My name is Cassy. What is your name?” Not knowing whether to shove her out of my house or reply, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to try the friendly route.

Clearing my throat, “My name is Abby. It is nice to meet you Cassy, but seriously what are you doing here?” She was picking at her fingernails, a nervous habit I suppose, looking for the right words to answer my question.

“Well, I might as well tell you the truth, because I need your help… My family and I use to live here, and as your neighbor Marge told you yesterday, I killed myself. The problem is, I can’t move on until I complete some unfinished business.” I am waiting for her to laugh, to say she was joking. However, she never does.

Scratching the back of my head, I made a decision. This girl is nuts. “Ha-ha, very funny. Okay, time for you to go.” I grab her by the arm, not hard enough to hurt her just enough to be able to get her walking to the door. She let out a gasp, one I wasn’t sure what was for, before I open the door and guide her out of it. I didn’t slam the door in her face because I want to watch her leave, to make sure she does. “Oh! Also, I would like the key that you have to my house.” I hold out my hand, waiting for her to plop it on my palm.

She stares at me. Eyebrows furrowed as she assesses her options. Shrugging she turns on her heels. “Fine, I’ll just prove to you that I can’t leave the property. Turn around when I disappear.” With that, she walks to the gate that leads to the sidewalk, not bothering to unlatch the gate and walking right through it.

Not able to believe my eyes, I look everywhere for her, when I can’t find her, I remember her words. Turning around slowly, my eyes are met by her brown ones. That’s when the room starts spinning, and I feel the darkness overcoming me as I faint, falling to the floor.

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