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Chapter 3- Helping

Opening my eyes, I let out a low groan. Man, my head is killing me. Pushing myself up to a sitting position, I realize I am laying in the middle of the hallway by the door. Looking around confused, why am I on the floor?

Shaking my head, I had the weirdest dream, about a pretty little girl with blonde hair. Standing up, I wobble. Spreading out my arms to stead myself, I make sure I am stable before I maneuver my way to the kitchen. Pulling out a bottle of water and some pain killers.

Sitting on the stool, I try to remember my dream. A girl, a ghost, wanting my help? It is ludicrous to even believe such a thing. Taking another small sip, I concluded that it was just a dream. “So, are you okay? I’m sorry I couldn’t take you to your bed or the couch, but I can only do so much. I did manage to close the front door!”

That voice. It was her. Cassy. Swiveling slowly, she was there, standing a few feet away. This is insane, it just can’t be happening! I’m going crazy. That’s the only explanation. Before she could say anything else, a round of giggles explode from my mouth. Giggles that soon turn into panicky laughter before it dies completely.

Shit. This is real, isn’t it? “You’re really here? You are really a ghost?” She nods sadly, before she perks herself up stepping forward to come closer to me. I stumble out of my chair, backing away from her. There is no way I’m ready to die! From a ghost attack, no less!

“Stay away! Please, please go away! Don’t hurt me!” I back into the corner, eyes wide with my fear shining bright. Her brown eyes held worry, as she holds her hands up again like she had done previously. Gesturing that she wasn’t wanting to harm me. However, that didn’t ease my fears.

“Please. I don’t want to hurt you! I just need your help! I need your help so I can cross over. Please!” Cassy begs me, tears swirling in her eyes. It was then that I realize, she was just a young girl. Probably as frightened as I am. It is that little fact that makes me set all of my rational thinking aside.

Standing up a little straighter, I swallow my fears. Taking a timid step towards her. “Okay, Cassy. Say that I agree to help you. What is it that you need me to do?” Her face lightens instantly, her bright smile beaming in my direction. She grabs my hand in hers, pulling me to sit down with her at the table.

“Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the only one that has even let me explain that I need help! That witch Marge just ran away screaming, telling the whole block I was haunting this place.” She rolls her eyes at the memory, revealing just how irritated she was at that situation.

I lick my lips, wetting them. “I can see why. This is a lot to take in Cassy.” I look at her, as realization dawns on me. “No wonder she keeps staring at me. I just thought she was a complete whack job!” I exclaim.

Cassy giggles, trying to cover it with a hand over her mouth. “Yeah, sorry about that. That would be my fault.” She let out another giggle and I couldn’t help but join her. As freaked out as I am, she has this aura about her. That is light and makes you feel calm.

“Okay, okay. So, what is it that you need to do to pass over?” I question again. Turning serious as I wait for her to answer.

Cassy bit her lip, before meeting my eye. “I believe it is to help my boyfriend - sorry ex-boyfriend, and brother move on. I’m almost certain that is it. They are the two that took my death the hardest, and I don’t believe they forgive me yet, or have completely gotten over it.”

Scrunching my eyebrows, I look at her like she has grown another head. “Cassy, death is a hard thing to accept! Especially when it was suicide, they probably feel that they could have done something to prevent it!” She looks at me, a deep sadness evident on her face.

“I know. That is why I want to help. Neither of them could have done anything, I did what I had too, what I thought was the right thing to do. Now I have to set things right again, to help them.” She looks determined.

Nodding my head, I have a few other questions. “Why did you do it? Why kill yourself Cassy, when you had these people that loved you deeply?” I couldn’t comprehend it. I mean I’ve had a fucked-up life, one that has had more hardships than most, but I could honestly say I’ve never thought that death was the way out.

Cassy went rigid at my questions. Eyes going blank as she looks away from me. “That doesn’t matter. What matters is helping Arden and Charlie. Can you do that? Can you help me?” Sighing out loud, I knew I have to do it. If no other reason than to get her out of my house.

Although, I want to help. A part of me wants to end the suffering of these two boys who probably blame themselves. I couldn’t explain my need to help them, but it was strong. “Okay. I’ll help you. Do you have a plan?”

Her eyes lit up again. She has hope, in what looks like the first time in her life. I could see it clearly. Smiling ear to ear, she starts. “Yes! Okay, I totally have a great plan! But first, do you have any social media?”

Scrunching my eyebrows in confusion, Cassy waves her hand at me, grabbing my arm to drag me over to my laptop. I notice where she touches me, it feels like ice penetrating down to my bone. Shivering slightly, I let her drag me.

Sitting down, I power up my computer, before logging onto a popular app. “Okay, now what?” I query her. She smiles mischievously, before leaning over my shoulder.

“Okay, now search for Arden and Charlie. It’s time for you to stalk their social media’s so we can figure out how you can accidentally bump into them.” She states while giving me a wink. Rolling my eyes, I do as she asked, diving into her brother’s profile first.

He lives a few states away, I’m guessing that’s where her family moved after the incident. This might be harder than I thought. Looking at a few more details of his page, I click the search bar, typing in Arden's name.

Several men popped up and Cassy leans further over me, face close to the screen before she points to one of them. “Ooh, that is him! Man, he is so good looking!” She sighs dreamily.

Clicking on the one she pointed out, I wait for his profile to load. When it did, I was stunned. It was the guy from this morning. Mr. black coffee. His profile picture is of him in dark washed jeans, and no shirt, showing off his incredible abs. He wasn’t looking at the camera, but under the hood of an old car, with one hand holding the hood up and the other with a wrench in his hand.

He is definitely drool worthy, and this picture is magazine worthy. Realizing that my mouth was open, I quickly shut it, hoping that Cassy didn’t see me basically drooling over her ex. Going down through his information, I found he is a mechanic at the local shop, and he is 22 years old.

Curiously, I turn to Cassy. “Cassy, what year did you, uh, you know?” She smiles softly at me, understanding my cation with the topic, before thinking. When she answered, I mentally counted how long ago it was. 6 years ago! Geez, a lot can change in that time frame. That also means that Arden was 16 years old when it happened.

Turning back to Arden’s profile, I couldn’t help but stare at him. He is gorgeous, but he also must be hurting. I mean when your girlfriend commits suicide, how can you get past that? Will I be able to help him? I hope so.

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