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Chapter 24- Busy?


While Abby was still in the hospital I met up with Charlie. He was driving back and forth from his job and getting things ready for when Abby was home. He stopped at Dion's and told them of the accident and poor Mrs. Shirley was worried to death. She wanted to send the entire menu home so Abby wouldn't have to worry about cooking or finding a meal, but Charlie promised to take good care of her.

Fucker probably didn't mention that she'd have both of us looking after her and basically waiting on her hand and foot. There was just something about Abby that made you want to take care of her. She was highly independent and that much was clear, however, now that she was in need of some help, I was jumping at the opportunity. I wasn't the only one either, because Charlie took it upon himself to have the house set up for when she was released.

During my lunch with Charlie, he mentioned more about Cassy to me. He mentioned that he did some research and talked to some type of 'spirit guide' and he learned that Cassy may be unstable. Which basically means that she needs to move on and move on quickly. However, what was most shocking was when Charlie explained to me Cassy's reasoning for killing herself.

I felt fucking useless. All that time that bastard was doing that shit to her and I wasn't able to tell? Let alone help her, it was fucking heartbreaking. It makes me wonder if I wasn't so caught up in my own shit with my mothers cancer, would I have noticed the signs of her being assaulted? I mean it isn't like we ever had sex, so the conversation never came up. I never pushed her on the topic and I didn't mind that we were taking things slowly. I had more important things at the time to think about and worry about than sex at the time.

Between getting my own job to help support the family and keeping up good grades at school, I couldn't think about childish shit like that. However, Cassy was also so understanding and supportive. If I would have taken a minute to assess her and check on how she was really doing, maybe there was something I could have done differently. I could have gotten her out of that situation before she felt so trapped that the only way out was to remove herself from life.

It was hard for me to return to Abby's hospital room that night but I forced myself. Willing the pain of the past to stay there. I have long ago accepted Cassy's death. I haven't fully came to peace with it, but I knew there was no changing what is. And the simple fact is, Cassy is gone and Abby is here. Abby needs me now more than ever and I'm not about to let her down.

When she told me about Conner, man I wanted to go on a fucking rampage and kill the bastard. I could never stomach that type of shit, and I never tolerated bullies in school either. Conner deserved to fucking rot in a prison cell or something that equalled the pain of getting castrated. The fucker doesn't even deserve to breathe clean air.

However, that was a problem for another time. Right now, I'm standing stock still, shocked to my bones. Staring at Cassy in the eye as if she has never left in the first place. My eyes look her over, noticing that even though this looks like the Cassy I once loved, she's nothing like how she use to be.

The rage burning behind her eyes that she was trying to mask with innocence shone brighter with each fleeting glance she shot at Abby. The way her lips pressed into an unsatisfied line as she realized that I have yet to try to wrap her up in my arms. But what I found that was most different, was the way that her skin, was no longer as vibrant and sun kissed as it was when she was alive. No, it was pale and looked as cold as the ice in her eyes.

Cassy let out a fake little giggle, before looking around to Charlie, shrugging her shoulders. "I guess I shocked him speechless." She moves as if she is floating on water before she is standing right in front of me. "Hi, love. I missed you." She moves to caress my face, but I quickly snap out of whatever trance I'm in and yank myself away from her.

Clearing my throat, I bend down to pick up the spatula that I have dropped before I turn my back to Cassy, heading to the sink to wash it off and moving back to make sure my chicken hasn't burnt. I could hear Charlie clear his throat before he spoke.

"Cassy, why didn't you come talk to me these past few days? I called out to you." He sounded hurt, and after his question was asked, Cassy let out a deep sigh.

"I was busy. Sorry I didn't have time to come talk to you, but I'm here now. Doesn't it feel like old times? The three of us back together again." She let out a soft sigh of delight. As much as I want to say I'm not effected by her appearance, I am. Damn it, I am. I'm so angry and worse of all, I'm fucking hurt. Hurt that she is trying to act like nothing is wrong, like she has done no wrong in her life. I mean for fucks sake! She just pushed Abby down the stairs!

Fuck, Abby. I turn quickly after just finishing putting the chicken onto a plate. My eyes find her and I notice her gaze is shifted downwards. I couldn't quite read her expression but I could only imagine the thoughts running through her mind.

"Where were you then, Cass? I thought you couldn't leave this house?" Charlie questioned, crossing his arms as he looks at her expectantly. That was a damn good question.

"Uh- Charlie, what is with the fifth degree? Isn't dinner done? I mean, I can't eat but I can at least sit with you all." She moves over to the table, concentrating hard before she pulled out a chair. She sits down, beaming proudly. "Arden, come sit by me."

I flicker my eyes back to Abby, noticing she was still in her own head. Thankfully, Charlie saves me again. He picks up the food, and after placing it in the middle of the table, plops down in the seat that Cassy motioned for me to take. "Sorry sis, I think we need some more bonding time."

He turns, meeting my eye before giving me a slight nod. I try to portray my thanks through my small nod I gave back to him, before moving over to Abby. I gently put my arms under her arms, causing her to jump in surprise. She was really deep in thought. I bend down closer to her ear, "Come on, sunshine. Let's get this dinner over with."

I softly pull her up, before helping her to the table and placing her softly on the chair across from Charlie. I didn't want her to have to stare the girl that pushed her down the stairs in the face. I could feel this dinner will be a really awkward one, and I couldn't wait for it to be over, and I could be cuddled up with Abby.

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