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Chapter 25- Selfish


Cassy shows up and everything turns awkward. I mean, I have no clue if it is awkward for anyone else, but it definitely is for me. I feel like she is putting on a facade and I can't comprehend why. Sure when I first met her, I felt she was just a young girl, innocent and a pure soul. However, now it is like I can feel something more sinister lingering around. I can feel that her words, even spoken softly and guiltless, are wicked and foul.

I have sat this dinner, silently and looking down at my plate while Charlie tried desperately to lighten the mood and bring some sort of peace between all of us. Arden hasn't said much since he has sat me down, but I could see from my peripheral vision that he keeps sneaking glances at Cassy.

I'm not the only one that notices this either because every time he does it, Cassy sends him a flirty smile and tried to interact with him, asking him questions or stating something about their past that he just grunts at or shakes his head to.

I wonder how he is feeling? Has his anger at her reemerged? Is he sad to see her again, knowing that she will have to leave soon? Is he broken all over again because he couldn't do anything to stop what she did? Or perhaps, is he feeling what he felt for her before she died? Has his love for her come back, and he is trying to figure out how to deal with it or cope with the fact that he will have to deal with losing her all over?

I couldn't tell any of his feelings from his emotionless face, and I didn't like that, not one bit. I turn my gaze slightly back to Cassy, who was entertaining Charlie and talking about their childhood. Is she just going to ignore what she has done? I mean, I thought that I have forgave her, and hell, I have. But an apology sure would be nice. I mean the girl did fracture a few of my bones! She's lucky it wasn't worse.

Anger built up within me almost instantly at the thought. She could have killed me and she just acts like nothing is wrong? My silverware clatters against the table as I slam them down, catching everyones attention. My eyes narrowing to slits as I look up at Cassy. "So are we just not going to talk about the fact that you tried to kill me?"

I could hear the slight shrill in my voice, but I could also hear the anger and the small shake in my voice showing my fear. I just hope that no one else caught that I was slightly afraid.

I could feel Arden tense up beside me as Charlie's eyes widen. Charlie leans back in his chair, shaking his head at me to not anger Cassy, but you know what? To hell with Cassy and her feelings? She doesn't get to push me down the stairs when I was the only one willing to help her. If it wasn't for me, Charlie nor Arden would be here. They wouldn't be in the picture and willing to also help her move on. So damn it! I deserve an apology and a thank you would also be nice!

I could see a slight tick, as her head twitches and the atmosphere changes. Cassy puckers her lips in distaste as her eyes narrow slightly. The rage that she has been trying to mask shining through full force, heating up the room by at least ten degrees. She folds her arms across her chest before she leans back in the chair. "I have no clue what you are talking about, Abby. Why would I try to kill you?"

My mouth falls open as she tries to deny what she has done. This bitch! How dare she try to act like little miss perfect? I slam my hand back down on the table, balling it into a tight fist, frustrated all to hell. Taking a deep breath in, I try a different route. "Cassy, everyone here knows what you've done. There is no use to try to deny it. I would just like an apology and then we can work out whatever the problem is."

I almost roll my eyes at the scoff that Cassy lets out as she completely drops her innocent act. The temperature in the room going up another ten or so degrees. She places both hands on the table and stands suddenly, knocking the chair over in the process, leaning over it slightly to try to look intimidating as she shouts. "You are the problem, Abby! Acting like you're better than me! You are living MY life! You can't just replace me! You don't get to have MY boyfriend, MY brother, and MY house! Do you hear the similarities between them all? They are MINE!"

Suddenly, she picks up the knife that was sitting on the table, and moves to jump across the table at me. Arden tried to catch her but she goes right through his arms and falls on top of me, knocking me and my chair back. I throw up my casted arm just in time to block the swing of the knife in her hand. Letting out a little scream, I swing my other arm and effectively hit her in the face, knocking her to the side and off of me.

I have just enough time to roll to my stomach before Arden is picking me up and placing me on my feet. He quickly moves in front of me, blocking me from Cassy's view as she stands up, fire lighting up her eyes. "Move, Arden! This is between me and that man snatching whore!" She goes to lunge again before Arden's voice booms.

"Enough, Cassy!" He demands. Shivers make their way down my back at the deepness and roughness of his voice. It so isn't the time to dwell on how sexy he is when he takes charge. Cassy freezes suddenly at the sound of his voice. Peeking to the side of Arden, I see Charlie frozen, still standing on the opposite side of the table, uncertainty in his eyes as he is unsure what to do at this moment.

Turning my gaze back to Cassy, I can see that she has her eyes widened in shock and she stands completely still. She tries to speak, "Arden, what-" Arden shakes his head, cutting her off before he continues to talk.

"You killed yourself, Cassy. Took your life without thinking of anyone else. You don't get to think that any of this is still yours when you gave it up in the first place." She opens and closes her mouth before she comes up with the words she was looking for.

"Arden, you don't understand what I was going through-" Arden cut her off again. Not interested in hearing what she had to say before he continues with what he obviously needed to say.

"No, I understand perfectly. Charlie has enlightened me on what was transpiring before you did it. But you didn't have to. There were other things that could have taken place. You could have came to either Charlie or me, told either of us what was going on and we could have handled it. We could have helped." Arden takes a deep breathe, running his hand through his hair.

"We could have helped but you didn't give us a chance to. You decided to leave us behind to pick up the pieces you so selfishly broke." I was shocked at his words. I never thought of it that way. I don't think anyone thinks of suicide as being selfish, but I also can kind of understand it to a point. She decided to take her life because of her trauma and unhappiness. However, she didn't stop to think who she would be hurting in the process. Who would be effected by her choices. Who would be completely heartbroken at her actions.

I get it, but I also understand that, in that moment, some people truly feel that it is the only way out. I tune back in when Arden turns slightly to face me, making sure I was still behind him before he returns his gaze to Cassy. "Abby has done nothing wrong. She has actually been trying to help you and because you were jealous that for the first time since you decided to break me - I actually found someone that took away that pain, made me feel whole again- you try to kill her? If that's not selfish, Cassy, I don't know what is."

Arden lets out a long sigh, glancing at Charlie and turning back to me. He slowly wraps an arm around me, "Are you okay, Abby?" I nod, not quite sure if my voice would work in that moment. He seems pleased with my answer as he nods once, before slowly turning me around. "Come on, let's go up to your room and watch a movie."

All I could do was let him guide me gently, and wonder, how pissed is Cassy going be at me now?


Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the story so far! I just wanted to let you guys know that I will most likely not be posting again until after Christmas. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa! Much love for all of you. x

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