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Chapter 29- ABBY?


Everything froze. The shaking of the objects around us and the lights stopped flickering. “I love you, Arden.” Abby mutters before she stops moving completely. She wasn’t breathing! Fuck! She wasn’t breathing. I lean forward, checking her pulse… There was no pulse. I start panicking and hyperventilating. I didn’t get to tell her I love her! Shit!

No! This couldn’t be happening. I can’t be losing the woman I love, again! No, I refuse to believe it. I quickly lay her down flat, about to start compressions, but the weirdest thing happened. Abby took a huge breathe in, gasping for breath. Thank God that she is okay!

Gathering her in my arms, I lean over and brush the hair out of her face. “Abby? Baby.” My voice cracked but I couldn’t give a damn. Her eyes flutter open and things were just getting weirder and weirder. Instead of her piercing green eyes, they were brown.

Confusion flows through me and I could feel Charlie move closer, muttering a, “What the fuck?” That is exactly what I was wondering. When Abby’s eyes focused, she smiled wickedly. It was so unlike her. I’ve never seen her look like that and I cant say that I like it.

Abby pushed out of my arms to stand up. Before turning back around and smirking at Charlie and me. “Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. I knew she was weaker than me.” She brushes herself off, before her eyes landed on me. “Hi, Arden. Why don’t you come over and give your girlfriend a kiss?”

Not fully registering what the hell was happening, Abby pulled me forcefully to her and planted her lips on mine. I pulled away sharply, looking at her weirdly. Repeating Charlie’s earlier words. “What the fuck?”

Charlie let out a noice, gaining both or out attention. His eyes wide and not leaving Abby. “Holy shit. Cassy?” Abby chuckles darkly. I look at her just in time to hear her response.

“Ding ding ding, the witch is dead. You hit the nail right on the head, big brother.” I’m pretty sure my eyes were popping out of my head, as I backed up as far away from her as I could, stopping beside Charlie.

Charlie gulped audibly. “What did you do to Abby? Cassy, you need to get out of her body.” Abby, I mean Cassy, rolled her eyes. Clicking her tongue in distaste.

“Please. You know that I’m way better than that twat. Besides, I didn’t do anything to her, at least not yet.” She grins mischievously.

Anger bubbled up inside of me, boiling my blood to an extremely high temperature. I’m pretty sure if this was a cartoon, that I would have smoke coming out of my ears. “What the fuck do you mean, ‘not yet,’ Cassy? What the fuck did you do?”

She sent me a glare but answered my questions regardlessly. “Well, I took over her body, I thought that much was pretty clear. I pushed her to the back of her mind and the longer I’m in control of her body, the closer she is to… Well, death.” She laughs out as if she just told the funniest joke.

Both Charlie and my face drained of color. I lip my lips nervously. “Please, Cassy. Let her go.” I’m not too proud to beg in this moment. If it means saving the woman I love, I will do it. I’d do anything for Abby.

Cassy hisses in annoyance. “Why, Arden? You have me now. We can have our happily ever after now. That is all that matters.” I wanted to scream and cuss this girl out, but I knew that it would get me nowhere. So I had to be gentle and try a different tactic.

“Cassy, what we had was amazing. But it is over. It has been for years now. I’m not the same guy, and we wouldn’t work. Please, just give Abby back, and we can all continue working to get you to your afterlife.”

Cassy just huffed. “No, Arden. This is going to go one way. My way. We are going to be together, we are going to live happily, and Charlie is going to walk me down the isle when we get ready. Do you understand?”

Charlie cut in before I could answer. There was a sense of determination in his eyes that I didn’t understand. “Okay, Cassy. That sounds beautiful. I think we all need some air, let’s go out back down to the lake.” Not waiting for an answer, Charlie loops his arm around Abby’s body, hauling Cassy out of the back door. He was heading to the dock that sat on the lake but I didn’t understand what the hell he was doing.

I followed, jogging to catch up before speaking up. Disgust laced in my words.“What the hell, Charlie? Are you not in the least bit concerned about Abby? I thought you were her friend? I thought you were mine? What the fuck, man?”

Charlie gave me a look that I couldn’t interpret before saying the last thing I ever thought he would say. “Arden, Cassy is my sister. I’ve missed her and if this is how I can have her back, then so be it.” He continued walking, we were about halfway to the lake when Charlie’s pace quickened.

Cassy was beaming brightly at her brothers words. “Aw, Charlie I knew you would understand. That is why I love you.” We were almost to the dock when Cassy stumbled. She furrowed her eyebrows before her eyes went wide. Nervousness evident on her face. She halted in her steps.

“Uh, I don’t want to go down to the dock tonight. Let’s go tomorrow or a-another day.” But before she could turn around, Charlie tossed Abby’s small body over his shoulder and started sprinting to the dock. Cassy was screaming and pleading for him to stop, but he didn’t.

As soon as his feet landed on the wooden boards of the dock, Abby’s body went limp. I was stunned, and worried. What the hell was happening? I run over to Abby’s body, checking for a pulse. There was a very faint one, that worried me even more. We needed to get her to the hospital.

In a blink of an eye, Cassy appeared at the edge of the property, about 10 yards from where there dock started. She was livid, screaming her head off at Charlie and begging us to come back. Neither of us paid her any mind, both of us bent down checking Abby over.

“What the fuck man? How did you know to do that?” I question. He gave me a small smirk.

“Well, it was just a theory. But I knew Cassy can’t leave the property, so I wanted to see if that held true even when she took over someone else’s body.” He breathed out a breath and I realized I also did. Both of us relieved that he was right.

Cassy was still screaming, when Charlie let out a growl of frustration. Stomping his way over to her, he stood in front of her and screamed back at her. “HE’S GOING TO JAIL, CASSY! DON IS GOING TO JAIL!”

Cassy froze, going silent. She blinks at Charlie, her eyes tearing up, before she whispers one word. “What?”

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